Google I/O registration opens March 13th — get your accounts ready


If you’re gearing up for Google I/O, which takes place in San Francisco from May 15th-17th, you might want to know that registration will be opening up soon. Google hasn’t made it a mystery — the digital lines are opening up March 13th, and it will take place starting at 7am pacific. That said, you should know that these things aren’t the easiest to get into: the initial stock of tickets sold out in less than 30 minutes for last year’s events.

You don’t want to be fiddling around with unnecessary, lengthy extra steps come March 13th so there are a few things you’ll want to do:

  1. Set an alarm to wake up AHEAD of time. Google likes to get a bit jumpy sometimes, so the site may go live a few minutes before 7am.
  2. Make sure your Google+ profile is setup and accurate. Google uses Google+ for registration and you’ll be asked to sign in to continue.
  3. Make sure your Google Wallet account is setup with your preferred payment method. Google will process orders through checkout, so you don’t want to be running around looking for your wallet or typing in numbers while everyone else is passing you by.
  4. Bookmark a replacement keyboard and monitor on Amazon, just in case. These things can be frustrating, and you’ll probably try to smash your monitor using your keyboard by the end of it all if the site crashes.

We’ll remind you once we get closer to registration, but we imagine most of you will have this in your calendar with as many reminders as you can to make sure you don’t miss out. Is anyone looking to head out to San Francisco for the must-attend developer conference of the year?

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. You forgot step zero:
    0. If you’re primarily interested in the freebies or scalping tickets, GET LOST. Thanks.

    1. Pffft…Freebies is where its at. Stop whinning!

    2. I’m disappointed that I can only upvote once.

      Honestly I question whether phandroid should even post about Google IO registration. A good majority of their readership isn’t developers, and any developer who does read it will have already found out about it elsewhere.

    3. Google should make you answer a simple program related bug instead of a captcha IMO. :)

    4. I program AND I like freebies. Being a college kid isn’t cheap.

  2. How much is it?

    1. $900 for regular, $300 for student

      1. (‘o’)/

        I think I want to stay in school for a little while longer.

      2. Does being a high school student count?

        1. I’m gonna guess and say no.

  3. I can’t wait, I am going to try and get a student ticket…$300 for a show where I get to see the latest technology and on top of that I will get over $300 worth of tech is so worth it.

    1. Really!? You get stuff just for going!? I have to make it a task to go one day. But I stay in Houston. =.[

      They need to bring things to Houston. It’s a lively city. =./

      1. Yea, last year they got the Galaxy Nexus, White Nexus 7, Nexus Q and more.

  4. The statement that it “sold out in less than 30 minutes” is accurate, but slightly misleading. I initiated an order the moment the site opened at 7:00am and it failed, followed by at least five more failed attempts within that 30 minute window. This is not an even remotely unique story.

    I’ve made repeated inquiries to Google suggesting they offer some alternative method of registration, or at least set aside a block of tickets for Android developers. I wish they’d at least stop giving away free stuff that exceeds the value of the ticket price.

  5. In terms of Student Accounts, What do you recommend I am going to attempt both routes, but this is my last year as on my CS degree so if I can get in cheaper so be it. Do you need to validate your degree progress somehow?

    1. This is what I want to know. Can any average student go?

      1. From last years FAQ:

        “Is there a student discount?
        We do offer a limited number of tickets at a discounted rate of $300 for Academia (students, professors, faculty/staff). We will require a current school ID or other proof that you’re qualified to receive this special rate when you check in at the conference. Without qualifying proof, you won’t be admitted to the conference and no refund will be issued. Tickets purchased at regular price cannot later be converted to academic price.”

        1. Ya that’s kinda vague. I’m not gonna risk trying to go as a regular student, will try to get a full price ticket :D

          1. I agree. My biggest fear is the portal for students may impact chances of getting a ticket. I don’t care if I spend $1k or $300. I know for a fact that I will still be a student during I/O but I do graduate in June. Debating my approach at this time. I feel like reaching out to Google, through some means, for more information on this program.

          2. Good luck, outside of Nexus support, Google has ZERO live support.

          3. Hoping to get a line from their G+ Google Developers page or possibly their twitter. Doubt it but I will update if I do get a response.

      2. Not to make it sound greedy but I hope they really limit Student tickets to Developers/IT related fields. I mean, I honestly want to go for the developer sessions they hold. My friend went two years ago all he told me was it was the best experience ever. As a newbie developer with Python/Java experience, I really would like to attend for that. The freebies would be a nice touch to help with development, but not required for me to go by any means.

        1. Aren’t there other Sandbox events throughout the year? With much smaller entry fees and specialized focus?

          1. I am already attending PyCon, but I am teaching myself other things overnight. I am working on picking up Android Development/Chrome OS development lately.

        2. That’s dumb. I’m going on Poly-sci but I also taught myself web development and am currently teaching myself android on the side.

          1. I didn’t mean to offend, but I am just making a suggestion. You and me both have to agree that there are a lot of “Students” that go for the freebies that may or may not have an interest in the development portion of the event. My comment is only an imperfect solution to a complicated problem. Sorry again.

          2. Yeah, I know, I wasn’t trying to offend you either, I was just saying.

            I think it’d be cool if there was something like the guy above said.. Some sort of test.. haha. But they’d all have to be different.

          3. It would be different :) It’s always the semi-colon….aha

    2. As far as I can remember I think you have to show proof, valid student ID or something along those terms. Could be different this year though.

  6. I’m really hoping to make it out this year since it will be the last year I can get a student ticket.

  7. Will be attending. Most definitely

  8. Do these only happen in San Francisco? If so I may have to road trip there one time. That’ll be a fun road trip. I guess I have to start saving up.

    I’m definitely placing this on my bucket list.

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