Samsung’s first half 2013 roadmap shows Note 8.0 and Xcover 2, no Galaxy S4


With rumors placing the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in April, it’s odd that a newly uncovered Samsung roadmap for the first half of 2013 doesn’t include the phone. Regardless, a few other rumored devices make an appearance, including the Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Xcover 2, and Galaxy Pocket Plus in addition to the entry-level Galaxy Young.

According to the leak, we can expect the Note 8.0 to launch in March of this year with a spec sheet that mirrors that of what we have heard previously. The followup to the rugged Galaxy Xcover is slated for next month, while the Galaxy Young will drop in April with a 3-inch display and 1GHz processor. The Pocket Plus will come in single and dual-SIM flavors launching this month and next, respectively.

These devices likely make up the bulk of Samsung’s Mobile World Congress lineup, save for a possible appearance by the Galaxy Tab 3. We wouldn’t worry too much about the absence of the Galaxy S4. Current rumors have Samsung announcing that phone in March.

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  1. Any chance of that xcover coming stateside? I wonder.

  2. Hm. All crap. wonderful.

  3. Glad the Note 8 is coming with 4.2 and available 32GB of storage plus a SD slot, though they said that before.

  4. There’s no real wow factor in Android hardware, some of the hardware for the price is pretty sweet, but nothing hardware wise that says, holy crap that seems futuristic on a design and functional level. Really want a Moto Nexus to bring that wow factor.

  5. 4600mah wow tgat is some BEASTY BATTERY LIFE
    this is how a tablet should be!

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