AT&T Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro now receiving Jelly Bean update


Good news if you’re the proud owner of the rough n’ tough Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro. Looks like AT&T has officially been pushing out the Jelly Bean update for the device (SGH-i547), bringing the device’s firmware all the way up to Android 4.1.1. Your SGRP should have already prompted you for the 383MB update, but if an unsuspecting parent or loved one exited it, go ahead and jump into the device’s settings to pull the update again.

With Android 4.1.1, Rugby Pro owners can finally get their hands on services like Google Now and added TouchWiz improvements like:

  • Home screen mode is added.
  • Blocking mode is added.
  • Swype is added
  • Music Hub is added.
  • Setting menu is modified.
  • Quick panel UI is updated.
  • Facebook support is updated.

While sales of the Rugby Pro most likely weren’t ground breaking, it’s nice to see both Samsung and AT&T still giving the device some love even 2 months after its release.

Thanks, Drew!

Chris Chavez
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  1. WTF!!!!!! Never mind my One X.

    1. Lmao… I literally just laughed. But yea the AT&T One X should have JB by not. The Sprint Evo LTE has been enjoying JB for near a month now.

    2. HTC has a terrible history with updates. On the other hand, Samsung is on a roll. Before you go blaming AT&T, keep in mind that the US version of the One X has completely different hardware than the International version that already has 4.1. Also, the recently released HTC One X+ on AT&T (launched with 4.1) has completely different hardware than the original AT&T HTC One X. Confused yet?…This is a typical problem for HTC.

      1. Not really HTC as much as it’s just the US. We got crazy wireless frequencies out here.

        1. Nope, it’s HTC.

          My Sprint Galaxy S 3 had Jelly Bean a full month before the international HTC One X



          The EVO LTE got it in December. I guess Sprint is better about updates but still, HTC is slow and I hate that they won’t fully unlock their bootloaders while my S3 was fully unlocked out of the box.


  2. The update is in the hands of AT&T now. HTC did it’s job and has given the update to the carriers for testing. The Rogers variant of the One X has completely identical hardware to the AT&T One X but we got the update the other day simply because Rogers tested it faster.

    Keep in mind that during testing, if a carrier finds bugs, they report it and have to wait for HTC to fix it, then send the update back and additional testing follows. It’s very possible AT&T found some bugs that are holding the update back…

    1. Yup. It’s not as cut and dry as people think it is. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes with Android updates.

      1. CM10 is extremely stable (in my experience) right now on the One X. Root and unlock are easy with a one click tool. Don’t wait around for AT&T. Get a faster Jelly Bean without all of the bloat.

  3. I honestly never expected this phone to get any updates… +1 to Samsung for doing it right.

  4. CM10 is extremely stable (in my experience) right now on the One X. Root and unlock are easy with a one click tool. Don’t wait around for AT&T. Get Jelly Bean without all of the bloat.

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