Android 4.2.2 leaks for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus


Often the red-headed stepchild of the Nexus world (no offense to red-headed stepchildren), the Verizon edition of the Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus has often come up with the short end of the stick when it comes to Android updates. While other versions of the Galaxy Nexus have been treated to the latest Android software almost instantly, Verizon’s LTE build hasn’t been so lucky. For those patiently waiting for an official  Android 4.2.2 release, we’re one step closer.

A build of Android 4.2.2 for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus has leaked and is now ready for download and installation. The build is JDQ39 and can be installed on non-rooted devices with ease. It comes direct from Google’s servers after owners of test devices tracked down the URL upon receiving the update.

You will recall that the JDQ39 build version is the same as what is currently available for all Nexus devices and matches the Galaxy Nexus software version in the AOSP codebase, meaning we are looking at more or less the final release. Last week, Verizon support said an update would hit the handset shortly, and it sounds like it indeed will be Android 4.2.2. If only the software was enough to fix the phone’s incessant battery problems.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Verizon corrupts anything and everything the touch.

    1. how so? New version is leaked. Are you a complete moron or just an iSheep? Give a beggar $10 and they still whine like a 5 year old because it’s not in smaller bills. Derp.

      1. How in the hell does that comment make him an iSheep?

      2. How does that make him an iSheep? And why do you have to insult nearly everyone that you reply to? Relax your, jimmies shouldn’t be this rustled for every comment.

      3. It’s the return of Angelface! I wonder if any old timers remember that guy…

    2. Agreed however if they are still updating this phone (as they should), why would it have been so hard to bring the Nexus 4 to them.

      So what if the updates are a couple months behind the world phone? The Galaxy Nexus is still the ONLY Verizon Android phone that gets updates after more than about 6 months. Not to mention it’s also the only Verizon phone besides the RAZR M without some garbage horrible UI over everything. The GS3 is unbearable to use to me and I’d literately rather have an iPhone 5 than that terrible interface without CM10.1 on it.

      1. You know you can easily replace the launcher with Apex or Nova, right?

        1. Hell, for that matter, he could put CM10.1 on it…

          1. Pretty sure it’s easier to install an app than to unlock, root, load up custom recovery, install cm / gapps. But yes, he could put CM or any number of ROMs on it. My point is that it’s very quick and easy to avoid using the “unbearable” interface rather than switching to the iPhone 5.

          2. He brought up CM10.1.

            Hence my comment….

            As for the interface, Nova does not have anything to do with settings layout/icons, notification shade…etc

      2. Thunderbolt was recently updated. That’s much older

      3. They are not still updating this phone as they should. It is months behind all other Nexus devices. Verizon should never be allowed to have another Nexus device.

  2. anyone see the new radios pulled yet?

  3. I am still puzzled as to why anyone buys a “Nexus” device and does not root it and take advantage of the huge support from the ROM community.

    1. uhh… because you can root much better phones than a Nexus… Nexus phones are meant to get updates directly from Google… *before* the ROM community forks it.

    2. Believe it or not, not everyone wants to root their devices. I stopped rooting once I started buying Nexus phones.

    3. For me it’s been lack of time to figure it all out. I’ve never rooted before and want to take the time to self educate before I do so.

    4. some of us simply enjoy/prefer Google’s take on the GUI & Launcher. Also, backing up a phone is non-trivial. I’ve got all my icons exactly where I want them :)

    5. Some people go to the store and the sale person shows them a phone that they like and the customer (who doesn’t know anything) says “oh ok I’ll take it”. You can automatically assume that when someone buys a device with the name nexus on it that they know what rooting even means.

  4. Its about frickin time. Running the update now…. looking forward to it.

  5. if only sprint could join the 4.2.2 band wagon

  6. “If only the software was enough to fix the phone’s incessant battery problems.”

    Asking software to solve a hardware problem is ignorant. BUY A BIGGER BATTERY. They are cheap on Amazon and you can get cases to fit it. Bought one week two of ownership and I enjoy 22-hour uptimes with wifi, 4g and screen set to auto.

  7. Just out of curiousity what battery problem are you referring to? I never have battery issues. other then a fried nfc chip

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