Mar 29th, 2013

A benchmark report is shedding light on T-Mobile’s LG Optimus G2, the rumored followup to last year’s Optimus G. The phone, which will reportedly launch with Key Lime Pie sometime during the second half of the year, made an appearance in the GL Benchmark database as the LG D801. The most notable detail gleaned from the registry was the presence of Qualcomm’s MSM8974, or Snapdragon 800 SoC.

The chip is clocked at 1.7GHz, shy of original rumors of a 2.0GHz processor speed. Still, the Snapdragon 800 promises superior performance over Qualcomm’s last generation of mobile processors. We imagine the Optimus G2 will have plenty of zip.

The phone here is running the JDQ39 software build, which is the most recent stable Android 4.2.2 release. It’s not much of a surprise that Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie isn’t on the device at this point. It doesn’t mean it won’t be by launch.

[via Blog of Mobile]

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