HTC M7 could be released as simply the HTC One [RUMOR]


What’s in a name? Well, Shakespeare would have you believe it doesn’t matter much at all, that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” True, but when it comes to big carriers looking to invest their money into a new product, a name is a brand and a brand is a powerful thing.

Looks like HTC could be taking their already well known One brand and running with it. A new tip from leak-extraordinaires, @evleaks, is suggesting that the upcoming flagship could see a release as simply the HTC One — no X, no S — just One. If you think about it, Apple doesn’t confuse consumers by releasing new smartphones every year with a new name, especially not after the original was such a success. Consumers need something they can immediately identify with, so in the smartphone, automobile, or even computer business, a name means an awful lot. With HTC, their One line has proven itself enough of a success in the US and other parts of the globe for the Taiwanese manufacturer to stick with it.

Maybe people will start asking “Oh, is that the new One?” in 2013. Can’t wait to see what HTC finally unveils (and confirms) at their Feb 19th even in New York. We’ll keep you posted.

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Chris Chavez
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  1. Sony already released a phone branded as “Neo” though. HTC can’t call it “The One”.

    1. So, Neo is the One? O_o

      1. What???

        1. This has me laughing at work loll

    2. “I know Kung Fu!”

    3. You clever bastard you…

  2. So next year model a be the HTC One 2?

      1. After the 3rd iteration this will get confusing. Is it the New One or the Old one? Would the One in the middle be the new old One or the old new one?


        1. This has the makings of an SNL parody commercial or DIGITAL SHORTS written all over it………..

    1. How about the HTC O2? O_o

    2. There’s going to be an htc next year? O.o

  3. It would be nice to see HTC put out One phone and make all carriers take it as is…

    1. make…. or beg them to take it as is?

  4. Better have a big battery or it will be The One that puts the nail in the coffin.

    1. Haha good One.

    2. Lol u win

    3. Nobody mentions SD Card ?

      Could have sworn the article title said “HUMOR” and not “RUMOR”. LOL, the jokes on HTC.

      Kim Jong Un’s orders aren’t enough to keep them relevant. Feel bad for the poor over-worked engineers saying much what we say, and blame mgmt.

      1. Not cool. No need to be racist. Also, HTC is in Taiwan not Korea.

      2. Not cool. No need to be racist. Also, HTC is in Taiwan not Korea,

    4. Well RIP then as HTC has never been known for put battery life over design-form factor.

  5. So what about the next mid-range phone? Will it be called the HTC Half?

    1. The HTC 0.5….duh!

    2. HTC fiftycent. A cross license deal with dr. dre to feature a 50 cent silhouette on the back.

  6. When it comes to HTC, I’m sure a lot more people are familiar with the “Evo” name than “One”. They should expand the Evo brand to all of the carriers.

    1. I wonder if Sprint has a branding contract with “Evo” just as Verizon does with “Droid”

      1. And T-Mobile does “MyTouch”

        1. They do what? Does your significant other know about this?

      2. true dat. I hadn’t thought of that. still, I remember when everyone was excited for the original Evo. even people who weren’t on Sprint knew that it was a badass phone. and when I say people I am referring to the casual crowd lol.

        1. And wasn’t the original Evo just a Galaxy S with a keyboard? Ah, the days when the same phone was on 4 different carriers with 4 different names.

          1. I believe you are thinking of the Samsung Epic 4g,which had Galaxy S cousins on other carriers : the Captivate, the Vibrant, and the Fascinate.

          2. Umm you don’t remember “the days” obviously. The evo was the first super phone to actually compete with the iPhone. The 1Ghz processor was to die for back then

          3. Nexus One ^_^

    2. Yeah they should buy that off of Sprint and use that one. Evo HD on all carriers. Boom.

  7. I see a U2 or,better yet,Metallica tie-in opportunity here……

  8. I gotta say i really miss HTC’s build quality; I’ll never forget my G1 which pretty much started it all for me and since then I’ve made SURE to stick with Nexus devices because I needz my updates ASAP but HTC hasn’t won a Nexus flagship in a while now. Whatever…I’m happy with what Sammy has been doing lately and even though it’s LG I heard the Nexus 4 is a pretty awesome and feel pretty nice in hand as well.

    1. i can vouch. I moved from an Evo LTE to a Nexus 4. Evo was great and solid. Although I do worry more about dropping the Nexus, it does feel super solid in my hand

    2. The ONE S is the best build quality from HTC yet. Ive only had HTC phones, the G1, G2, and now the One S.

  9. I swear I’m starting to think the patent agreement between HTC and apple included advice on how to become androids iphone.

    1. that would mean HTC would have to shy away from horrible plastic backings and promote better battery life. Won’t happen. One’t happen.

      1. Well it’s a good thing HTC are the only company so far which seem to have gotten plastic right – the HTC One X’s and Nexus One’s backs feel great and hand-like and are comfortable to hold for long periods of time, much more so than cold metal or breakable glass.

  10. You guys are looking @ this all wrong, due to misinterpretation :

    It’s the HTC JUAN, & of course, for the ladies, the HTC JUANITA……..

    1. I might have to tweet this XD

      1. as the worst HTC joke to date.

        1. Hater

    2. What do they call it when they benchmark 2 HTC ones against each other? Juan on Juan.

  11. Hmmm… @ChrisChavez this sounds so familiar I just can’t place it… OHHH YEAAAAHH now I remember, http://www.minimallyminimal.com/blog/2010/7/11/htc-1.html

    1. Oh, snap. Almost forgot about that concept. So sexy. Looks like HTC is going with the name (not the design).

      1. Has to be more than a co-ink-e-dink. They had to have noticed that concept, I mean it’s 2 and a half now. Ironically their calling it HTC One also??? /conspiracy

  12. Maybe the “one” stands for one update. =D

      1. Thank you, thank you. You’re too kind.

    1. true story.

  13. and just think some one is getting paid way too much money for such awful marketing advice

  14. If Samsung continues to include a microSD and a removable battery in their upcoming Galaxy S4, then it’s going to be another bad year for HTC.

    1. HTC’s misfortune has nothing to do with luck or Samsung. They just are not hitting the mark with their phones anymore.

      1. They make great phones, but they put out 20 “flagships” a year. It dilutes the brand and spreads the marketing too thin. No Brand Identity = Poor Sales.

        1. what marketing? HTC is terrible in that department. Not one of their 2 ads are as good as any of samsungs this past year.

          1. I agree, their marketing stinks, they need to work on that, but HTC phones are superior. There is NO need to remove the battery. There is enough internal storage to not need an SD card. If a person needs that much storage theres something wrong.

          2. I guess the market disagrees…..

      2. Actually, it has a lot to do with Samsung. They make a better phone in the eyes of the public. The sales prove it.

  15. That’d be nice, it’s beyond exhausting reading about the billion HTC phones that come out each year. A simple and concise product line has already proven to work with Apple and Samsung.

  16. So would the successor to the HTC One be called the HTC One Two? lol I think attaching the X or whatever alphabet letter they want to use is better.

    1. It would probably be similar to cars, just slap on a year and call it a day. Although this is HTC so they’d probably have to have the HTC One 2013 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, etc because they can never stick to one phone per year.

    2. Since they’re following Apple, and sold out to license through Apple, the successor will be called The New One, not to be confused with the previous One. Once you’ve forgotten about the old One, they’ll make a New One S to replace the old New One. HTC… trying to mirror Apple after selling out to them.

      1. Not really sure how they “sold out.” They settled out of court to avoid a legal battle they could not afford to lose. Samsung could easily absorb $1Billion in fees, HTC cannot.

        Or are you mad because they didnt have Samsung’s back? The Samsung who is winning customers from them? I know we here feel like its Android vs Apple, but in the real world it’s Samsung vs LG, vs Sony vs Apple vs Motorola vs HTC. Why do you think LG and Samsung were suing each other. They are all businesses trying to take money from each other. There is no band of brothers.

  17. Looking at that internal housing, i would agree that it would look like that white rendering similar to an iPhone back. Looks very similar to the rendering

  18. No the one series is a stupid moniker M7 sounds fine

  19. Is it thinner & lighter, longer battery juice, fast 2.0 GHz quad-core CPU? Faster GPU? Not absurd too large nor too small display ( perfect 4.7″ )? Other than that I don’t see a reason to buy another smart phone.

  20. Nearly everyone I know with a HTC just calls it their HTC, so this would just be the “new HTC”. This makes the name pretty irrelevant anyway, but I guess just “HTC One” is less confusing than M7 (M for..? why 7?).

  21. How about just HTC TWO? These clowns can’t do what Apple does. Keep it simple. Pick one to two phones, give them good easy names, then count up like Apple does. Honesty, I think your average phone user that picks the iPhone does because “it’s simple” … Android has too many phones, too many names, you don’t know what’s new or old. I am an Android fan and I get lose what is old and new shrug.

  22. HTC One Exclusively at Verizon. Preorder yours today :-D (I kid) If carriers decide they want to rebrand the device then it will cause problems for HTC. Lets hope they release the device on all carriers and they don’t let carriers rename devices so the ignorant masses don’t get confused.

  23. No matter if the new HTC device will be released as the HTC One or Evo or something like that – generally if I am impressed of the device and its features/design etc., the name doesn’t matter for me as a consumer. I can rename my own htc device anyway. If you have better ideas for HTC or for the smartphone sector generally about the smartphone of the future in order to device name, new features, design etc there is an international contest for student where you can make a 3-minute-video of your smartphone of tomorrow and win € 10.000. Best thing is that you don’t have to realize the idea. Maybe you have any ideas and want to take part in the contest: http://www.thetomorrowtalks.com / http://www.facebook.com/thetomorrowtalks

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