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Welcome to the Android Overload! This is where we bring you a roundup of the hottest content of the week, as well as the smaller stories that didn’t make it to out homepage. I know you are expecting one of Chris’ awesome videos. We understand how awesome they are, but he has been crazy busy bringing you content from GDC and the OUYA launch event this week.

You can check those out, and we will still give you a list of the hottest articles of the week! Here we go:

The Hottest Articles This Week

In Other News!

  • AT&T to get 64 GB HTC One exclusively [Droid Life]
  • Verizon Galaxy S4 passes through the FCC [Engadget]
  • AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 gets an update [AT&T]
  • Google patent application would tie camera settings to local weather [Engadget]
Edgar Cervantes

Google’s rumored messaging service actually called “Babel”, more details leak

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  1. Can’t believe this didn’t get a mention,the hottest (& saddest) news of the week:


    1. Remember she replaced Catherine Zeta Jones and people thought the world was going to end after that.


    2. I like the Dwayne wade commercial.. Was hoping to see it

  2. Here we go with HTC giving out exclusives. They haven’t learned! Anyhow…..Happy Easter everyone!!!!!

    1. I don’t know why they called it the One if there 5 thousand different variants

      1. There’s only one variant of the One? …
        Maybe you’re referring to last year’s One X, S, SV, X+, and Evo LTE

        1. I was just as confused as that ari person. I didn’t know what they meant at first either. Those names need to change. LoL!!

    2. Maybe HTC still have some sort of exclusivity contract with AT&T, so HTC was probably forced to give AT&T something exclusive

  3. Help!!! Daughter deploying to Middle East cancelling tmobile contract in need of way to effectively communicate with wifi she has a Galaxy II and a ipod mini Thanx In advance

    1. Google Talk gives you voice and video chat over WiFi

  4. @ Tammy: There’s always Skype.

  5. what about the ley lime pie? android 5 for galaxy s4 ? Galaxy s4 is planned to upgrade on Android 5.0 as per news

    1. You do know that there have been similar stories since Samsung’s first Android phone in 2009? Maybe it will happen this time, not.

  6. We might have to rename the site Phanouya.com pretty soon.

  7. Oh my gosh!! I was going to get the 64GB version, but it’s only on AT&T!! I NEED 64GB!! My 32GB SD card has 10GB left, and I haven’t even counted my 16GB on my phone!!

    NO!! And I really wanted this phone. *sadness*
    HTC is going to lose a potential customer.

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