Mar 7th, 2013

Not to miss a golden opportunity to knock Android, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller tweeted a link to F Secure’s new report on Android security today. It was accompanied by the text, “Be safe out there.” Ouch, Phil. That really hurts.

If you’re not familiar with the contents of the report, it claims that Android malware is at all time high with 79 percent of all mobile threats targeting the platform. It’s the same rhetoric we have been sold for the past couple of years, little more than good advertising to sell mobile security software. Or a different brand of phone, in the case of Schiller.

Yes, Android is susceptible to malware. Yes, more of it is running around today than in the past. But the problem isn’t as widespread as Schiller would like users to believe. His advice is good, though. As long as users are “safe” about the way they use their devices, including what apps they download and install and where they obtain the apps, there is actually little need for concern. Take that part to heart, at least.

[via The Verge]

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