Here’s how JetBlue would put Google Glass to use


I’m sure we’ve all thought about what we’d like to use Google Glass for if we actually had a pair for ourselves. Personally, the gamer and geek in me would be elated to have an app that would point out Ingress portals and energy sources to control (and since we’re dreaming, perhaps it’d let me take an energy source simply by looking at it, too). Well, us enthusiast users aren’t the only ones with big dreams for Google Glass.

JetBlue participated in the #ifihadglass hashtag on Google+ and showed its vision of what Google Glass could be useful for. The mock-up showed a user looking at an airport parking garage, and the app spit back information about how full the garage was so a user can know if they’ll have a parking spot before entering. It definitely sounds like something that could work beautifully as long as it hooks up to JetBlue’s tracking system to get updates on garage activity in real time.

Other use cases included the ability to show users how many wall outlets are available for charging devices, displaying flight information such as arrival time and delay status, showing you where your baggage will come from, how long it would take, and directions to get to the right carousel, and a quick estimate of how much your taxi fare would be and how long it would take to get to your destination.

This sort of open-ended thinking is what has many of us excited about Google Glass and the unique possibilities it brings, and it’s why we at Phandroid couldn’t be any more excited to have a crack at the units whenever they become available. How would you use Google Glass if you had a pair? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Meanwhile Southwest… oh hell Southwest wouldn’t change a thing. A crap cattlecall is a crap cattlecall.

  2. screetch… crash… Google’s fault, couldn’t see, law suit coming. Sorry, but I don’t think our world is ready for this technology just yet. Smart people? No problem. Put these glasses in the hands of a dumbass you are asking for trouble. I guess that applies to many other things, I am just skeptical.

    1. Right, first kid hit while wearing glass you got mothers against it making laws for no driving with glass. If it even takes that. Hell CA may make a law just incase haha

  3. I don’t know, it seems Google is getting very close to dominating our lives and controlling all aspects of it. NOT good!
    Wonder what will happen if the wrong people get this tech in their hands? For ever good purpose there is a evil one somewhere.

  4. Am I the only moron that thinks it would be much easier, and much more useful to just have the road sign display that information?

    1. I don’t think it would easier but it would be more useful in the sense that not everyone with end up buying these glasses, and it would give the public a way of seeing the info without the glasses.
      Though in an article I read this week ( don’t remember where i read it but will try and find) they compared reading billboards while driving to be just as bad as texting and driving, the same would apply to road signs if people had to look and read them instead of just a quick glance.

      1. I never trust things like that. Reading a sign/billboard can’t be anywhere near as bad as texting and driving. Not even the mental capacity is the same as input is a lot easier to process than output especially when marrying that output with thumb movements. Then the physical aspect is worse. For starters you’ve got both hands available when reading a sign/billboard and secondly the view of the road will be out of the corner of your eye and a lot quicker to focus on again than a phone as you’ll likely be looking down or at most at steering wheel level and the difference in eye focus distance is a lot bigger when looking at a phone. Just like when they say hands free is just as bad as non-hands free, it can’t be when you have an extra hand and your head movement is easier.

    2. That’s more expensive than an app, esp if you multiply it by all the signs out there in all the airports.

  5. Places already have the ability to show open parking spaces without Google Glass. It was great when I was in Spain and the mall I went to told you exactly how many spaces where open and on what floor. The spaces also had a red or green light above each indicating which ones where open making it easier to see when you are looking on that row for the open spot.

    1. Yea I’ve seen this, just have never seen it implemented as something that could be fed over the internet to a user device like a phone or tablet (or, in this case, Google Glass).

    2. Whoa, that is sick. I wish they did this for city and college parking. Stress = released

    3. There’s a garage like this attached to the promenade mall in Santa Monica. You can even go online and check parking ahead of time so you know if you should try another garage.

  6. The feedback would be immeasurable in a manufacturing environment. Imagine getting instant working info on a machine just by looking at it, get production information on it, instant alerts on production failures and plug ups. Every second counts on a production floor.

    1. That, in my opinion is the only real possibility for this technology. Only enterprise WiFi can handle that amount of concurrent traffic at the moment. People always forget, when they think about these new applications, that there are things like concurrency, lattency and handshake time. If you drive into an airport, the response time must be a fraction of a second, before you miss the turn, or hit another idiot on the road.

  7. Oh wow! That pic is of the Burbank Airport parking structure. I’d recognize it anywhere, since the airport is so small and have preferred flying out of there over LAX. This is in Los Angeles, for those of you that weren’t aware.

    1. Also worth pointing out that the Burbank garage is NEVER full anyway. Flown out of there dozens of times. Never had an issue finding parking. Another dumb idea for Google glass that no one really needs.

  8. It would be nice to be able to scan big bar codes on the go with the camera on glass that pull up specific info that is in real time

  9. It came to me almost immediately. Riding my bike and being able to record the bad and often illegal behavior of drivers; like, cutting me off on right turn, squeezing me toward parked cars, you know the drill if you ride on the streets !

    1. Like a motorcycle or a bicycle?

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