New images show off the Samsung Galaxy S4 in beautiful detail


No, that isn’t the Galaxy S3 you’re looking at. That is Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S4, pictured in the wild and detailed for all to see. As revealed in the pictures from the Chinese site that managed to secure the device, the phone will include a few new TouchWiz features we hadn’t heard about (like S Pen-free preview functions), as well as confirming many of the hardware specs:

Samsung Galaxy S4

  • 7.7mm thick
  • 138g
  • 4.99-inch 1080p display
  • 13MP camera
  • 1.8GHz Exynos 5410 Octa core CPU with 533Mhz PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB of storage and expandable micro SD card slot

Now unless Samsung pulls a fast one, this is exactly what you can expect to see at tomorrow’s unveiling in New York. What do you guys think? Real? Fake? Disappointed? HTC One killer?

[IT168 via TheVerge]

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  1. Really Samsung? With the physical home button still? I know it sounds petty but that is still a deal breaker for me.

    1. capacitive and physical navigation buttons make android phones look like they’re still running 1.5-2.3. ugly.

      1. Truly thought I’d hate on screen buttons with the nexus…but now I cant imagine going back…

        1. I feel you. I like the idea of dealing with nothing but the screen and not having to fiddle with physical/cap buttons. Onscreen navigation feels much more modern and intuitive. First world problems.

    2. Better than an HTC logo that does nothing

      1. You’re lying!? The HTC button actually does nothing? I thought it was like recent apps or home. Oh my gosh…

        1. No lie, its just a logo (HTC One)… :/ Pretty stupid IMO

      2. This ^ …..and I find the home button quite useful now. I also don’t have any problems swapping between myGS3, N7 and Transformer Prime.

    3. I agree. I was SOOOOO hoping for on screen buttons. That way, when I put CM on it, it looks like a NEXUS device.

      1. BUY A NEXUS THEN!

    4. Was about to post that the home button is what ruins the design for me, the rest seems top-notch (assuming there is also a black back version))

  2. hate to say it but i actually quite like it on my note 2 especially since it unlocks the phone too

  3. What’s in the bottom bezel? On both sides of the home button?

    1. That’s where the two capacitive buttons are.

      1. I think he’s asking about the little white specs on the close up shot that are above and below the back and menu button locations

        1. Yes, above and below the capacitive buttons.

          1. Looks like thats just the hardware connecting the Capacitive buttons…somewhat see through bezel.

    2. Its in the top right corner as well. Likely eye tracking sensors, but it seems like overkill, maybe more to it than that, or maybe it really requires 3 groups of sensors to accurately monitor your eyes.

      Hmmm just had a thought maybe its some sort of 3D augmented reality sensors tracking your eyes & head position!! Possibly for gaming or street view type use??

  4. why all these chinese sites? i dont know..

    1. You’re not buying it? Think it’s just a knock-off?

      1. I say it’s real. Unless its a different model, like the GS3.5

        1. technically it is a different model. It’s the dual sim model for the Chinese markets I think..

          1. Wasn’t there word that an upgraded GS3 was headed to China? Maybe this is that phone…..Meh, I don’t even care, the announcement is less than 24 hours away….

          2. Yeah, wireless charging, 2400mAh etc..

  5. Kind of disappointed, but not surprised.

  6. Umm…

  7. like it or not…is gonna sell like beer…

    1. ya bu what kind of beer.. me likes me some Guinness, Costco just got it in, 24 for 25 bux, which is half off lol go get some :) s4’s of course oh and 24 cans of…

      1. Dat High Life. O_o

        1. I down voted you because you made me vomit in my mouth :(

          1. as you’ve been told before…. spit or swallow.

          2. But it’s the champagne of beers! :O

        2. Chris i also had to down vote. Really american crap beer? I would have taken you as a microbrew type of person.

          1. Nah, I like the cheap stuff. Mexican beers tend to be my favorite (Sol, Dos Equis, Negra Modelo, etc.)

          2. Dos Equis!

          3. Just sayin’

          4. What ever happen to the Corona, that’s a good Mexican beer…

          5. It’s good if you are a 22 year old girl holding an iPhone with a jewel encrusted pink case.

          6. You should quit drinking beer then.

          7. Well cheap Mexican beer is still better than crapy American beer

          8. High Life gives you the most value for your money. Good beer, at an honest price. :p

    2. Hoary beer!

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    3. I like beer…

    4. What kind of beer?

  8. boring…

  9. Chris, of course it will kill the HTC One. That was a joke right ?

      1. I know you love your DNA, but come on bro.

        1. My DNA is nice, but the One is better.

          1. I agree I got to play with the “one” and I was blown away.

          2. That’s what she said…

          3. Lol

    1. Until you put the HTC one in your hand and play with it like I did your comment is premature. If this truly is Samsung’s new design the HTC beats it hands down in every way!

  10. Home button doesn’t bother me, I actually enjoy it. What I dislike is the stupid looking camera hump manufacturers like to have on phones. Make that crap flush else it looks stupid.

    1. You do know they don’t put it there just for the hell of it right?

      1. It’s there because they don’t want to add an extra few mm to make the back flush.

        1. that’s the problem they are making these devices to thin and putting the battery size in the back burner. They should make the dam device a few mm thicker and fill up the rest of the space with a bigger battery….I’m sure people are not going to complaint about having a bigger battery in their device…

        2. Yeah…that was my point. Because if they added that mm people would see the number and be like OMG what a fat ugly phone. Personally I would prefer they added the mm and used it for a bit of extra battery capacity. Unfortunately, the last couple years the number representing the thickness has become more important than a lot of more useful things.

  11. Quite disappointing if that’s really the S4.

    1. If Samsung was going to stick so closely to the design of the S3 they should have just kept the design of the S3 100%. They could have shrank the bezels, increased the screen res, processor, camera, etc., and called it the Galaxy S3S or something.

      That way accessories manufacturers could keep making cool accessories for it like the iPhone.

    2. agreed….I feel like they spent all their design budget on marketing this thing. What really irritates me about them using the same design as the s3 (or damn near close to it) is that sammy made fun of apple for doing the same thing….”how will people know I upgraded?”

      I think HTC went above and beyond with the HTC one and unfortunately, it’s going to be greatly outsold by the s4 due to stupid marketing tactics….sammy is looking a lot more like apple every day :'(

      1. 2 reasons I can’t consider the One… Non removable battery, non upgradable storage

  12. With a removable battery and expandable memory, it has the HTC One beat in my book.

    1. Design is obviously worse than the HTC One, but if you NEED removable battery and SD card then it wouldn’t matter about the design.

      1. I don’t know…the HTC One is pretty ugly.

    2. Absolutely agree 100%!

    3. ^This ^

  13. and yeah is gonna sell 10 times more than HTC One :D

    1. Exactly. I give HTC 2 more years & their done.

      1. Seriously, its a shame. HTC makes the nicest phones…just need the power of samsung internals…sigh

        1. The Snapdragon 600 is nothing to brush off. Plus, if you like custom firmare than it’s best to stay from Samsung’s Exynos platform (look at how stable CyanogenMod is for the Qualcomm-based US GSIII variants versus the Exynos-based international one).

          1. The Mali 400 is what made the Exynos difficult to work with. Imagination Technologies have much better repositories so CM for the SGSIV should be a cakewalk compared to the SGS2/3(unless of course Samsung changed a lot). Think Samsung made the switch because of the complaints from the community, not just because of power-consumption.

            The current versions of CM for the international SGS3 are perfect, but for one thing, and that is the GPU drivers. The team has done an amazing job and I hope they put as much effort into the SGSIV as they did with the SGS3.

    2. only 10 times more o_0

  14. I’m very impressed with the redesign… Oh wait, it looks the same. Boring and still made of plastic.

  15. This looks really ugly, I think the fat physical home button ruins it. And the huge top and bottom bezel.

    1. They needed to make room for vzw’s logo. Now they can put the logo on the home button just like they did with the G-Note 2….lol

  16. I love the way it looks with the little textured design in the plastic. A little disappointed they didn’t change up the design just a little bit more, but it looks nice regardless. I’d also like to see it without a physical home button.

  17. This isn’t it guys. We don’t have long to wait. 19 more hours here on the East Coast.

    1. With so little time before the official reveal, I cant imagine this is fake.

      1. It’s not a fake devicve, it’s (what i think) just not the S4 :)

        Looks more like S3 duos or the new S3+ :)

        1. Pretty sure this is the S4.

    2. It’s 19 more hours(actually 16 now) for everyone across the world. :p

  18. Its boring that’s my thought. Looks exactly like the last one. They are following the iPhone 4 and 4s plan. Boring. I’ll stick with my slick nexus 4.

    1. Lovin my nexus, about 2 weeks into it and I cant imagine going back to a phone thats not vanilla…Im sure the GS4 will be super nice…but nothing about it makes me even remotely consider changing

      1. The Nexus 4 just isn’t a powerhouse and the lack of 4G makes it even less so. Not really sure if giving up on LTE, 13Mpx camera, A15 speeds, SGX544MP3 and 1080p, is worth it just to get the updates early.

        1. True. You forget build quality issues (N4 has MANY of them : you get what you pay for). I’m so disappointed by my Nexus that I’m currently returning it.

          1. Where did you buy your N4 from? Until the HTC One came along the N4 was the most premium Android handset to date. I don’t know anyone who has a N4 complain about build quality.

          2. Do you have one ?
            N4 has flaws, some of them not tolerable, even at this low price.
            Speaking off my fresh Rev11 N4 bought from the store last week :
            – the touch circuitry is visible under the glass layer (very visible, at least on mine, even screen on). Added to the not so good brightness, using the device outdoor is a terrible experience.
            – the screen has very bad touch response. With a light touch, you can slide the screen half way without any effect. To pull the notifications, you have to press the screen until the bottom. Mishits in the browser and with the keyboard and so on.
            – battery life is horrible
            – camera is below average
            – power button is too responsive
            – last but not least : GPS doesn’t work at all (antenna not connected ?) !!

            Vanilla Android is nice, the device just isn’t. I’m returning it, of course.

          3. Am sorry but I have a rev10 and I have none of the problems you mentioned. The GPS connects faster than my dads designated GPS in his car. Have you ever thought you have a defective device?

          4. The only defect is the GPS not working. All the rest is well related on xda and other sites. I knew I’d have to face these issues but I never imagined it could be so bad. This is definitely a 300$ device.



            I’ll keep my trusty GS2 for the moment, hoping for something suitable for me to be announced !

          5. Well the s3 and the s4 are $300 devices too as is any newest variant of the iclone. However the prices are artifically inflated in direct proportion to their under-inflated egos from having to compete with each other ( the apple price points are so out of whack because all iclone fanbois would pay ANY amount just to be seen with the newest iclone) . The nexus (of which I do not have) is simply priced at what Google determined to be a fair market price for an unlocked phone.

          6. I’m afraid the Nexus 4 also costs less to produce because of re-usage of some of another phone’s parts (Optimus G’s motherboard) and cheaper others (RAM & screen). This is something Google never admits and it’s sad.
            I would have paid more for a high quality phone. Vanilla Android and high specs deserve better treatment in my opinion.

          7. My N4 doesn’t have any of these issues, except that the touch circuitry is visible, but only from a certain angle when the screen is off, and hardly…

            It has normal touch response, absolutely no problem even with a light touch.

            What do battery life and pictures quality have to do with build quality?

            My Galaxy Nexus’ power button was impractical, this one is just perfect to me.

            GPS works just great.

          8. Well, I’m really happy for you if you’re satisfied with the Nexus 4 !

          9. And I’m sorry that your unit is defective. :-
            But there’s nothing wrong with the N4’s build quality.

          10. Power button is too responsive…what does that even mean? My gps has never had any hiccups whatsoever…The only point ill concede here is about the camera. Its just so-so

        2. Not to mention that it only has 12GB and no room for expansion…

          1. The cloud baby…I bought the 8 gig model, and have no space issues at all.

        3. 1080p on a 5in screen is a unnecessary, I get better than LTE speeds here in seattle, the processer is blazing fast…the only thing id want from the GS4 is the camera…

        4. Say that again when Key Lime Pie hits and no other phone gets it for a year (or never if your on Verizon). Nexus > iPhone 5 > Other Android phones.

    2. Yep. Yawn. There’s still hope for the Note3…

      1. The Note 3 better be pretty awesome considering what the LG Optimus G Pro has to offer. If LG markets it aggressively, Samsung AND Apple would really have something to worry about.

    3. This is a joke right? The Nexus 4 is a pretty minimul iteration on the Galaxy Nexus.

      1. I miss the Gnex. Still the best Android phone since the HTC One in my opinion.

    4. I am on ATT in a LTE area, anyone else have signal issues with their Nexus 4???? My bars are crap!!!

  19. Well well well… That HTC One is starting to look real appealing. If this is it I’m very disappointed and it more than likely is.

  20. 2600mAh battery. Until we’re sure it’s not a fake shell, that’s the only thing I’d personally consider solid news, since all the other internals are hidden. Good news though.

  21. I wish they did something to make it look a little different. Maybe a slightly curved screen, like my GNex.

  22. lame. dated and without imagination. Samsung is resting on its laurels.

  23. Even though it looks nice I hope it’s not and they surprise us with a completely different phone. Maybe this is the galaxy s3 refresh they were talking about and are going to introduce it along side the s4. If battery was more like the one on the razr maxx I wouldn’t mind getting it. I will stick with my note 2 if this ends up being the real s4

  24. I hope this is just the updated SIII, and not the SIV.

    1. Did not even think about the updated SGS3, you could very well be right.

    2. Perhaps they will announce this as Galaxy S4 and say: “Hah, got you guys fooled! Our own team released those ‘leaks’ early, this is Galaxy S3 v.2.0” and then they will pull out the awesome Galaxy S4 that blows you away…

      Or maybe I’m just dreaming? The hope lives until tonight!

  25. Eh… It’s pretty cool. I don’t mind it. Granted it’s not fascinating, but it’s still easy on the eyes. When compared to the others, it’s hideous. But yea. I don’t mind this design. To be honest, I like this design better than the Galaxy S3. The S3 just didn’t sit right with me. IDK… It just didn’t look right.

    But that doesn’t matter. I’ll be getting the S4. Who else? Has anyone saw the concept video?

    1. How is it that you like this design, but not the S3? They’re the same…

      1. You’re probably right. I don’t think I’ve seen a Black S3, so that’s probably why I don’t think it looks the same. I like how the screen blends in with the bezels on black phones.

        It’s probably just a placebo, me not thinking they look alike.

  26. In design and build quality the One will easily top this device. In the number of sales each will achieve, this will dwarf the HTC One. Even as an S3 user that thought saddens me, as does the fact the One misses my new screen size sweet spot of 5.0″. I’m tired of cheap plastic and just want a premium build to go with premium specs and user experience.

  27. i still dont get whats up with the discoloration around the menu and back capacitive buttons…thats the only reason i say this is a clone. this is the exact phone from that video on youtube. the discoloration/smudges around those capacitive buttons gives that away…

  28. same look as other old Ss…. samsung, please dont follow apple’s design. change the look.

  29. No one else has noticed that this is the same phone as that dual sim leaked gs4….. But Ive never seen a dual sim Samsung phone that looked exactly like Its flagship…..so I’ll just wait till tomorrow to believe this

    1. yea im not buying these leaks either, but even if it did look like that i still think its nice looking, i mean they did add more premium materials, the only thing tha’ts plastic is the battery cover, and we already know the internals are beast.

  30. i really liked samsung but this design is sucks, i do not like rounded shapes, therefore htc one 32gb will be my choice, best looking phone and wide angel camera.

  31. its showing dual sim tats not possible…..fake leak…

  32. <3

  33. i’m so disappointed in the direction they went on the aesthetics. they should of saved some of that marketing money they spent on the sIII and put into designing the sIV

  34. I don’t mind the home button or the design of the phone itself. I just wish they would redesign the fugly touch wiz interface.

  35. There is 5 sensors around the device 2 to each side of the home button and 1 near the can? Touch less gestures ?

  36. I am kinda disappointed in the looks. I mean it is almost getting close to a note size and looks just like the galaxy s3. The camera on the back just looks ugly to be honest. Samsung seems to be turning in to another apple like company. They are selling the brand now, not the phone. Well can’t blame them when it actually works pretty well. O well, if this is what it looks like I might go the HTC one route, and through Nova launcher on it and call it a day.

  37. i hope its fake this would be an apple move keeping the phone almost identical. i would suspect Samsung throwing a fake design out for people to find be disappointing about and at the revile BAM something truly innovative. I mean that’s what i would do if trying to keep the most anticipated device of the year under wraps.

  38. I just noticed in the pic the notification bar is transparent.

  39. Big Gs fan..very disappointed the concept phones looks better then this :'(

    1. They always do. Same with cars.

  40. specs are good, its just not appealing to look it. As an HTC fanboy I’ll be upgrading my HTC Sensation with the One.

    1. final nail in the coffin for Samsung BTW

  41. really thougt that they would press the dispaly ratio of the phone even more…not edge to edge display but more % of the phones size..this is a step back..design wise..if its true..i dont want to believe it though,,hope its just an ugly chinese prank..or else its a htc one landing in my pocket….cheers

  42. Meh, I’ll be getting it lol

  43. REALLY like they kept the same design flow going… after all Samsung has EARNED it. Every other Android manufacturer including HTC has to redesign everything and see what sticks. The average consumer knows what a Galaxy S from Samsung looks like now. It’s like seeing an iPhone.

  44. Even though we typically only see dual sim phones internationally I hope Samsung actually puts this in ALL GSIV models.

  45. Meh, not liking the design at all, and the same old cartoonwiz is present as well. It’s going to be the HTC One for me.

  46. My biggest pet peeve with Android is that we’re in the era of 1080p screens now and I still have the same amount of space for icons as I did back with the G1.

    One good thing Apple did with the iPhone 5 is that they used the extra screen space and resolution to add another functional row of apps. Wouldn’t this make amazing sense on a phone with such high resolutions?

    1. Agreed, I liked how the Nexus 7 added extra icons but this doesn’t seem to have reached phones yet. 5″ 1080p phones can easily fit more in.

  47. PLASTIC..:-

  48. lol wtf 7.7mm thats like 0.8mm thinner than s2 and 0.9mm thinner than the s3 ^^

  49. this is fake as shown by samsung in their teaser pic there is no proximity light or any sensor at the left side of the earpiece

    1. I think it’s more likely that Samsung’s teaser pic was modified.

  50. Could this not be the Samsung grand?

  51. If it has Dual Sim, Im going to Buy Instantly :)

  52. Damn, I’m digging the design a lot!! I hate the shape of the phone, but still I like the details on the front and the new backplate looks nice. Also looks a lot better from the side… I guess its just the curved S3-like edges what Ive come to hate.

  53. I don’t understand how people say that Samsung is doing the same as Apple here. Iphone 4 to 4s is the exact same phone on the outside. All dimensions and materials the same. The S4 is completely different in comparison. Sure it looks similar to there other products but they know the average Joe recognize that style and correspond that with Samsung. I like it but the S3 is good enough for another year. If I had an S2 I’d be all over this.

  54. Samsung brings out another plastic phone. Great

  55. This might be the gs3 lte that t-mobiles getting..

  56. Just like so many others, I was eagerly awaiting the S4; that is until I learned of the LG Optimus G Pro. Now even if all the rumoured specs of the S4 are true, I still wouldn’t be interested in buying it anymore.

  57. As long as it has multi Window we have a winner!

  58. Lol you guys crank me up, look boring, it’s a phone.. Lol I really don’t understand a thing about how a phone can look exciting lol

  59. If this is it….I’m getting the htc one

  60. All ya creazy..bounch alcoholic.

  61. The only thing that really annoys me is the crappy looking rear speaker. I think the metal on the GS3 looks way better and is semmetrical.

  62. I am still not convinced this is it. There are no contact points for inductive charging on the back of the phone.

    1. who said it was supposed to have inductive charging?

  63. After one piece of cheap plastic from Samsung: HTC I am sorry I will be back for the One

  64. I’m not sure I’m on board with all of the yarping about this being “just another S3.” When I look at this photo: http://phandroid.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/2013031400093403779.jpg, I see a phone that’s really quite different than the S3.

    I like what I see, and I hope it translates into the Note III.

  65. i will be extremely disappointed and yes i see lots of people picking up the HTC ONE instead.

  66. Galaxy series like the iphone now. People just want to have it.

  67. The resolution does not seem that high from the last image.. weird.

  68. Looks like every other boring, cheaply made samsung phone. Sure hope their marketing keeps working.

  69. Meh..

  70. PBR!! mmmmmh! I really don’t get what the fuss is all about? This is really what I expected, I still am leaning towards “The One.” My Nexus 4 is driving me crazy with getting a reception….never had an issue with HTC or Samsung in the past. However, if the S4 is availavble say in the next week; they pull an Apple and get it out stat! I will try it. I just want a LCD screen :(

  71. HTC One sh!ts all over this reboot piece of crap…

  72. I don’t see it as disappointing it’s a typical Samsung Galaxy look. The people that are disappointed just hyped the phone up in their own minds, to be something that won’t be invented until 2025. Specs are great and why would Samsung change much on it the S3 was a huge success why mess with it? It’s pretty much what I have expected. I just got the N4 so no point getting this. But if you are still rocking an old phone and look to upgrade, I’m sure the S4 won’t disappoint you.
    I doubt it’s fake otherwise koodos to the fakers Photoshop skills. The international version will probably look very similar if not the same, this is Samsung’s current Galaxy S look.

  73. I’ll wait till the next nexus and motorolla x phone see what they come up with. I’m more impressed with the HTC one.

  74. This phone may just be that thin line of too large. The S3 is on the line as it is. I will wait for the X phone, or whatever it is going to be called.

  75. … and people made fun of me a few years ago for saying that we would have 1080p & 2GB RAM phones eventually. Hah!

    Otherwise, the design is tried and true. People love it. Sure, something a little different would have been cool. This design will sell well regardless. =)

  76. Why has no one mentioned Dual SIMs in a high end phone? That’s awesome for traveling!

  77. What’s the big deal and why aren’t measurements also given U.S. measurements? Can’t hardly wait until some nut job puts one in a blender.

  78. It looks like the Galaxy S3, but in a different color. There are plenty of rumors still going around about the Galaxy S4, and we’ll find out whether they’re true or not later today. During the commute to and from work at DISH, I like to stream my live and recorded shows on my phone, since it takes some time getting there. I use the DISH Anywhere app to stream from my DVR wherever I go, and I’d like a higher resolution display to watch them on.

    1. Really?! … now DISH Network is hiring people to spam Android sites. Good reason for me to never send any money to your company.

  79. Seems like everyone is expecting the wheel to be reinvented with every single new phone release…

  80. If this was a 4.3″ sized phone I’d buy it instantly. Sadly it’s more massive than ever, I’m not interested in another Note. Unfortunately I think I’m going to have to get the iPhone 5, I’m so sick of phablets, I just want a damn phone if i’m not using my work tablet.

  81. humm, if this is it – I will get the HTC One instead.

  82. Chris why does your specs for interior storage is only 16mb? I have seen on many other sites that the int storage will have 32 & 64gb versions. I want at least 32gb, just like my SGS3 has. Are you sure about the 16gb of interior storage????? I know it has sd card support.
    Thanks Chris.

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