Jelly Bean update now available for Samsung Epic 4G Touch


Sprint’s Galaxy S2 variant, the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, is the latest to receive an update to Android 4.1. Only available via Samsung Kies, the new software version has been assigned build number GB27. Sprint’s support page says due to file size the update is “only available over-the-wire.”

Users can expect the typical Jelly Bean treatment that has reached other version of the GS2, including such new features as Google Now and rich notifications. It comes skinned with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface.

Users are reporting that the update is available for download and installation now. Epic 4G Touch users out there, let us know what you think!

[via Sprint | Thanks for all who tipped us off!]

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  1. Does this come with the TW Nature UX?

    1. Yes it does

    2. What’s TW Nature UX?

      1. look at a Galaxy S3 phone and you will see the TW Nature UX layout

  2. very nice time to update.

  3. At 1st I was happy at an official build, but then I seen that it was GB27 and I was like I have that build number. LoL!!

  4. Damm, Sprint has officially become the #1 carrier for software updates. How’d that happen?

  5. About time :)

  6. I wonder if the Virgin mobile and boost get it along with this since they are the same phone

    1. lol I have it for boost mobile, it does work

    2. Virgin mobile working as well

  7. Who’d have figured? From GB to JB… Not bad for an old phone! My wife and Mother in Law both have this phone, and it’s still a good one, IMHO!

  8. Hello. Samsung Vibrant user here. Still waiting for my update. K thanks bye.:)

    1. I believe that is the Galaxy S OG this phone is the S2 its time to upgrade pronto.

    2. The Vibrant is also not a Sprint phone. This article is specifically for the Sprint E4GT which, as pointed out, is the Galaxy S2. Regardless, you’d be incredibly lucky to find even a stripped down ROM for JB that will run on that hardware.

  9. Wow this is impressive. Looks like my note 2 will have at least 2 more good years of upgrades and updates then!

  10. For all you stock, no root users (must be on GB27 first): Billard made a ODIN no root package that will silence that freaking camera shutter. Without root, without tripping the flash counter and without changing the system status. (it adds the toggle in the Camera settings)

    Find it on the Android Development section of XDA titled: [MOD][ODIN]Add Camera Shutter Sound Toggle NO ROOT!


  11. Yes it is live. You have to be on stock FL24 for the update to read your build properly. And if you are already on GB27….there are changes in config files and such….so look for your ROM developers to update in the near future. Good luck everyone. ..we are finally jelly-fied!!!

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