Mar 13th, 2013

Today marks a big change for the Android Team at Google. With the project since its acquisition, Andy Rubin is stepping down from his position as Android lead, leaving the job to Sundar Pichai of the Chrome team. The exact reasoning behind the shakeup wasn’t detailed in a statement released by Google CEO Larry Page, but Rubin will still see time at Google in one capacity or another.

The timing of the announcement means we likely won’t see too many of Pichai’s fingerprints on Android in time for Google I/O. It also raises some questions about how committed Google is to their Chrome OS. Pichai will continue to work on some Chrome-related projects. Could the realignment signal a move towards a more unified Android and Chrome experience? Everything is speculation for now.

Larry Page’s full announcement can be read over at the Google blog, linked below.

[via Google]