Galaxy Note 8.0 will ship with 3G, LTE, and WiFi options


As has become the norm for tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will be available in several connectivity configurations upon launch. According to information gathered from filings found on the Bluetooth SIG website, there will be a GT-N5100 model, a GT-N5110, and a GT-N5105. They account for WiFi + 3G, WiFi-only, and WiFi + 3G + LTE setups.

The listings only peg the models for a European release, but Samsung will not doubt at least offer two options in other regions. If any carriers decide to stock the device, they will obviously carry the version best suited for their network. Pricing would likely increase from WiFi model (rumored to start around €450) up through the LTE-enabled version of the slate.

We are expecting Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Note 8.0 during or around the time of Mobile World Congress. In the tradition of previous Note models, the 8-inch tablet will feature support for Samsung’s S Pen capacitive stylus.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. I love Samsung! Seems to be really nice product. Cant wait to see more details! :)

  2. So the 8″ model will cost more than the 10″?

    1. I hope not, that would be redundant.

    2. Maybe that price is in Euros. If you do the conversion as is, it looks like it’s expensive, but the actual USD amount they would use would be less than the conversion of the Euros amount.

  3. So we have…:
    3.XX” GalaxyBudgetFoo
    4.99″ SGS4
    5.50″ Note2
    6.30″ Note3
    7.00″ Tab2
    8.00″ Note8.0
    10.1″ Nexus10 / Tab2 10.1

    I demand a 9″ device too! :)

    1. You forgot about the Note 10.1

    2. A device for all sizes. This is more of a smart move than one can realize. LoL!!

      1. The only problem is that they all run a different version of android.

    3. and a 5.3″ Note (1)

  4. waiting for the next gen note 10.1 with t-mobile 4G LTE…

  5. So its going to start at 600 dollars? Right….

  6. Samsung must be out of their damn minds to suggest a 600$ price tag for an iPad Mini competitor, this product has already failed before it was even released.

    1. Well, more to the point, it is an upscale, slightly bigger Nexus 7. I like stylus-equipped tablets, but they are of limited usefulness at small sizes. For an artist, 10 inch is even a bit small. 12 inches would be great for a Galaxy Note, artist edition. The Note (5.3″) and Note 2’s stylus is better than nothing, but they are generally bought subsidized. This 8-inch Galaxy Note is not in any niche that justifies the higher price.

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