Analyst: Galaxy S4 could help Samsung overtake Apple in high-end smartphone shipments


According to estimates put forth by analysis firm Nomura, Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy S4 might be just the thing the company needs to finally propel it past Apple to become the world’s top vendor of high-end smartphones. Samsung has held the claim of top mobile manufacturer globally for several quarters, but the Korean company has fallen short in one key area: while Samsung has moved tens of millions of Galaxy S and Galaxy Note handhelds, Apple’s iPhone continues to outsell those devices.

Nomura projects that Samsung could move between 35 million and 40 million Galaxy S4 and Note 2 handsets combined, finally pushing ahead of Apple’s iPhone sales figures in 2013. The company notes, however, that the GS4 is more “evolutionary” than “revolutionary,” a sentiment echoed by many. Still, the firm sees the upgrades over last year’s model as enough to entice plenty of users around the globe.

The rise in market dominance means Apple and Samsung will have to compete on more than just features, which Nomura analysts believe could trigger a pricing war that would work in the favor of the consumer as the two powerhouse companies attempt to undercut the competition.

[via BGR]

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  1. Hey guise. Just a friendly reminder to turn off adblock and ghostery or other similar apps when surfing our beloved phandroid, I just noticed I didn’t have it whitelisted on ghostery and this is one of the few pages I fully support with adclicks and unique visits!

  2. I wonder if the S4 will ever appear in 32GB and 64GB variants announced at the launch. The promised 32 and 64 models of the Note II still not appeared and no news.

    1. Who needs 64gb internal storage when you can just put in a cheap 64gb sd card?

      1. Um…? Class 10 SD cards don’t come cheap. Your read/write is slower on lower class SD cards, making your videos lag when recording 1080p videos.

        There are legit reasons as to want the storage on your device. You don’t buy laptops with 50GB of space and just buy external hard-drives. You’re also paying for the convenience.

        1. It’s still way cheaper than the internal storage.

          1. That’s where Samsung is wrong by selling high-end devices with cheap logics. I’m quite sure there are customers willing to pay for perfect performances throughout a whole 64GB space. How long does is take to fill a 64 cheap SD cards with movies and stuff ? Years ?

          2. I would like the 64Gb integral with the phone for high performance. If I want 128Gb I can use a card. Hopefully the 32Gb and 64Gb models will appear.

          3. A day.

      2. 64 + 64 = 128 gigs of awesomeness

      3. I would take a WAG (wild ass guess) and say that on chip or physical chips of memory are faster, safer and better all the way around.

        I have a nice 64GB SanDisc UXD whatever card thats now dead. I like internal storage better. I dont have mess with extra storage. Moving things around, etc, etc. My phone should be able to second as a flash drive.

  3. Samsung pushes the envelope with specs on paper all the time. But launch day or shortly after rumors that NEVER come to fruition but should be is what also hurts them a little bit.

    -16GB, 32GB and 64GB models needs to be available on LAUNCH DAY!
    -Samsung Accessories need be available at retailers, e-retailers and through Amazon on launch day
    -If wireless charging is supposed to be available for the device, make it so. Same goes for any new-tech rumor

    Somethings the fruit does, they do well. They do launches very well. Heres hoping Samsung picks up on some of this.

  4. The iPhone 5 and 4S sold over 44 million in the last quarter of 2012 alone. In what way does 35-40 million beat that. And that’s assuming Apple doesn’t release a new phone this year.

  5. -New processor, screen, WiFi, battery, sensors, connections, software = Evolution
    -Metal body = Revolution.

    1. pretty sure that isn’t true as metal bodies aren’t new.

    2. metal body = non removable battery. Do not want.

  6. And hopefully mind-share also!!!
    These IPhone people need to be freed from their “IPhone matrix” that their stuck in!!!

  7. I’m with you Techguy! Samsung! Deliver the 64GB version THIS TIME please! They said there was going to be a 64GB S3,…there neverrr was!

  8. oohh yeah.cos samsung of course are’nt going to make the same mistake as crapple and shoot themselves in the head by coming across as an arrogant bunch of money grubbers and become so un-cool that they will be also rans very quicklyyes crapple may still be a successful firm for a while longer but in the long run their attitude will catch up to them big time and they will rapidly become bogged in the u.s because no-one else on rest of planet wants to put up with the image others have of crapple and crapple users ?
    it wont happen overnight, but crapple stock has slumped by how much in last year ? and i cannot remember last time that someone was even willing to admit owning one or crowing that they just got a new crapple device, where as 2 years ago, even local chav street rats where showing off their new crapple.

  9. bippity-boppity-boo. tata, Apple luvrs, hellooo Sam-sung-ers http://www.newtrent.com/

  10. I think they really need to focus on making their galaxy line up look better. Their Captivate from back in the time of the gs2 was a whole lot better looking than their phones now.

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