Feb 11th, 2013

In case you weren’t already using Google Now or wasn’t aware of its features, Google has released a nice minute-long ad showing how much easier it can make life. The ad really is supposed to be for the Nexus 4, but it focuses on the aforementioned convenient  service. The app’s goal is to know what information you need before you even know you need it, so instead of fiddling around with Google Search results and typing in maps directions it’s already available at your fingertips.

Google seems to be doing the equivalent of dangling a juicy piece of fruit in front of a hungry animal. Most folks don’t have the latest version of Android — Jelly Bean — required to use Google Now, so this is a way to entice folks to buy a Nexus 4 if they want the latest and greatest the operating system has to offer. buying a Nexus 4 hasn’t been the easiest task to complete, of course, but with stock looking to be plentiful in the coming weeks now is as good a time as any to attract folks to the Nexus life.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of trying it out yet, Google Now really does a wonderful job “learning” about you and feeding up the information you need. Aside from the occasional wrong “work” address (I work from home, but Google Now thinks I work at my nearest gas station) and accidental “favorite” sports teams (just because I’m looking up info about the Bruins’ latest contract rumors doesn’t mean I’m a Bruins fan) it has given me a wealth of useful information at all the right times. Go ahead and watch the video above to see how Google Now can help you “live in the now,” and try it yourself if you have a phone with Android 4.1 or higher.

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