Jan 14th, 2013

If Dropbox wasn’t already your favorite cloud storage app then today’s Android app upgrade is going to entice you to join up even more. Version 2.3 of Dropbox brings the ability to share multiple photos at once, organize photos into albums and delete multiple photos at the same time.

Dropbox’s focus has always been on photo features like improved viewing and instant upload, so it’s no surprise the company spent a great deal of time on new features pertaining to that particular file type in this upgrade. Aside from that, some minor UI tweaks have been made to account for the new features and for the sake of general improvements.

You can also expect the usual round of bug fixes and performance improvements, though as you’d expect a more elaborate change log on those particular changes can’t be had. Dropbox’s 10 million downloads in the Play Store have been helped along by key partnerships with folks like HTC and Samsung.

Those guys foot the bill for owners of its select smartphones and tablets to give you anywhere between 25-50GB of free storage, and believe it from someone who has yet to use up more than a few gigs — that is a ton. Even without OEM partnerships it’s quite easy to earn more storage through referrals and miscellaneous promotions. If you haven’t given it a shot yet then grab a free account and get the download from the Google Play Store.