Latest Google Keep update enables Google Drive sync, homescreen and lockscreen widgets


There is an update available for Google Keep that brings about several new features for users of Google’s fledgling note taking service. Some of the most notable additions to the app include the ability to sync Keep with Google Drive, as well as the ability to jot down quick notes directly from homescreen and lockscreen widgets. Here is the full list of changes:

  • Create notes, lists, and audio notes
  • Add photos to any note
  • Hide and show checkboxes to turn notes into checkable lists
  • View and create notes from homescreen and lockscreen widgets (lockscreen widgets require Android 4.2+)
  • Selectable color for notes
  • Safely sync notes to Google Drive and other devices
  • Notes can also be used from

As you can see, Keep is still very much a work in progress, but it’s growing to a contender in a field dominated by Evernote and others. It still doesn’t match that service blow-for-blow, but for those tied into the Google ecosystem it’s getting easier to consider the switch.

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  1. No idea how the Google Drive syncing happens. Any idea? You have to be able to share these hopefully in an update soon.

    1. Just go to

      1. That’s not on Google Drive, it’s a separate web location. Repeating the question, does anyone know how to sync to Google Drive?

        I must admit, as a separate note taking app I love it, particular the voice notes. I hope Google keep it simple. I don’t need another Evernote but I do need a simple note taking app!

  2. all of these features already existed in the app. im pretty sure the update was just bug fixes.

    1. I was about to say the same thing. I read over the “changes” log, and I said to myself… It already did all of this…

      I really wish Google of all people would publish the changes they make to their apps.

      Also, side note: What other company actually updates their apps on a continuous basis instead of once or twice every year? I mean Google can update their Gmail app every day, and iOS users are stuck using the same exact one every day until an OS update. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but I’m just wondering to be honest.

      I like having the continuous updates from Google as opposed to the wait and see game.

  3. I see there’s a “share” option on notes that has a share using keep. If this is a way to truly share a live list with others, we’re getting somewhere. Think grocery list shared with all members of the family through those folks drive accounts or keep apps. That’d be handy. Need to install this on my wife’s phone and see how it goes.

    1. The share through Keep seems like its not really functional yet. It doesn’t give you the option to share to anyone else, just brings up your note like it was going to email it, but its still in Keep. Maybe that’s where they’ll allow you to put in people’s names eventually???

      1. I see that. I suppose there will be some actual functionality there someday. It seems weird to me to show non-functional things as live options. I see the web interface is lacking any share functionality (it, at least, doesn’t pretend to have any).

        I’d also like to see the ability to reorder items in a list, either by “move up/move down” buttons or drag and drop.

        1. You can reorder lists if using the checkboxes by holding down to the left of the item you want to move, then just drag it up or down the list to where you want it.

      2. You are able to do a normal Android system “share” from keep, but this just sends a static copy of the keep item in its current state via email, etc. It also adds a “share” option to your list which you can use from other apps, and this just imports the item into keep.

        Sharing from keep to keep basically just makes a copy of the item and is kind of pointless

    2. Yes, this is the feature I am waiting on…

  4. Clearly the author of this article does not use the apps he reviews and prefers to blabber their descriptions verbatim without any investigation.

    All these features have existed for a while.

    1. Exactly, this + the Chris nexus whine article and some others make me reconsider visiting phandroid.
      They need to step up, because this does not seem like the fun site it was before.

  5. Is keep going to replace tasks? I hate how google creates multiple programs to do the same thing. I know everyone says they’re gonna integrate tasks but why not just eliminate it and replace it with keep?

    1. Maybe, because tasks still has 3rd party support. It would be cruel to just kill Tasks and making those 3rd party apps useless. It would be better to integrate it or to let Keep develop on its own, before re-assessing the situation with tasks. If it catches on and gains 3rd party support, tasks could die, else it might need to integrate tasks to get tasks 3rd party support. Or maybe Tasks can be fit for a new niche or something.

  6. I thought it already had those features.

  7. None of those features are new.

    They simply had an update and you posted the existing features.

  8. Here’s the question. Google already has tasks integrated through G-mail, so why would they not integrate this with tasks? They still haven’t come out with anything that sync’s to Tasks. I use G-Tasks and that works perfectly, but you’d think that if they were going to release an app like this, they’d figure out a way to integrate with something that existed in the Google world already.

  9. I’ve really slowed down my Evernote usage thanks to Keep. Can’t wait to see what this turns into.

  10. Yet another service to be canceled in 18 months.

  11. Thought I was going crazy until I read the comments. Google Drive sync new?

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