Snapchat adds video in latest Android update


After a beta period, video recording and sharing has made its way into Snapchat for Android as an official feature. The updated version of the app, which is now available from Google Play for phones running Android 2.2 or higher, was made available to a small group of Android users last week, the large variety of devices running the OS being a major hurdle in getting video to play nice.

Video functions the same as still images in the updated version of Snapchat. A brief clip will self-destruct after playback, making it the preferred app of those looking to get a bit risqué with their messaging. While the feature has made its official debut, Snapchat is still seeking feedback to improve overall video performance. Check out their blog for more details.

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  1. beach sluts!!! I can’t wait for summer!

  2. UGH. It’s apps like this that keep Blackberry in the game.

    1. lol wut? You don’t have to download it…

    2. Because Blackberry can’t have apps like this?

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