Feb 14th, 2013

According to analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies & Company, Samsung has plans to produce 100 million Galaxy S4 handsets in anticipation of growing demand for the flagship Android brand. The scale of production is so large that it will require the reallocation of certain resources. The move could result in a downsizing of Samsung’s involvement in the production of future iPhone models as components and manufacturing power are redirected to the GS4.

This could hurt Apple in the short term as it gears up to the rumored release of not one but two new iPhone models later this year. The two companies have kept an amicable business relationship behind the scenes despite ongoing legal battles and public campaigns, but Apple might look at a shift away from relying on Samsung to source hardware components as a blessing in disguise.

Samsung has every reason to believe they could sell as many as 100 million Galaxy S4 handsets. Misek estimates that when the dust has settled, last year’s Galaxy S3 will have sold about 60 million units, paving the way for even greater success with its followup.

[via BGR]

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