Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2.2 update starts today


Owners of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, rejoice! The carrier has just announced that the rollout of the highly anticipated update to the latest version of Jelly Bean, Android 4.2.2, is starting today. The new software will be pushed over the air and features a revamped camera including new photosphere capabilities. Also included in the update are the new Gesture Keyborad and lock screen widgets on top of smaller tweaks and bug fixes.

The update has been a long time coming, but the oft-neglected LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus will no longer trail behind other members of the special class of Google-powered handsets. Thanks to price cuts, the VZW Nexus has taken on a bit of a second life with owners that may not recognize it as a flagship development platform, but for those of us struggling with Big Red’s implementation since its launch, there is at least some satisfaction in this latest software upgrade.

[via Verizon]

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  1. And I thought Verizon forgot about this phone…. There should be some very happy people now.

  2. Got rid of this a while back. Glad those that still use it got the update finally. Took them long enough though.

    1. Yeah, I had to ditch mine and now use a RAZR M. Simple, small, and battery efficient. Unlike the Nexus. I might fire it back up just to check out the update, though.

      1. Agreed. RAZR M is my favorite Android phone on Verizon Wireless now that the GNex is discontinued. Hopefully it sees continued support with Android 4.2+.

        It honestly could use a more attractive design, the ugly branding all over the front should go, and maybe the headphone jack at the bottom. But it’s near perfect for size/performance/battery life.

        1. Personally I use the note 2 and love it. My wife has the same device. We paid full for them. When our contract is up ill always have the option to dump Verizon if they piss me off. Lol

  3. What exactly is a keyborad?

    1. say it in Borat’s voice and it makes sense

  4. I still have and love my VZW GNex, but I’ve had 4.2.2 for awhile now via AOKP and before that via JellyBelly (from JakeDay)… but Glad my non-rooted, stock GNex coworkers will be getting this.

    1. As am I. It’s entirely frustrating to be constrained by carriers who drag their feet on updates, and be ground down by an employer that doesn’t allow rooting if you want to use your Android instead of the issued iPhone. (Shudder) Literally Rock and Hard Place.

  5. I still love this phone, though I have 6 chargers to go with it :-P

    1. Sorry but what do you meant by “6 chargers” ? Did you buy 5 extra wall chargers?

      1. Uh, I don’t exactly remember where they all came from. 1 car charger, 1 OG Droid charger, 1 GNex Charger, and 1-3 Motorola Triumph chargers (every time my wife sent it back to Virgin Mobile for a free replacement she kept the charger and they sent a new one), and 2 HTC One V chargers (she replaced that once already too).

        So, I leave 2 in the bedroom, 1 in the kitchen, 1 by the sofa, 1 in the car, and 1 at work. The rest are in a drawer :)

        I’ve also got microUSBUSB cables that don’t have wall warts, but I’m not counting those :-D

  6. That is just pathetic, no one will ever see another Nexus device on Verizon again. Which in my opinion is a very good thing.

    1. This could go the other way — Google has shown the Nexus line sells very well, if VZW wants a piece of that pie, then they better get their act together and mirror the other carriers… otherwise, no juicy sales for them.

      1. Agreed. It’s no longer seen as a “niche” phone. Not seeing a verizon nexus would kill the phone, because in order to prevent carriers from putting strangleholds on devices for “proprietary” reasons, it has to be in their hands to see how popular it is…a la iPhone; which I always hate using their example, but truly, it would be nice to finally have the carrier leave google alone like they do apple.

    2. JesusDe, you whine constantly about a carrier you haven’t used in years. We get it.. you have Verizon.

  7. Wish this phone would get a Snapdragon 600 upgrade (for performance and LTE battery life) and re-release. It’s basically the perfect Android phone.

    This also shows that Verizon is capable of providing updates, if a little late, still within a reasonable time frame. There is no excuse whatsoever for Google not making a Nexus 4 with VZW support then. It angers me enough to leave Android and get an iPhone until they get their s*** together.

    1. This is not a reasonable time frame. I am done with vzw as soon as my contract ends, because of these delays. I hope vzw never gets another Nexus device.

      1. No CDMA provider will likely get another Nexus device.

        1. you lose.

      2. Agreed. This is too little too late. The handling of the entire situation with updates is completely unacceptable. http://itsalmo.st/#timetoditchvzw

    2. So, Verizon is 35 days and three other patches behind all the other carriers, including Sprint with nearly identical hardware, and it’s Google’s problem? On the phone that is supposed to always be the bleeding edge software so developers can, you know, develop and test?

      This is exactly the reason to not provide VZW support. Why not get angry at Verizon (who held up the update) instead, and leave them for someone else until Verizon gets their s*** together? (No, seriously. Why are you angry at Google but not Verizon?)

  8. Finally!!

  9. lol this is the worst phone i ever purchased.

    1. You never owned a thunderbolt then.

      1. TB takes the shittiest phone even crown. I really wanted to like it, but it was such a failure if every way.

        1. Download speeds were amazing when LTE first rolled out. Battery life was a joke though lol

  10. My g1s perfectly ok running on 1.6 who needs this

  11. Yaayyy for GSM contract free devices from Google Play.

  12. 2 thumbs up for all of Verizon’s updates this month. Maybe they’re trying to change from their previous habits?

  13. verizon stays late

  14. DS battery saver app will make you love your gnex again. I use to carry an extra battery and now my Ynez goes all day on one charge. This app was made for this phone.

  15. Nothing yet here in Los Angeles

  16. Will this OTA update work if we’ve already installed the 4.2 camera/gallery or does this need to be converted back to 4.1 camera/gallery for it to properly update?

  17. Glad my gnex has been rooted and hacked since the day it came out of the box. Had 4.2 a while now, and there isn’t a thing on this phone stock….. Cept the crap battery life.

    1. I was rooted running AOKP but I got tired of the whole process of backing up and flashing so I unrooted my GNex a week before the last update came out.

  18. has anyone got the update yet? tomorrow will be my 1 anniversary with this phone and im still pretty happy with it.

  19. Still no update here and I’ve been checking off and on. I even closed and cleared the Google Services Framework and it hasn’t helped.

  20. Force close Google frame services disable then enable close data then check update …took me 3-4 times before it worked

  21. Upgraded. I like the lock screen features, and it’s a little faster. Also gets faster lock on data. Also like the new Swype like keyboard, but I may still use SlideIt. Other than that, it seems like NBD.

    I’d love to abandon Verizon, but no other carrier has anywhere near the coverage or consistency. I wasn’t really waiting for the Jelly Bean update, so the timing of its arrival doesn’t bother me.

    My solutions to the battery problem were Juice Defender, running 3G when I don’t need LTE speeds and carrying a $20 5000mah twin USB out battery backup. Which can recharge the phone 2 1/2 times. Or my other devices. Or my wife’s phone. Or our Kindles.

    I still love this phone, even if it’s long in the tooth. But then I’m a mainstream purchaser, not a phone nut.

  22. hiya how can l update my phone l have beening trieding now for about four day please can someone help me

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