Apr 11th, 2013

First! Someone had to say it. And while those looking to jump on the HTC train to their new Facebook Home can leave the station tomorrow, we had a chance to get an early look at the handset and its retail packaging. The HTC First, which will be available for $99 at AT&T, doesn’t come in the flashiest of boxes. Just a simple, light package made of recycled materials. It’s fitting for the device, which aims to make hardware transparent while putting social interactions at the forefront.

The contents of the box are equally sparse. The standard literature is there, as is a microUSB charging cable and wall wart. HTC has thrown in some stickers, which is a nice touch (and easy marketing for a company attempting to resurrect its brand). But we’ll let the quick video unboxing speak for itself. Back later with a deeper look at hardware and software!

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