LG Optimus Vu II starting to get Jelly Bean


LG’s Optimus Vu II is getting itself a tasty update starting today as LG Korea has announced the beginning of the Jelly Bean roll-out for the phone. Folks on SK Telekom and KT will be getting the upgrade today, but, ironically enough, those on LG U+ will have to wait until March.

LG didn’t release details on roll-outs for other markets but we imagine users won’t have to wait too far into Spring. This wide 5-inch device wasn’t LG’s most popular or most pretty, but that doesn’t mean the small market surrounding the Optimus Vu II doesn’t deserve Jelly Bean goodness.

We’ll see if LG’s willing to disclose details about roll-outs outside of Korea, but if you can’t wait then be sure to check out the wares coming from your favorite development communities to see if there’s anything you can do about getting some accelerated after-market support.

[via LG Korea]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The Vu is the most uncomfortable phone to hold. I feel sorry for the people that bought it. No single handed operation. I can barely operate my GS3 with one hand, this Vu is like 5 inches across

  2. That picture looks like it’s spelling out the word “Hell” in jelly beans.

    Which isn’t inappropriate at all, given that it’s an LG device. :-P

  3. IPad nano runing Android jelly bean?

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