Jan 15th, 2013

It’s been awhile since we heard from ‘ol Googs regarding their plans for “Project Glass” but it turns out they haven’t forgotten about the project. Emails have gone out to “Glass Explorers,” developers who paid the exorbitant $1,500 entry fee for a chance to develop on the new hardware before anyone else.

Devs have until Friday, January 18th to pre-register for a 2-day hack-a-thon that will take place on either January 28th and 29th in San Francisco, or February 1st and 2nd in New York. During the first day, developers will be given working Glass hardware, learning the ins and outs of developing for the futuristic eyewear, with the second day dealing mostly with demos and even special guests.

Sounds like a lot of fun and since Phandroid’s own in-house developer will be attending the event, we’ll be bringing you the latest as it goes down (and most likely an early hands-on if you’re really good). Exciting stuff!

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