LG Optimus G2 for T-Mobile spotted running Snapdragon 800 CPU


A benchmark report is shedding light on T-Mobile’s LG Optimus G2, the rumored followup to last year’s Optimus G. The phone, which will reportedly launch with Key Lime Pie sometime during the second half of the year, made an appearance in the GL Benchmark database as the LG D801. The most notable detail gleaned from the registry was the presence of Qualcomm’s MSM8974, or Snapdragon 800 SoC.

The chip is clocked at 1.7GHz, shy of original rumors of a 2.0GHz processor speed. Still, the Snapdragon 800 promises superior performance over Qualcomm’s last generation of mobile processors. We imagine the Optimus G2 will have plenty of zip.

The phone here is running the JDQ39 software build, which is the most recent stable Android 4.2.2 release. It’s not much of a surprise that Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie isn’t on the device at this point. It doesn’t mean it won’t be by launch.

[via Blog of Mobile]

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  1. brings back so many bad memories with my G2x

    1. Sadly, I still have the device to be used for media consumption :)

    2. Yet so many good memories with my LG Optimus G.

    3. Yeah this the G2x was a beast that never was, awesome specs at the time yet LG’s QC was terrible..not to mention never updating to ICS!! Really??? Never buying an LG phone again EVER!!! Why Google would use them to manufacture a phone is beyond me.

  2. who else is over LG because I think I am…

    1. I just bought a Nexus 4. I’m not ready to quit them yet.

      1. this

        Nexus 4 master race

      2. I think that the Nexus 4 is a great testament to Google and their advancements in the Android operating system. However, I think that the minor quality control issues that LG has with the Nexus 4, i.e. improper shielding which causes a buzz in the earpiece, has shown me that LG doesn’t take great pride in all of their phones…will this be another Nexus 4?

        1. The N4 was better built than the NS and the GNex, just ask anyone who has used the two. I think that establishes LG as a great manufacturer.

        2. I went from HTC (known for great build ) to a nexus 4 and I can say nexus 4 hardware is top notch. only thing I question is how well it would handle a drop.

          1. just as good as the iphone 4 and 4s, not good at all.

      3. How do you like it? Just picked one up myself.

  3. Beasty but who is gonna get it?

  4. I would get this, especially if it came to t mobile with stock Android

    1. Stock Android? I thought manufacturers going stock died off with the G2X? O_o

      1. That made me mad, too. Phones had stock Android and STILL couldn’t be updated timely. Like seriously?

    2. The Optimus name means it will have the Optimus UI.

  5. Hurry up November!

  6. T-Mobile version of the Optimus G Pro? Or “just” a G2?

  7. Phone looks great!

  8. I think LG’s marketing team ruined the name recognition for their phones. LG Optimus Vu, LG Optimus G, LG Optimus Vu 2, LG Optimus Pro and then LG Optimus G2. Average Joe would be confused as to what is their top flagship phone and category.

    1. I don’t think average Joe is buying this phone. But I get your point.

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        1. fucking spammer…

    2. is not as bad as sony xperias phones, now that’s confusing right there!!!

    3. LG isn’t the only one Samsung has a very awkward naming scheme for their devices too many share the Galaxy name

    4. optimus line is no different from the galaxy line. all it takes is for one to be a huge hit and people will recognize it.

  9. I will not be buying this lucky goldstar phone.

  10. I think this will be a great phone, LG stepped their game up with the original OG.

  11. to me the optimus has stood for entry level device if lg wants to create a top tire device they need a new name

    1. The Optimus is part of their mobile brand, should Samsung and Sony drop the Galaxy and Xperia names and use different ones for thier top tier devices?

      1. That galaxy line stands for innovative top of the line phones, while Samsung may have released some cheap variants the line has value. Lg has mostly released crap phones under the optimus brand and it will be a long uphill battle to change the perception of it. It would be a lot easier to just create a new name for high end phones and market the hell out of it.

      2. I agree with chuckles87. Samsung started the Galaxy line with their top-tier devices, and slowly expanded it to encompass virtually all of their products. It has brand equity as “top-tier”. LG started the Optimus line for their mid-range devices, and moved upmarket with it. That hasn’t been a successful strategy, as the average consumer would still associate it with past midrange devices. Most people couldn’t tell you the difference between an Optimus G, Optimus L9, or Optimus Elite, and those range from top-of-the line to entry-level.

        Sony is a poor fit for this argument, as they have little mindshare period outside of Europe.

  12. tmobile is on a roll!

  13. LG is really bringing their A game with these specs. Too bad their marketing team can’t compete with Apple and Samsung just yet. Here is hoping LG has a good year. More competition is always good.

  14. I have the optimus G from rogers and the phone has been awesome I’ve had it for almost 5 months no complaints 32gb s4pro quad-core with 2 gb of ram this thing is so fast and smooth also the additional tweeks LG has added like the q slide apps are helpfully as well as the fact it is easily the most customizable phone I have ever used without downloading additional apps I am able to select different launcher homes right from setting change the lock screen clocks and animations, change the themes for the messaging app change the animation on the home screen, change the order and types of toggles in the notification tray. I am very pleased with the build quality also great job LG and I will definitely consider another LG phone when it’s time for an upgrade.

  15. tinyurl.com/cnaff79.

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