Jan 16th, 2013

It was one of the first Android devices to usher in the dual-core age, and when Motorola officially announced they wouldn’t be updating the Motorola Atrix 4G (you know, the original one) to Ice Cream Sandwich — let’s just say it created a lot of bad blood between the OEM and those that put their faith in the device.

Well, today, a new soak test being sent to some users of the Atrix are leading some to believe (or hope, rather) that Motorola may have changed their tune about Android 4.0 releasing for the device. The info was leaked in an email to Atrix users who then took to XDA to talk about the good news and mentions that this is all but final software that will be released for the general public soon. That is, providing no major bugs are discovered.

While we’re not going to call it Ice Cream Sandwich (any reason Motorola would really go back again on their word?) it’s more than likely nothing more than another Gingerbread update. The real question is, was anyone still holding out hope for Android 4.0?

[via BriefMobile | AndroidPolice]

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