Jan 18th, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:39 pm

Considering the HTC One X+ launched with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean we’d like to think HTC and AT&T have plans to release the next version, Android 4.2, at some point down the line. It’s not always a certain thing when it comes to mobile upgrades, but the general consensus is that the HTC One X+ is powerful and popular enough to warrant an upgrade.

Well, first indications of an impending upgrade might have just reached the interwebs. XDA developer Shen Ye was caught testing the Photo Sphere feature on an HTC One X+, indication that he must have some form of Jelly Bean on the device. Unfortunately the developer would not confirm whether or not this was an AOSP-based ROM or a leaked version of an HTC Sense Android 4.2 ROM.

The latter scenario would mean either HTC has incorporated Photo Sphere into its own camera app or Ye ended up sideloading the stock Android 4.2 camera app. All of it is shrouded by a degree of uncertainty as the developer wasn’t willing to spill any more beans (no pun intended) following his initial slip, but either way it would look to be the first bit of Android 4.2 that one can find on the HTC One X+. We’ll be reaching out to see if we can gather any more details, but for the time being just know that somehow, somewhere and in some for, Android 4.2 is being cooked up for the HTC One X+.

[via Google+, thanks Hasnain!]

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