HTC One X+ Android 4.2 update being readied?


Considering the HTC One X+ launched with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean we’d like to think HTC and AT&T have plans to release the next version, Android 4.2, at some point down the line. It’s not always a certain thing when it comes to mobile upgrades, but the general consensus is that the HTC One X+ is powerful and popular enough to warrant an upgrade.

Well, first indications of an impending upgrade might have just reached the interwebs. XDA developer Shen Ye was caught testing the Photo Sphere feature on an HTC One X+, indication that he must have some form of Jelly Bean on the device. Unfortunately the developer would not confirm whether or not this was an AOSP-based ROM or a leaked version of an HTC Sense Android 4.2 ROM.

The latter scenario would mean either HTC has incorporated Photo Sphere into its own camera app or Ye ended up sideloading the stock Android 4.2 camera app. All of it is shrouded by a degree of uncertainty as the developer wasn’t willing to spill any more beans (no pun intended) following his initial slip, but either way it would look to be the first bit of Android 4.2 that one can find on the HTC One X+. We’ll be reaching out to see if we can gather any more details, but for the time being just know that somehow, somewhere and in some for, Android 4.2 is being cooked up for the HTC One X+.

[via Google+, thanks Hasnain!]

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  1. what about the original One X? it’s Tegra 3, it’s the same, except it’s just locked higher

    1. The original One x was a duo core snapdragon cpu. Because the Tegras didnt have integrated LTE.

      1. You are talking about the One XL… One X which is the international edition has tegra 3… -_-

      2. That’s the One XL.

        The original One X has a Tegra 3

  2. I feel like at&t has already abandoned the he original One X

    1. I feel like ATT does that to every phone after its been out for like 4-6 months

      1. ehhh it’s more of the manufacturers decision but My evo made it to gingerbread then my evo 3d made it to ics then the vivid made it to ics and the onex launched with ics and I know it’s getting jelly bean within the next few months but I am on the one x + now and i’m already on jelly bean goodness but now I want 4.2 with photosphere… basically we are never going to be satisfied. But my nexus 7 is what teases me with updates because they come so fast. I just can’t bring myself to jump to nexus phones. I like all the power and features of my onex plus.

        1. And you are right.. but for me I love my nexus 4 and quick updates. in terms of storage I’ll just transfer what I can’t fit to my computer. Yes there’s down sides to a nexus but having the latest updates to me and trying out new things.. can’t beat it IMO.

        2. well the international One X has had jellybean for quite some time already, this IS att’s fault right now

          1. Very Very true, That one has pissed me off for some time. I remember in october when they rolled it out and how mad I was about not getting it. Especially since I sold easily a hundred of the one x before then.

    2. Htc one x is no longer a top device from the htc one x+

  3. I definitely believe the One X+ will get 4.2, but I have a feeling he just sideloaded the AOSP camera app.

    I have a HTC Rezound with a Sense 4.1 ROM by Newt, and in his latest update to the rom he also included the Android 4.2 camera app with Photosphere. I have a feeling this is similar to that honestly.

    1. should try that with my rezound.

      1. Pretty sweet, if you love sense you should definitely get 4.1 if you’ve been using 3.6!

  4. HTC.. one of the worst for supporting their phones after release. You can only go so far to blame the carriers but most of the hold up is from the devs who are more focused on new phones.

    1. So you think HTC is worse at updating than LG, Motorola, ZTE, etc? Perhaps Samsung is the best at updates for OEMs, but I’d say HTC is second place for android phones, which is a feat considering how huge Samsung is with almost limitless resources.

      And yes carriers can be blamed for alot. For example, Rogers updated the HTC One X to Jelly Bean, while AT&T hasn’t yet. What you may not know is that prior to Jelly Bean, the Roger’s One X had a total of 1 firmware update, but we were still stuck on Android 4.0.3. Contrast to the AT&T One X which has received several smaller firmware updates and bug fixes and even got updated to Android 4.0.4 with Sense 4.1, while Roger’s NEVER got that update, instead we got Jelly Bean first.

      Why did this happen? Well, Rogers didn’t want the 4.0.4 update. It costs money and time and resources for carriers to test the updates and push them. Carriers choose exactly which updates they want from the OEMs.

      HTC may have taken longer than they should have to create Jelly Bean for the original One X, but I assure you the update has been in the hands of AT&T since at least the beginning of January. It not being out yet means that the carrier has deemed the update not ready yet, NOT HTC…

      1. Finally, someone else that understands this!

  5. if it’s compatible with the One X+, then it will be for the One X and Evo LTE… Whether through XDA or carrier

    1. Wrong.

      The One X+ uses the Tegra 3 (like the OneX). However the One XL and EVO LTE 4G BLAH BLAH BLAH uses the S4.

      1. Idk what you are trying to get at…

        Hardware doesn’t decide the software, as long as the hardware is adequate enough to run that software… The Evo LTE, One X, and the One X+ all has Jellybean 4.1 and Sense 4+. The S4/Tegra 3 processor can more than handle Jellybean 4.2, and whatever version of Sense HTC throws at it. If HTC/the carriers won’t support the new version of Android and Sense, then our friends at XDA can hook us up with some custom Sense roms.

        1. I thought you were referring to once the One X update is published, it could be ported to the One XL and EVO 4G LTE x x unofficially, which it can’t.

          1. What makes you think it can’t? There are roms for Sense 4+ on XDA that the HTC Sensation can run… my friend has it

  6. WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? HTC One X hasn’t even got its JB 4.1 update…. WTF!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  7. Really? A rumored 4.2 update is enough for a news story?

    Oh wait, it’s HTC.

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