300 million Android users in China projected by end of 2013


At the end of 2012, China was host to roughly 224 million Android users. The number, which trumps that of US Android users by about three time, is expected to grow to over 300 million by the end of 2013 on a wave of low-cost options from local manufacturers, according to info from Chinese app store startup Wandoujia.

China’s mobile userbase has been trending toward smartphones in greater numbers than ever. Currently it is estimated that about 73 percent of mobile users in the country have a smartphone. Of those, it is reported that 86 percent of smartphones in China run Android.

The figure is not without a bit of irony, considering Google’s rocky relationship with China. To that point, many Android devices sold in China don’t feature official support for Google’s suite of mobile services.

[via TechInAsia]

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  2. Back to the article, I am not surprised that there are so many android fans there. That part of the world make so many components for apple, that they don’t want to see their products when they’re not making them. Don’t take your work home.

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