Google+ update incoming; updated profiles, more community controls, and more


Google has detailed a new app upgrade for Google+ that isn’t yet sitting in the Google Play Store. The upgrade touches on a few different areas, including controls for communities, new photo features, and new timeline customization features.

Starting with communities, users can now adjust the amount of community posts showing up on their home-screen timeline. You can also invite people to a community or reshare items from a community. Finally, member search, content moderation, and support to ban, remove and report community members will come to managers.

For posts, Google has increased the amount of text you see upfront from both the post itself and any comments associated with it. Tapping a video, a photo or a link will take you directly to watch that video, open that photo in a lightbox, or open that link in a browser right away. The app will now use cropping for image previews more sparingly, so you’ll see full images more often than not. Actions like giving a +1 to a post, resharing a post or commenting on a post are all more prominently featured.

Under profiles, you can now specify who, exactly, you want to be able to see your location information. You can make it so that people you don’t know only see a general location, while your closest friends and family can see your last known location.

Unfortunately, the iPhone app is getting some love that the Android app isn’t just yet. Google+ for iPhone now has some Snapseed integration as Google has used its new company to bring filters to the service. We assumed this functionality would be coming after we initially heard about Google’s purchase of Snapseed, but never had an idea as to when, exactly, it’d come.

Here it is, though, and it’s as nice and robust as we thought it’d be. You can perform basic edits like rotating and cropping, select from a multitude of filters such as Drama and Retrolux, adjust saturation, content, and brightness, and more. We’re not sure why Google has decided to wait on bringing this to the Android version but we’ll be probing the Mountain View company to find out.

In the meantime, you can get the same features by downloading the standalone Snapseed app and using the share feature to post it to Google+, so be sure to give that a download in the Google Play Store here. As for Google+, the update hasn’t hit yet but Google promises it’ll be in the Play Store by the end of the day. Read more about it over at the source link.

[via Google Appspot]

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  1. It broke the app. I now says can’t connect to server and won’t even open. Many reviews in the play store say the same thing. I hope it doesn’t turn into a pile of junk like the Facebook app. >.<

    1. I think the last non-broken version of Google Plus was v2.5. At least that was the last one I could long-press a thread to mute. Since they took that out, the mobile version has been unusable for me. They won’t fix that, but of course they’re more than happy to give us f**king animated gifs :P

      /rant mode off

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