Polaroid shows off micro 4/3rds compatible camera with Android


Android-based cameras are starting to become the “in” thing for many camera manufacturers. While some smaller names have made some Android-based point-and-shoots over the past couple of years, it wasn’t until Samsung took a crack at it that the idea of having these mash-ups became serious. The Samsung Galaxy Camera, while not the greatest camera in the world for the price, introduced a mainstream option with amazing specs and application capabilities.

Now, Polaroid is looking to jump into the fold with an option of its own. The photo juggernaut has announced the Polaroid iM1836, a camera that is compatible with interchangeable micro-4/3rds lenses. That particular functionality requires an adapter, but it opens up a whole world of options for photography that cameras of this size typically don’t enjoy. This would mark the first Android-based camera with the functionality so Polaroid has earned themselves a few exclusive marketing bullet points for the time being.

The camera will come packaged with a 20-30mm zoom lens, but you can always expand your collection if you so desire. The sensor capturing all that glorious light is an 18 megapixel element which can shoot 1080p HD video. Polaroid’s device will have a 3.5 inch display to use as a live viewfinder, change settings and use apps, and more.

A popup flash will give you a decent option if you need to force some light for night time capture, and the device’s WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities will be all you get in order to do things like automatically share photos to your favorite social networks and transfer files to your other devices. The device is due in the first quarter of this year, and if its $400 price tag doesn’t manage to scare you away between now and its release then stick around as we look to go hands-on with this thing.

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  1. 20 millimeter 30 millimeter zoom lens sounds interesting

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