Feb 21st, 2013

Microsoft has made quite the reputation for itself in these patent wars. Its most notable claim to infamy in the mobile space has been the ability to strong-arm several Android manufacturers into paying a licensing fee for every device sold. Now, it looks to be getting another piece from the point-and-shoot camera pie.

Renown camera manufacturer Nikon has come to agreement with Microsoft to enable them to make Android-based cameras. The terms and amount of the deal weren’t enclosed, of course, but Microsoft will likely receive a small stipend for every device sold running Android. Since Nikon already has one on the market with the Coolpix S800C there might be some back-pay going to Microsoft, as well.

We’re not sure how much further Nikon is looking to go with the “Android on cameras” experiment, but you know we aren’t complaining to see more manufacturers get on the train. It’s just a shame that Microsoft has its hands in the pockets of nearly anyone who tries to come near Android. Still, these OEMs see the platform for what it is — the fastest growing mobile operating system ever, and one that commands a vast majority of the market. A few dollars for each device sold won’t hurt too bad in the grand scheme of things.

[via Microsoft]

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