HTC M7 chassis leaked


The HTC M7 has been leaked a few different times in a few different ways, but the most recent leak gives us a look at the device in another light. ETradeSupply has received photos of the device’s chassis, the outer-shell that’ll house parts like the motherboard, camera and display. It’s nothing ground breaking, but it does confirm the HTC 8X-like design we’ve been told to expect.

This leak does give us a few more details regarding which finish we can expect to see. According to ETradesupply, the back plate features a flat matte-like finish while the sides are smoother and glossed over. The buttons seem to be plastic, as well. The power button appears to be a tad translucent, something we imagine could be useful for an LED notification light to shine through, but we won’t know why that design decision was made until we have the device in hand.

The rubber gasket inside the DROID DNA seems to be missing from the M7, which means it might be less friendly with water. Most folks aren’t planning to have their cellphones submerged in a pool of liquid, though, so unless you’re absolutely crazy this shouldn’t be an issue with you. ETradeSupply suspects the chassis can house a display that’s around 4.7 inches, but without a fully constructed phone in hand it is a bit hard to tell. Still, it’s not hard to guess that HTC will be looking to introduce a phone that’s at least 4.7 inches.

That display is said to have a 1920×1080 resolution, though, which would make for an astounding pixel density of 469 ppi. Other rumored specs include a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapragon S4 Pro, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, a 13 megapixel camera and more. Recent rumors say HTC might be looking to unveil this beast a week ahead of Mobile World Congress with its own event in London, but those rumors are a bit unsubstantiated right now. Either way, we don’t expect February to pass us by without a proper unveiling. Have a look at the image above.

[via ETradeSupply]

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  1. I could care less what HTC has to offer…in this case the M7+ will be out next week. Not to mention you are lucky if you get even 1 OS upgrade. Still sitting here with the thunderbolt without ICS. Thankfully moved on to the Note II. Samsung has my business now, seeing as their phones are STILL being upgraded to Jellybean, even after 3 years for some phones. HTC is a joke, and now that they took it upon themselves to go around and issue takedown notices to sites hosting ROM files for their phones? Seriously HTC give up…you guys go further downhill everyday and I for one will never recommend you to anyone as long as you keep these practices up.

    1. What 3 year old Samsung phones are getting JB? Just curious.

      1. Fair enough 2 years…I was thinking of the Galaxy SII….seems like it’s been a lot longer than it really has been…however my point remains. The SII started with 2.3, then upgraded to 4.0, and now again to 4.1…..While I’m sitting here with the original gingerbread for my HTC, with broken promises for over half a year about an update that will never come.

    2. I have htc one x. And i have reicived 3 updates by now…

    3. I actually had the opposite experience… I had the Epic 4G Touch for a short time… There was a lot of problems with the phone (software was glitchy and I thought Touch UI was rubbish).. And the cheap feeling plastic that it had was the reason why I returned it and went back with HTC…
      Personal preference I guess, but if you want the greatest and the latest Android version, the Nexus is for you, you made a mistake by going with any phone other than a Nexus.

    4. okay you got screwed with the thunderbolt… we get it. Find a new horse to beat. I have had every iteration since and they have done well with updates. Plus I don’t have to deal with touchwiz. I am happy with sense as an overlay and even tho I enjoy the pure experience on my nexus 7 I will always be faithful to sense as it has more options than most custom roms.

      1. See Fifth313ment’s post above, the Thunderbolt isn’t the only phone. HTC is going downhill…and attacking developers is something I expect from Apple, not HTC. My HTC phones both felt cheap and had tons of hardware issues…I have yet to have an issue with my Note II and thats even after switching from Verizon to Sprint, thats how bad my HTC phones have both been. They push out phones quickly because they know they screwed up with a previous one and rather than fix it, they push out a new one and your 3 month old phone is now obsolete.

        1. says the samsung owner… are you kidding me?

          1. I’m not trying to convert you just posting my experience. If you are too close-minded to hear it don’t read it but there is proof of all the issues listed as you can see with Fifth313ment’s post and a 2 second google search. Obviously Samsung has had faults too, but unlike HTC they are improving…the latest and “greatest” HTC phones are still as issue plagued as ever whereas Samsung’s new line has been amazing enough to actually stand up to the iPhone. But you can stand in line for the M7 all you want, no skin off my back.

          2. I was speaking purely about ” HTC phones have both been. They push out phones quickly because they
            know they screwed up with a previous one and rather than fix it, they
            push out a new one and your 3 month old phone is now obsolete.” I would post a pic of my phone wall right now and as you can imagine there are 3 htc’s (vx onex onex+ THEN there is sammy, express skyrocket gs3 note, note 2 exhilerate.) They flood the market with phones and to suggest htc just replaces instead of fixing is just absurd, They improve everytime and polish.

  2. Very interested and hoping for it to hit Verizon with sd card slot, even without removable battery

  3. Just beautiful.
    Can anyone comment on HTC’s Dev support and compatibility with CM?

    1. Judging how they just issued a massive takedown for all ROM files…I’d say nonexistent


      1. I really wanna put CM on it if I get one :(

  4. Nobody mentioned the front-facing stereo speakers, one at the top (as usual) and the other one at the bottom?

    1. Yeah the stereo speakers like the first leaked manual pics and where are the sports for the capacitive buttons or are the doing onscreen?

      1. I nearly cried when I realized there is no room for the capacitive OFF SCREEN buttons but I have had the one x apart and it technically doesn’t look like it should have a space either so I am praying they keep the buttons off screen to save the real estate….

  5. It doesn’t look like theres room for capacitive buttons.

    1. Well, this is just the inside of the device, so the bezel/display could have more black area along the bottom.

      If not, we could be looking at onscreen buttons (something I think I noticed in the leaked images).

      1. Im just assuming the display will take up that big empty square, and that doesnt leave much room underneath, especially if that truly is another speaker at the bottom. This looks really nice though. I hope they do away with the capacitive buttons.

  6. Interestinglyb Etradesupply lists the rear as the “battery door” Could this men a removable battery? Also mentions there will be a dedicated camera button and aluminium alloy construction.

  7. My HTC Evo LTE (one x variant) came with Android 4.0 and Sense 4.0. Update in August took it to 4.0.4/4.1. Update in December took it to 4.1.1/4+.

    “Android 4.1” is the current official release

    I don’t know what more you can expect from them.

    1. I can expect them to release updates on a timely (PUBLIC) schedule and not be a year(S) behind. I can expect them to not release OS versions with major software bugs (proximity sensor bug was fixed in 4.0.4/4.1 update but came back worse in the 4.1/4+ update and it makes the phone unusable in low light conditions). The previous update 4.0.4/4.1 removed customized ringtones, which took them almost three months to fix. Its now been over a month since the 4.1/4+ in which non of the huge list of other bugs that updated created have been fixed. I mean who needs the proximity sensor, LTE, text messages, corrupted picture sending or battery to actually work on their phone, right? What good is a battery, am I right?

      The LTE issue makes the device basically unusable as an LTE phone in Sprint areas lucky enough to have it, so much so that Sprint stopped marketing it as an LTE phone in-store and started to push the SGS3 & LG Viper (YES THE VIPER over the EVO LTE). Once the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out Sprint pretty much saw the writing on the wall and dropped the EVO LTE altogether. And these were LTE issues that Sprint and HTC knew were there before the phone was even released (see link below) and to this day have not been fixed. If you live in an LTE area you can bring your EVO LTE to a Sprint store and they will trade out your phone for another LTE model phone as they seem to don’t care about a fix.

      The EVO LTE was released with 4.0.3/4.0 and the first update was to primarily to fix the huge black button debacle (huge black menu button at the bottom of the screen which was, and still is, on MOST Android apps due to noncompliance with ICS/JB standards). Whoever thought the huge black button was a good idea should have been fired the next day. And no the current version of Android is 4.2.1 (really 4.2.2 is out on some devices too). Oh and when HTC isn’t fixing bugs or creating new ones they like to attack the hardworking development community. So when current/former HTC EVO 4G LTE owners say they now hate/loathe HTC, do you now know why? That’s all the time I have you’ve been great!

      HTC & Sprint’s LTE Lies: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/blog/1/entry-169-evo-lte-pre-order-under-way-with-ship-dates-as-soon-as-may-15th/

      EVO LTE JB Bugs: http://www.pocketables.com/2013/01/three-weeks-of-official-jelly-bean-bugs-on-the-htc-evo-4g-lte.html

      HTC development douchebaggery (say that five times fast): http://www.pocketables.com/2013/01/the-text-of-the-legal-threats-again-jmz-software-for-hosting-roms-ruus-trademark-issues.html

  8. Looks like the speaker phone/music speaker is at the rear below the Beats Audio icon. The notification led being in the power button would be pretty cool.

  9. It’s a nice style.


  11. looks about same size as the DNA but that tells me the bezels won’t be the smallest as this is suppose to have a 4.7″ screen compares to the DNA 5″ screen yet dimensions are about equal and no doubt the battery is going to be small as usual.

  12. Seriously? All these Samsung fanboys are annoying. I’ve yet to have a problem with an HTC device. Been using them since HTC touch on windows mobile, through current rezound, hardware has always been 100% solid. I used to sell phones, since I dealt with the headache of the Samsung instinct and about a dozen other Samsung phones… I’ll never buy nor recommend them. Get outta here.

    1. HAHA I sold the captivate… and no one understand my beef with them…

  13. I have been using an EVO 4 G for the last 2+ years (problem free except for the small internal memory) and its time for a new Phone… So I’m looking ..

    My thoughts (and I am by no means a power user since I’m an old retired but active guy ) .

    Holding either the S3 or Note 2 in my hands I found BOTH honestly feel CHEAP.. even the case on a demo S3 at Best Buy was cracked ..my Evo just feels better in my hand… Plastic plastic and more plastic…
    I’m going to wait for the M7 and then pick the one that I like the feel of in my hands…
    what I’m looking for is screen size, battery life (and a replaceable battery) and internal memory..

    Crap if I could delete the Camera and get a phone for 10 bucks less I’d do it in a heart beat…

    Bob G.

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