Unboxing the HTC First [VIDEO]


First! Someone had to say it. And while those looking to jump on the HTC train to their new Facebook Home can leave the station tomorrow, we had a chance to get an early look at the handset and its retail packaging. The HTC First, which will be available for $99 at AT&T, doesn’t come in the flashiest of boxes. Just a simple, light package made of recycled materials. It’s fitting for the device, which aims to make hardware transparent while putting social interactions at the forefront.

The contents of the box are equally sparse. The standard literature is there, as is a microUSB charging cable and wall wart. HTC has thrown in some stickers, which is a nice touch (and easy marketing for a company attempting to resurrect its brand). But we’ll let the quick video unboxing speak for itself. Back later with a deeper look at hardware and software!

Kevin Krause
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  1. What’s a wall wart?

    1. I assume he means a power plug, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard such labeled as a “wall wart” before, myself, and I’m fairly well traveled.

    2. Yeah I just assumed it’s the plug. Slang’s gotta start somewhere I guess.

    3. Common slang for a power plug a few years back. You don’t hear it often anymore.

      But in keeping with internet comment traditions: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=wall+wart

    4. I’ve heard this term a lot. It’s normally reserved for plugs so big that they block other ports from being used. Very annoying

  2. When you write,”unboxing” I guess you’re not kidding, because that’s all you did. This is
    non-news to me.

    1. Agreed, I can care less about what’s in the box

      1. actually it is important to know if headphones are included

        1. Because that’s a deal breaker?

    2. When it’s a product that I’m really itching to buy (but holding back), an unboxing video usually scratches my back and makes me feel better. This phone, bah.

      I agree though, an unboxing video should involve powering up the phone at least.

  3. You must think you are really damn important to post such a video…….Next you will post a video making coffee, or paying bills……

    1. really??? seriously like how old r u? grow up man.

      1. How old are you to write “are you” as “R U”….

        1. its called short text u fuckin douche….but yeah thats a pretty good comeback given the amount of brain cells u actually have.

          1. Says the one accusing me of acting like a child.

  4. The other thing that amused me was when the box was clearly empty, you inverted it just in case something invisible was in there and you missed it.

  5. No “first” post? Disappointing.

  6. Nice air hockey table! Might as well use that phone as a puck. ; )

  7. The stickers started coming in all htc phones about 2 months ago. the one and first will both have them (i have amassed enough to cover my truck)

  8. Why not turn it on and run through a bit of UI when you are at it?

  9. How much is it off-contract?

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