Angry Birds Space gets Pig Dipper update


Ready for some new Angry Birds Space levels? Rovio has released an update for the game in the Google Play Store called “Pig Dipper.” An obvious play on the name of the most popular constellation there is, this update brings the birds and pigs to an entirely new galaxy filled with water-filled planets. Strange aquatic life — like over-sized jelly fish bug-eyed ducks — roam the lands, and the pigs won’t have to worry about their inability to swim as they have boats to keep them afloat.

The new levels introduce a new element of physics for those looking to foil the plans of these evil pigs in some creative ways. The update also includes three new power-ups: Flock of Birds, Space Egg and Pig Puffer. We imagine that last one might inflate a pig to the point that it explodes, but whether or not delicious bacon, ribs and pork chops fly everywhere remains to be seen. Rovio also makes sure to note that the Ice Bird and Pig Puffer react quite interestingly when they hit water, so give it a shot and see what happens

You can find a free version of Angry Birds Space in the Google Play Store, of course, but don’t go into that expecting not to run into some ads. For an ad-free version that costs $.99 be sure to park it right here.

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  1. really fun and challenging, i love it

  2. Sweeeeeet.

  3. Still kinda digging the franchise on my tablet.

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