Mar 23rd, 2013

Finding out Google Reader is to be shut down felt like a punch in the stomach to hundreds of thousands of users. The service offers a clean, simple way to organize and read news. Many of us have never even thought about the idea of ever switching to another RSS reader, but now we simply have to get used to the idea and find a replacement by July 1st.

The decision has been made and odds are no petition will change that at this point. So it is about time we shake our heads for a second and snap out of our denial – We need to find a solution. At Phandroid, we religiously use Google Reader for work, so you are not alone in the search for the next best option!

Though many may not know about them, there are some great solutions out there. I (and hundreds of thousands of other users) like Feedly because it offers a very similar experience to Google Reader, but it also has a great design and awesome options for those looking for an more aesthetically pleasing experience. The “Today” section features images and descriptions of your top news. There are also many themes available and a series of social features.

The Old Reader and NewsBlur are also great as simple RSS feeds. If you prefer the more graphic-intense and shiny readers, you can go for options like Flipboard, Pulse and even Google Currents. The only problem with such options is that it is harder to go through a longer list of news. They are good if you only follow a few sources.

Many of you are also going with Feedly, but we would be interested to see how the numbers are looking. Participate in the poll and let us know what your favorite Google Reader replacement is, and why!

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