Jan 15th, 2013

Many of you are familiar with the Phandroid writing team: myself, Chris Chavez, Quentyn Kennemer, Kevin Krause, Edgar Cervantes, and some others that have passed through. Even with a team of full-time writers and editors, keeping up with Android news is a tall order. Pile on the need for phone reviews, tablet reviews, app/game reviews, accessory reviews, tips/tricks, tutorials, editorials, and other types of featured content, and we’ve got quite the task at hand.

We continually strive to provide the best Android-focused coverage on the planet, but perhaps we’re not utilizing our best resource… YOU!

The Android community is filled with passionate, educated enthusiasts with loads of knowledge to share. Not everyone aspires to be a full-time writer, but we know many of you enjoy writing and have great ideas and article concepts that could make Phandroid even better. If you think you’ve got what it takes, we would like to invite you to apply as a Contributing Author on the Phandroid team.

What is a Contributing Author?

The contributor position is unpaid. It provides a great opportunity to be published on a reputable news source. It’s a resume builder, opportunity to “get your name out there”, and allows you to engage in an open dialogue with a vibrant Android-loving community.

What are the expectations of a Contributing Author?

Contributing Authors will be expected to publish a minimum of 1-3 articles each week. They’ll communicate closely with the editorial team via E-Mail and other means, passing back and forth story ideas that could be either time sensitive and open ended. But what we’re REALLY looking for are team members who can provide Phandroid readers another dimension by helping people get the most out of their phone through unique ideas and articles.

How can you apply?

  • Send an E-Mail to jobs[at]phandroid[dot]com
  • Copy and paste “Phandroid Contributing Author” in the subject line… without the quotes
  • Tell us your name, age, location and a little bit about yourself
  • Tell us why you would make a great Contributing Author
  • Tell us how much time each week you hope to dedicate to Phandroid
  • Copy/Paste/Link us (no attachments) to 1-3 related writing samples in the Phandroid style (minus the typos)
  • Give us an idea of what you’ll bring to the table by sharing a few unique article ideas you would enjoy writing
  • Convince us that you’re the “go-getter” we’re seeking!

We’re looking for quality of applicants, not how quickly you can show your interest/urgency. We’re expecting a large number of inquiries and will be unable to respond to every person. If we’re interested, expect to hear back from us within 2 weeks, at which point we’ll narrow down the field of candidates with some follow up questions

Thanks and good luck!