Sony SmartWatch update brings six new watch faces, notification previews, and more


Sony has released a new firmware upgrade for its SmartWatch. Administered through the Google Play Store on your Android device, the SmartWatch update brings us a lot of new goods and features to sink our teeth into. The most exciting bit of this upgrade will be the addition of six new watch faces to choose from. From traditional dual-hand designs to more quirky, nerdy visualizations these new ways to tell time should please anyone who values choice and variety.

The update also includes notification previews, a feature which gives you the ability to see snippets of incoming messages, tweets, Facebook wall posts, and more on your watch whenever they come through on your phone. Sony has improved searching so users can sift through the 200+ SmartWatch apps currently available, made it possible to sync devices using a QR code for those who might be using the SmartWatch with a non-Sony phone, and improved the battery life indicator.

To go along with all that, Sony is also releasing a few new accessories for the SmartWatch, including two new color bands — turquoise and purple — and new designs from third-party makers. You can find more on all of that here, and the upgrade is sitting right here for those who want to get their hands on all these new features right away.

[via Sony]

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  1. My one regret from switching to Windows Phone is I can no longer use my Sony SmartWatch. I honestly miss the little thing, a lot. They’re quite useful, and I suggest anyone that has ever considered one to pick it up.

    1. wanna sell it to me?

  2. I like the 6th face

  3. lol, on Engadget isheeps are saying Sony stole the watch idea from Apple, despite Apple not having one

  4. 1. Double tap to activate the display no longer works reliably. This is a REAL nuisance. It used to work EVERY TIME. Now have to use the Power button to get the time to display. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED URGENTLY.
    2. Sort Widgets/Applications is not working properly. You can now only only drag an app/widget to the top of the list. You used to be able to drag it to any position. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.
    3. New watch faces are a great improvement, BUT the Digits display option could have a lot more information on the screen, such as the FULL date including the day of the week, and battery status for Watch AND Phone.
    4. Why can’t we have the option for ANY face to include the date WITH the month and day of week. There would seem to be no reason why this could not be an extra tickbox.
    5. Even better, also give us the option to select any colour for any face.
    6. Why can’t we choose the activation method for each face.

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