Google Now support discovered in Chrome code, coming to a desktop near you


We’ve seen hints before of Google Now-like functionality in the code for the desktop version of Google’s Chrome browser, but the feature appears almost set to launch with the most recent release. Code hound Francois Beaufort found a more or less fully-fledged implementation of the predictive digital assistant software. The only thing missing was the necessary server-side code to get it running.

It will be interesting to see how Google handles the release of such a feature. Will they time its launch with Google I/O and announce the feature to much fanfare? Or will they quietly roll out the feature to users?

The code can be seen in the latest Chromium Beta release, which is available for download if checking out code is the sort of thing that interests you. It won’t serve much use to the average Chrome user just yet.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Cool, now if only it showed me more cards and interesting ones at that :(

    Still exited to see where it goes!

    1. Don’t worry, it will continue to improve with time. If you look at Glass, it’s clearly taking a lot of Now features, so I suspect that the two will be closely intertwined. Plus, I still feel that Now is the future of Google Search.

      1. I think Google is going to make that the future of Search. The iOS Google search app is rumoured to be getting Now soon.
        And when you think about it, it is search (only it gives the results before you search for them, saving you time)

  2. Dragonball Z!! =.D

  3. Ooooo hope this shows up on my CR-48 soon.

  4. Still haven’t gotten the card telling me how much I walk….

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