Galaxy Tab 3 pictured, looks ready for launch


Though the Galaxy Note 8.0 is the tablet drawing the most pre-release hype, Samsung will be refreshing its flagship Galaxy Tab line in the coming weeks, as well. While little is known about what we can expect from the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, today we are getting our first look at the new slate. Judging by the pictures, its release might not be far off.

Though a little blurry, we get a pretty good look at the Galaxy Tab 3 here. Perhaps most notable is the fact that the device is already in its retail packaging. One might assume we are merely an announcement away from actual availability.

The tab itself is more of the same, at least from what we can see here. A slightly altered take on the standard Galaxy Tab design. It would appear all the legal drama with Apple has done little to sway Samsung’s design philosophy. The model here appears to be the 10-inch version of the slate. A 7-inch version has been rumored, though its status is currently up in the air.

The image doesn’t come accompanied by specs, so we don’t have much to go off of on the front. Will Samsung go high end or will the Galaxy Tab 3 be more focussed on value? We should have the answer at Mobile World Congress, if not sooner.

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. Something looks horribly wrong with that packaging. It shows an 800×480 vanillia Android device rather than what you’d expect a Galaxy Tab to be.

    1. That’s for damn sure, and I’m honestly shocked that they would keep the tab line alive,just naturally assumed they would go with the note line lord knows it’s a unquestionable success

      1. Samsung will keep launching too many devices in way too many lines. tab, note, S, xcover, Ace, Ativ etc. They won’t die out. Samsung will keep throwing too many phones at us. Which let’s them make very cheap products that I can afford, but won’t buy :D.

        1. Not really where I was going, the only way I see then continuing the line is if they drop the price like $50-100 difference then the note

          1. That’s probably what will happen. It’ll be a high end tab without the S pen and other extras. If they make it cheaper somebody will buy it.

          2. I’m thinking around $375-$390 for a 16 gb model, the note 10 will continue on with the $500 price point……imo

    2. That resolution does look mighty low doesn’t it?

    3. 3 might stand for 3″ :) But I think it’s a Chinese knock-off.

  2. I’ve completely lost track with all these Samsung tablet names :/

    1. I think you just want to ask yourself, what size do you want then go from there lol

      1. I was going to say, that’s what she said but I thought, nah..;) I agree, choose a size and denomination and roll with it. Choices are a good thing.

    2. Because Galaxy Tab is so hard to remember.

      1. It’s not, but I get his point… Samsung has too many tablet brands and sizes. They need to sharpen their focus. The Galaxy Tab 2 was underwhleming… and the fact that they decided to do a 10″ Note pretty much made it irrelevant. I think they should just focus on the Note brand for tablets… the S-Pen seems to be the one asset that distinguishes them most from the competition, both Android and Apple.

        1. They have two. The galaxy Tab series and the Galaxy Note series…

          1. They have a 7 & 10 inch Galaxy Tab. And now a 5, 8, and 10 inch Note. From a marketing perspective, that is a very muddled product mix… their products overlap instead of being distinctive. At least, that’s how it feels to me.

            I had high hopes for the Galaxy Tab 2 and was then underwhelmed by the specs when they were announced… so I may have lost some respect for the brand. I just think with a device as nice as the Nexus 10, and their display and processor innovation… they should sharpen their focus to innovate on the high end w/ a product that can capture mainstream attention the way the Galaxy S line has. The Note brand seems to already be doing this, so I think further developing that brand as their high end tablet could pay off well for them.

          2. The 5in note isn’t a tablet. The 7 and 10″ are part of one series line and the other two are part of another series line. 2 lines, 4 total products. 2 mid range, 2 more on high end. Not sure how that is saturated..

          3. Most users who consider their note to tick both the phone and tablet categories might disagree with you. And it has to do with mind share and brand positioning. Four or five products may not seem like much to you, but most consumers think of just one name when they think of a tablet. I’m not trying to knock Samsung… Just saying they could provide more Compton if they focused on just one brand.

            And let’s be honest, neither of these are competing at the high end currently… One is just more expensive than the other. Reviews for both brands are poor to average for all but the 5″ Note. High end Android tablets come down to Nexus vs Asus. Which is the perfect example, Google has capitalized greatly on the Nexus brand, continually selling out of both models.

    3. here you go: Galaxy Tab- a Samsung tablet. Galaxy Note 8/10.1- a Samsung tablet with an S-Pen. Ativ Tab- a windows 8 Samsung tablet. you’re welcome.

  3. I’m not sure how anyone can claim the tab 3 (or even the tab 2) to be “flagship” tablets from Samsung when clearly the note series of tablets are much higher end.

    Personally I’m waiting for the successor of the note 10.1 to arrive. I don’t see the point in a 7, 8, or 10 inch tab that has worse hardware spec than my smaller phone (S3) that’s just backwards. With all that extra hardware real estate, the flagship tabs for any company should be much faster than their smaller phone equivalent. And pack in more connection options too, imo.

    1. The note 8 isn’t a downgrade, it has the same specs as the note 2

      1. My point still stands, its not “better” than a note 2 but its twice the overall size. Go figure.

        1. No, it doesn’t! You said wise then your gs3, first off it has better specs and second your attempting to make it sound even less……so your coming off as a hating troll

          1. The note series is faster yes, but the tab series isn’t, moron.THAT was my whole point. “I’m not sure how anyone can claim the tab 3 (or even the tab 2) to be “flagship” tablets from Samsung when clearly the note series of tablets are much higher end.”

    2. The Tab is the inexpensive, mid-range flagship tablet. The Note is the more expensive high end tablet. Not sure why that that’s hard to follow.

    3. I guess people just like using the word “flagship” :))) The Note series are really better…

  4. There is no way that’s a 10″ … 6 icons across in landscape?

    1. That’s the Apps menu…

    2. Resolution must be on the lower end, if the screen looks like that. It must be because of the $150 rumored price tag

  5. picture of tab ui is fake. that is not touchwiz.

  6. Better be 1080P or higher….

  7. this looks like one of the tablets that you buy from ebay that ships from china

  8. The Galaxy Tab 2 was underwhelming, so I’m not expecting much from the Galaxy Tab 3… If they announce it as the first tablet with a Exynos 5 Octa processor, then they will have my attention. Otherwise, I’ll wait until the fall for the next Nexus 10″ announcement.

  9. I say 100% fake…first it shows stock android and not tw plus look how huge those icons are…only time you see that huge icons are usually in cheap Chinese tablets using 800*480 screens.

  10. By the way, isn’t this just a leak? We can’t be sure it’s the actual Galaxy Tab 3, can we?

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