Feb 6th, 2013

Carbon for Android, the one that we use to check Twitter, might have a very unique and beautiful user interface, but the launch didn’t sit well with everyone. A mix of crash-producing bugs and a very limited set of customization options had people running back to the hills (or Falcon Pro and other Twitter clients), but developer dots & lines made quick work in providing a much-needed bug fixing upgrade.

A bug that caused the app to crash whenever you entered via a notification or caused by an avatar not being able to load was fixed. Duplicate notifications have also been resolved, so you won’t be bugged about new mentions and direct messages you’ve already checked on. There are a lot more bugs that were addressed, and we’re happy enough to know what, exactly, they were:

– Notification bug that crashed after tapping
– Repeat Notifications
– Notification bug that crashed app when Avatar couldn’t be loaded
– Direct Messages Delete bug wasn’t saving changes
– Long press bug on Messages
– Composition Screen Account Selector bug
– User Profile Bio: tapping on Mentions & Hashtags bug.
– Timeline duplicated tweets on concurrent refreshes
– Compose bug that didn’t allow tweeting at 140 characters

That said, we do get two new additions, including badges to note verified and private accounts, as well as the addition of quick mentions (or autocomplete, if you will). All of this brings us up to version 1.1.5, and can be had in the form of a 7 megabyte download in the Google Play Store. Get to it if any of these bugs have been bothering you in the past few days.