Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 to use LCD over AMOLED


We haven’t even caught official wind regarding what Samsung’s going to announce in just two days and we’re already starting to hear some rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. According to SamMobile, Samsung is undecided on what display panel technology to use for the device. The apparent trade-off with the beautiful OLED-based panels we’re used to (as featured on the Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S3) is that S-Pen doesn’t work quite as well as it does with LCD (but, in our experience with the Note 2, it doesn’t work too bad either).

For that matter, Samsung is said to be strongly considering going with a super high quality LCD panel from Sharp for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The connection to Sharp fits considering Samsung just bought some stake in the company’s display business. Whatever the case may be, Samsung’s said to be at a crossroad and a decision hasn’t been made either way.

Before you all express your distaste for this unfortunate news, it’s worthy to note that LCD technology has come a long way in just a few short years. It might not offer quite the same dynamic color range, deep blacks and vibrancy as an AMOLED panel, but it’s close enough that those using LCD-based devices these days have no qualms.

We should also note that this particular development is not expected to affect the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the device apparently won’t be stealing the Note 3’s S-Pen thunder. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is said to be using an AMOLED panel that is 25% more efficient than the one used on the predecessor, something that should do wonders for battery life.

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  1. IMO the new SLCD displays are better than the newest SAMOLED.

    Probably get down voted into oblivion for this, but the One X display has better color representation, is brighter, better in sunlight, and has better viewing angles. The SAMOLED has better blacks and uses less battery, but with the big batteries they are strapping in Notes the second one doesn’t quite matter as much.

    1. Really? I like how fake the AMOLED screens look. I don’t like the colors on my Nexus 7 as compared to my Epic 4G Touch. But oh well… I’d just wait until it comes out and compare and see.

      1. The Super-LCD 2 on the One X is pretty much the best screen…And it looks better than the IPS screen on the Nexus 7 also.

        Specifically, the S-LCD series has the best compromise of color, blacks and whites IMHO. Never seen details pop out on a screen like they do with the HTC One X.

        Not to mention it has the best whites i’ve seen on a screen. Hate the blue tint on AMOLED…

        1. I would agree that the One X is one of the best, if not the best, display out. (I haven’t seen the Nexus 10 in person so I am not 100% on this).

          However, it still gets smashed when it comes to black levels. LCDs will forever be dark grey rather than black. While they have gotten a lot better and they are almost black, the levels will never match or beat SAMOLED.

          1. Yeah, I agree with that. But lighter/greyish blacks is a worthwhile compromise to have better color reproduction, real whites (not blue), brighter screen, and details that just pop. I still don’t find the blacks are bad by any means, they just aren’t pitch black. But that blue tint on the AMOLED displays really kills me when I look at the Galaxy S3.

            (To be fair i’m not sure if this is just due to the way HTC made the One X, but compared to any other phone, I’ve never seen a panel pop out like it does…as if the display is literally sitting on the surface of the screen)

          2. I completely agree with you on all points.

            And the reason the One X looks like it pops is because they literally glued the LCD panel to the glass. No air gap. Love it. You can tell if you go to an all white screen and push sort of hard while moving your finger. You will see a ripple effect. Makes for a pain if you crack the glass though because you have to replace the display as well. Side note: the iPhone 5 also has no air gap.

      2. I actually skipped that point (both pro and con) because it is such a personal preference thing. Some love the cartoonish look of SAMOLED. Some hate it.

        1. In the display settings you have the scenario option where you can choose “natural”, the over saturation cartoony colors go away.

          1. I don’t see this… is it not a choice on the S3 or am I looking in the wrong spot?

          2. It is there on the S3, for me atleast it’s the 6th option :)

          3. Odd… I go Settings -> Display. Under General I have Wallpaper and LED indicator. Under Screen I have Brightness, Auto rotate and Screen time out. Features are Smart Rotate and Smart Stay. Font has size and style choices. More has touch key light duration, Display battery % and auto adjust screen tone….

          4. For me it’s the first option under screen, i presume you have Jelly Bean 4.1.2

          5. 4.1.1. Model i747… at&ts model.

      3. The strong blue light emitted from AMOLED may not be very good for your macular health. Go into your dark room with the lights off, now turn your phone screen on, the light from your smartphone screen is strong enough to light up your room. Now think about this, you hold your phone close to your face, at a max arm distance away, most people hold it much closer,….you do this everyday with the blue light going straight into your eyes. You think that blue light is good for your retina? Something to think about.

        Young people blasting their mp3 players and staring into their phones blue light all day long. By the time they are in their 40s(or younger) they will be deaf and blind.

        1. Does wearing tinfoil all the time get itchy?

      1. The display technology should have nothing to do with whether they get scratched more easily. That has everything to do with the piece of the glass that is glued to display. The SAMOLED or LCD panel is under the glass.

      2. downvote for lack of knowing what you are talking about.

        the display screen has nothing to do with how easily the exterior screen is scratched. and althought SOME LCD look dry and put off a warm tone to them they CAN have, and most ARE, accurately tuned to have much better color reproduction, the world around you is not as neon bright as your samsung display would have you believe.

    2. Yeah the AMOLED is so over rated. Let’s just hope the GS4 can match the iPhone 4’s ppi (a 3 year old phone, that has a higher ppi than the GS3 and GN2.

      1. What? The S3 has a way bigger screen then the iPhone 4. When it was released no phone had 400+ ppi like they do now.

      2. For one, of course it will have a higher PPI. 1080p squeezed in to a 4″ display will be over 400.

        For two, PPI is an very overrated way to determine display quality. Again, I’ll use the One X as an example. It has a 720p 4.7″ display and clocks in at a lower PPI than the iPhone 4/4S/5. But if you hold those phones next to each other, the One X has the best display. Once you get over 300 ppi, it doesn’t really matter as much how dense the pixels are. Things like brightness, color reproduction, black levels, etc matter so much more.

  2. samoled is NOT as great as everyone makes it out to be, if you enjoy TRUE reproduction of color and scene, amoled is NOT the way to go. amoled even after propper tuning gives off a washed out and over exaggerated color appearance throughout the spectrum. yes you can tune an tweak it to be accurate for MOST colors but it cannot accurately reproduce the entire spectrum.

    SLCD or new LED technology FTW (please samsung its the only thing holding me back from swapping)

    1. I’m right there with you. I’ve never considered a Samsung device since they have the notorious samoled. Even though the note is too big for my taste, I think it’s a good move to go to LCD. My N4’s screen is absolutely beautiful, and it’s very realistic looking.

    2. Thats the cool thing about the SAMOLED, the insanse color exagguration. Who cares if it’s TRUE reproduction? Not me…I want my screen to scream colors

      1. Indeed that’s what makes the SAMOLED screen awesome :)

    3. Color accuracy is important to me for a TV, but on my phone the better blacks and power efficiency are much more important. I prefer the display on my Note vs. my Galaxy Tab.

  3. i dont see why not if it means longer screen on time

  4. The ideas for new rumors are short.
    I’m pretty sure it will have an AMOLED screen..

    1. yea the thing won’t be due out for like another 7 months, these rumors aren’t very accurate

  5. I’ll almost certainly be upgrading to the Note3 in Jan 2014, and while I much prefer the inky blacks and power efficiency of SAMOLED, a switch to S-LCD isn’t a deal breaker.

    1. & sharp makes the best displays.

    2. That was wonderfully civil, as opposed to most of the comments here. Good day. *tips hat*

  6. the Gnote 3 is going to be my future phone, have had the galaxy note 10.1 since first day of release and would love the same features on a Phone its really productive especially with the s-pen

  7. I feel like I repeat myself over and over, but The SHARP made IGZO Display in my ASUS Padfone 2 is just amazing! SAMSUNG customers will love it, that I am sure of.

  8. YAY for efficient AMOLED! no more ridiculous display screen power drains! hehe http://bit.ly/XaxZ7M

  9. It’s a screen.
    If the images are clear, crisp, and not washed out, I’m happy.

  10. nice moke-up of the galaxy note III on http://www.xinlux.com

  11. Considring the s pen doesnt use any touch capabilities (have any of you so called reporters actually used the s pen and note II?) How would N lcd vs the current display make any difference?

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