Jan 15th, 2013

With the most recent update to Google Now, Google announced features that frequent flyers found quite useful. For starters, Google Now would pull information from any itineraries emailed to you by an airline to display you information like flight number, gate number, seat number departure times, weather in your city of arrival and more without you having to tell it to.

Google also promised boarding passes could be served up for select airlines, but the feature wasn’t yet live. Welp, the first crop of airlines have launched the feature with Google and should you have some travel plans soon your boarding pass should be included with the aforementioned wealth of information.

Word of advice, though: you shouldn’t completely bypass paper boarding passes if you happen to be able to use this feature. Despite accepting electronic boarding passes some airlines have difficulty getting you through the gate if you use your phone or tablet. Either they have problems scanning the pass (the hardware/software may differ from gate to gate and airport to airport) or they may require more time to validate the boarding pass.

Use it when you can, but it won’t hurt to have a paper-based backup sitting in your pocket in case things don’t go right. Having said all that, be sure to give it a try during your next trip if your airline of choice happens to be supported (Google’s not telling us which are and aren’t, so it’s a crap shoot until folks start leaving their impessions).