Motorola Atrix 4G software update inbound, could be Ice Cream Sandwich


It was one of the first Android devices to usher in the dual-core age, and when Motorola officially announced they wouldn’t be updating the Motorola Atrix 4G (you know, the original one) to Ice Cream Sandwich — let’s just say it created a lot of bad blood between the OEM and those that put their faith in the device.

Well, today, a new soak test being sent to some users of the Atrix are leading some to believe (or hope, rather) that Motorola may have changed their tune about Android 4.0 releasing for the device. The info was leaked in an email to Atrix users who then took to XDA to talk about the good news and mentions that this is all but final software that will be released for the general public soon. That is, providing no major bugs are discovered.

While we’re not going to call it Ice Cream Sandwich (any reason Motorola would really go back again on their word?) it’s more than likely nothing more than another Gingerbread update. The real question is, was anyone still holding out hope for Android 4.0?

[via BriefMobile | AndroidPolice]

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  1. why bother updating this phone is outdated

  2. The only software update that would help this phone is an update that would make it self destruct

    1. Okay, I LOL’d.

    2. other than lack of support and way overpriced docks, i like this phone. It survived a drop into a 5 gallon bucket of water. An OS update would do it good, and take Moto back off my S-list.

  3. As a current atrix owner, ics would be a welcome treat, especially since my phone is still in great shape. Even just some bug fixes for gb would also be great. The random rebooting is gettin old. Would be even better if they took a page from lenevos playbook gave us a stock ics build as one final sendoff.

    1. This would be cool and a very cool nod from moto finally admitting that motoblur was just a disaster.

      1. Coulda been worse, could have been sense or god forbid, touchwiz

    2. I wouldnt have ordered my Nexus4 back on Nov31st if my Moto Atrix had working volume buttons. Other than that it has held up rather well. I have also getting random reboots as well when I was using it as my daily phone.

  4. WAY too little too late. Moved onto the N4 because I figured it wasn’t coming.

    1. Same here. And… the volume buttons on my phone were broken. : (

      1. My digitizer broke literally 2 weeks before I got my Nexus 4.

        1. Sounds like great timing on your end !

  5. How incredibly sad.

  6. FCK MOTOROLA and my dumb Atrix. It’s not like their going to update it to 4.0 when it have the same ram as ATRIX 2. i’M going to get the XPERIA Z

  7. Went STRAIGHT from the Atrix to the Note 2. No regrets.
    The thing I’m pissed at Motorola about is how they don’t even give the devs the ONLY thing they need to make custom 4.0+ ROMs perfect– the ICS lib files. I had Jelly Bean running like a charm on that thing, I just couldn’t use Netflix.

  8. Posted the same ANDROID CENTRAL link earlier today in the ATRIX 4G forum.Not a peep from anyone & fewer than 10 looks so far.I’m sure this is what MOTOROLA is actually hoping for,despite the possible update &/or bug fixes.

    I’m guessing they want to put all WEBTOP-ENABLED phones in their rear-view mirror ASAP,whether they’re capable of running ICS/JB or not.

    Those phones that are WEBTOP-ENABLED & running ICS/JB will be EOL’ed soon enough,To MOTO’s delight.

  9. if you are still using this phone lose hope. its time to upgrade to a new phone. atrix hd just dropped to $50 on contract with a free dock and its 1000 times better than the original. i would buy it over a gs3 any day.

    1. I really wanted to like the atrix hd, but aside from the display and lte, there’s wasn’t much to get excited about when it launched. It would have been a nice upgrade from a feature phone, but thats all. 8gb of onboard storage is pathetic considering the atrix 4g came with 16gb. No fingerprint scanner*, basically the same unimpressive camera as the 4g, still just 1gb of ram, and no lapdock capabilities. If motorola would have given the atrix ics like it deserved, then the 4g would still be the king of that line.

      *I’m not much of a fan of the FP scanner, but the atrix hd still should have had it.*

  10. If its ICS that’s a good thing for those who still use that device. Better late then never.

  11. I love this phone still but recently upgraded to the One X. Amazing how Apple bought the company that developed and patented the fingerprint scanner technology. It’s now being listed as the next “great Apple innovation” for 2013. So hilarious, this phone was released in February 2011 and was two years ahead of Apple http://techland.time.com/2013/01/16/apples-2013-in-rumors-fingerprint-sensors-and-more-retina-displays-but-no-tv/

  12. I loved my Atrix when I got it. It served me very well for my first
    smart phone. I have moved on to the Nexus4. I would very much love
    to see what new things happen with this update though. Something
    is telling me this is just at Gingerbread update and not a ICS update.

  13. Motorola messed up when they did not update the Atrix 4g and made many people like myself who were loyal feel like Motorala was going for the money instead of the loyalty.

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