Some Xperia Z handsets experiencing sudden death, Sony working on a fix


Several Sony Xperia Z owners are reporting device failures resulting in a bricked phone. The problem sounds to be completely random with no trigger identified. While attempting a hard restart has worked for some, most that have experienced the problem have been unable to turn on their Xperia Z handsets once they go dark.

Sony has acknowledged the issue and identified the problem. They are promising a fix to be included in the Xperia Z’s next software update. Let’s hope that software update comes soon, because randomly dying devices doesn’t exactly sound like the best PR in the world. Any Z owners out there unfortunate enough to have this happen to them?

[via XperiaBlog]

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  1. If they can’t turn their handset on, how do they receive a software update to fix it?


    1. Exactly what I first though after reading that Sony is working on a fix for the “NEXT” software update…

  2. Terrible!

    Except USA Potential Users haven’t even been able to Buy or pre-order the phone.

    Sudden death not a problem. Slow death is.

    It’s Unbelievable how bad SONY is in getting this to market

    1. Looking at the spec chart of the Sony Z, there seems no US compatibility as far as for at&t and T-Mobile, so there isn’t any potential USA users I guess.

      1. They are releasing the ZL, which is the LTE variant that will work with both AT&T and T-mobile is still coming soon.

      2. sorry, looks like they have taken that page down now, so still saying coming soon.

  3. Damn means more sales for plastic samsung S4

  4. mine is death for 2 days and this is the second XZ cuase the first had the same issue and how am i suposed toupdate a phone that wont turn on

  5. I always liked penalty shootouts

  6. Mine has just done this! FFS! Just a blue blinking light and nothing else. 3 days old.

  7. Mines been working for more than a week now. However, there a’re tonnes of bugs in the OS. Some countries have already recieved an update like Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

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