Jan 8th, 2013

AT&T has really enjoyed the benefits of this smartphone boom that has come over the industry in the past half decade. With Android continuing its meteoric rise and iOS still giving AT&T good business despite their loss of exclusive rights, the company couldn’t be more happy to learn that its Q4 performance broke smartphone sales records wide open.

AT&T sold 10 million smartphones in Q4 2012. While that isn’t a very wide margin compared to the 9.4 million smartphones in the same quarter a year ago, a broken record is a broken record. CEO Ralph de la Vega says “customers flocked to our leading portfolio of the latest Android, Apple, and Windows devices,” though he only attributed success to Android and iOS in a different breath.

We’re not sure how much of those sales Android phones were responsible for, but we’re almost positive it didn’t stink up the joint. We’ll have to wait for AT&T to post its full results to see if the carrier will let us in on the full numbers.

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