Feb 18th, 2013

Roman Nurik has created quite the stir in the Android world with his one little app. DashClock Widget lets developers plug into the open-sourced app to create extensions that will show useful information in a beautiful way. We’ve already seen the likes of Falcon Pro and Plume tap into its power, and now another great extension has popped up.

Developer Rob J has created AnyDash, an extension that will allow you to use the notifications from (almost) any app on your phone as items in DashClock. This is a great way to add support for your favorite apps which haven’t gotten around to building DashClock functionality. For instance, I could get information about the latest Tweets from the official Twitter app if I prefer to use that instead of Falcon Pro or Plume (not that I do prefer that, but bear with me here).

The developer states that some apps might not work well with DashClock, but urges you to drop him a line whenever you come across a problematic app to see if he can iron out the kinks. Full support for DashClock in an app is a lot better, of course, but if you have a favorite app that you want to use with DashClock and the developer hasn’t built anything for it this is a great way to build a bridge while you continue to bombard them with emails demanding full support. Have at it in the Google Play Store (DashClock, AnyDash) and see if this dynamic duo doesn’t get you to understand the true spirit and benefits of open software.