Verizon readies update for aging Droid Charge, brings face unlock and more


Yes, you read that correctly. The Samsung Droid Charge has a new update waiting in the wings at Verizon. The carrier just posted the changelog for the new software, an overall minor upgrade to the Droid Charge’s firmware. The software brings the phone’s build to i510.FP8 but stays put at Android Gingerbread.

Included in the update, however, are features one might expect from a new Android build, including Face Unlock. The implementation is likely Samsung’s own. There is also a new Photo Editor, the Recording Snap Shot (for grabbing pictures while taking video, we assume), and Vector Font. The device is also now preloaded with “Get Video Calling” while several older preinstalled apps have been removed.

The appearance of the update’s documentation means it will likely be pushing over the next few days. Any Charge owners still out there? Let us know what you think of the new software.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. No ICS ?!?!

    1. Maybe the pre ics update?

  2. Verizon pushing a lot of updates through lately…. Maybe Google is pushing them because they want the X phone?

    1. maybe they’re just providing updates, period. No need to look up JohnnyDeJesus for his hate filled rant on VZW. It is what it is…let those with the updated phones enjoy. Plain and simple.

    2. Xphone will still be handles by Motorola most likely. It won’t be a Nexus device only thing different is it is rumored to be sold in the Play Store so most likely no CDMA carrier will get it from that rout anyway.

    3. IMO there is definitely something going on between Google and Verizon…too many old and forgotten devices are getting updates lately. Maybe Google has threatened to take away the update process from Verizon/ATT and follow the Apple direct update model.

  3. Good Guy Samsung — at least they set it up for an old phone.

  4. I installed the update and the software that was supposed to be removed, wasn’t. The vector font was not installed. I haven’t tried the face unlock, and probably won’t since I will be upgrading to a new phone next month.

  5. when did this phone come out?

    1. May 14 2011

  6. Yeah, I’m here, I have the Droid Charge. Just got a replacement from Verizon today, the micro-usb port wasn’t working and the phone would overheat and turn off all of a sudden. Instead of using extended batteries from Trexcell, I am just going to use the standard OEM batteries from now on.

    I’m waiting for the Snapdragon 800 to reach smartphones to upgrade, either full-retail with Verizon to keep my unlimited data on a large LTE network, or get a new Snapdragon 800 smartphone from T-Mobile, who STILL has Unlimited data.

  7. Whatever the case may be, glad their giving older devices more attention.
    Who knows, maybe the S3 will get updated beyond KLP…

  8. I just got this update about a half an hour ago. the programs were removed so i don’t know what the issue with April’s phone was. the face lock is a fun/cool little feature, but a pattern is still faster and more convenient. the photo editor is nice, allows for a little more extensive editing options before you post your breakfast to instagram, but nothing i didn’t already find through apps on the play store… the recording snap shot is pretty self explanatory – allows you to take pictures while recording a video at the same time. I probably won’t ever use the video calling feature.

    I’m still unsure what the “Vector Font” feature is, which is why I ended up searching for details on this update in the first place. There are no apps, fonts, or settings that I’ve found that reflect its presence.

  9. I just added the system update. All the programs they said were removed were not. Does anyone know about that? Also found the photo editor, but not the face unlock or vector font.

  10. I got the update too, but the programs that were supposed to be removed are still there.

  11. I just noticed that every picture I had with the exception of screen shots, wall paper and downloads were completely wiped out! Didn’t the phone do a back up before it did the update if so, where the french are my pictures?? And no, they were not on my SD card. Still…why did it have to delete all my precious pictures??

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