NVIDIA Project Shield details published


We just got done telling you about the crazy NVIDIA Shield announcement at CES 2013 and now NVIDIA has come clean with a boat load of details in press release form. Some crucial tidbits to take away:

  • Plays both Android and PC titles
  • Pure Android experience with Google Play
  • Stream games from PC powered by select NVIDIA processors with STEAM
  • Tegra 4 processor
  • HD Video and Audio
  • Console grade controller
  • 5-inch, 1280×720 HD retinal multitouch display, with 294 dpi
  • Android Jellybean

We’re hoping to get additional information and hands-on the shield at some point this week, but we’re not sure exactly how much information NVIDIA will be willing to provide. You can learn more at, and of course, don’t forget to visit our NVIDIA Shield Forums.

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NVIDIA Announces Shield: Android Gaming Handheld, Portable Console

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  1. Imagine an Xbox 360 controller with a galaxy note mounted onto it. Doesn’t seem very portable and you would look like a tool playing with that in public if your any older than 13. Plus, who likes to play intensive games on the go?

    1. GameKlip is a PS3 Controller with a Galaxy Note 2 Mounted on it. Personally, I think it’s the best solution for Android gaming and I’m loving it right now.

  2. They just need to figure out a way for the touchscreen to have different content then the hdmi out so that while playing at home on the big screen you can have different parts of the game running ala wii u stlye

  3. Wii U insta-killed!

    1. If you’ve got the cash for the setup. You’ll have to have a gaming capable PC with a Nvidia 650 GTX video card (minimum). Then you’ll also need to purchase the Shield device along with the optional wireless connector for your HDTV. Luckily I’m already setup with a lot of these, but for entry level the WiiU will most likely still be a more accessible option.

  4. Considering most new and upcoming phones will have great gpu, including this tegra 4, there is absolutely no reason to get this unless it’s priced much cheaper than getting a new phone.

    1. Gaming on a PC compared to a phone regardless of their matching power using the same or similar processors is totally difference. Plus physical buttons is a better choice. On screen controls is so very limited in my opinion. And I would definitely assume this has much better battery life then a phone when playing games. Just like when they try & compare a mobile version of a phones games vs console gaming. There is just no comparison. Yea, graphics improve but the entire gaming experience is not the same at all.

      1. Engadget are reporting a 38 hour battery when playing. The only way phones get anywhere near that these days is in standby.

        1. no handhelds can play games for 38 hours on a charge…

        2. You sure they didn’t mean 3.8 hours? The original DS didn’t even come close to that number.

      2. What makes this better than phones with tegra 4 or any of the upcoming gpus. Why would I want to carry a “gaming” device with a screen and controller attached when my phone will do just the same with a game klip and ps3 controllerand am able to separate when needed. I can already run all emulators with great controls. (mind you a bigger screen 5.5″) Pricing will be the biggest issue here.

        I’m guessin here but I’d say even the Note 2 has better battery as a gaming device. And if not, i’d still say it’s better than carrying around two products. A phone and this.

        If given a choice between a phone with tegra 4 or this, I don’t see any reasonable person getting this. As I said, pricing will be the deciding factor. If it falls somewhere around 350 or lower, then yeah, i’d say it’s not too bad.

        1. I doubt you have a Tegra4 phone with standard HDMI output and the software to stream PC games from Steam.

          1. Your doubt is correct because I never stated I owned one. And I doubt steam will be exclusive to this product. Kev from another blog says it best, “I doubt it would sell at $350. It would need to be lower. Why is because the gallery shots indicate that all the processor components and ports are in the controller. The screen doesn’t work on its own. It wouldn’t even pass as a media player because the screen must be connected via hdmi to be able to use it on the go.

            The vita is more portable than this and it struggles to sell at $300 (include decent size memory card). There is no way this would take off at that price considering how it is designed. It is less portable than the current handheld game systems.”

  5. This is crazy… Android games and PC games from Steam?? Nice! But I do want to see some titles that this thing can run from Steam

    1. There’s Borderlands 2 right there in one of those images. Open your wallets!

      1. Apparently it only streams the games from your PC to Shield… Idk how that’s supposed to work, especially if you want to play some Battlefield on the road

        1. It won’t work if you want to play some Battlefield on the road. They covered all the Steam streaming details over at the Phandroid sister site GameFans

          1. Oh so it acts like the Wii U? Hmmm… the price has to be right for me to pick this up…

    2. follow the links to the nvidia site, they have a list of games right there. Assassin’s Creed, Portal2, Dishonored, and more

    3. I think your PC does most of the work playing and rendering the game, then I guess it transcodes it over to this device that puts the pieces back together and shows you. So, really its a super quick version of splashtop that lets you play games away from your pc. There will be lag, but I’m sure certain games will be ok.

  6. I don’t know how they call 720 p on a 5 inch screen retinal. 1080 would be a different story.

    1. “Retinal Display” is a brand name created / marketed by Apple. It refers to screens that have high pixel density such that the view cannot see any pixelation. HTC Rezound has 4.3″ 720 screen with 342 ppi versus Apple’s iPhone 5 “retina” of 326 ppi.

      1. Yes but we are not talking about HTC’s 4.3 inch phone…we are talking about a 5 inch screen with under 300 ppi, its just trying to market itself to look better than it is.

  7. Nvidia you had my curiosity now you have my attention. Cheers gentlemen.

  8. I am waiting the launch of Android powered gaming console. Nvidia need to offer great console which will be tiny work with TV and comes with best price like OUYA.

  9. Why buy a second Android device? My phone is capable of playing all these games with the GameKlip

    1. You are playing Borderlands on Steam?
      Do tell.

  10. B…B…Borderlands????

  11. Looks too Chinese, IYKWIM. Loose the silver accents, NVIDIA.

  12. After co-developing GPUs for game consoles and making GPUs for mobile devices, Nvidia moves to compete with a complete console product.
    Somehow reminded me of that Razer gaming tablet.

    Android is bringing in a new era of ‘game consoles’, Sony seem to have caught on first with Xperia Play and recently theres the Ouya console and now this Nvidia Shield.

    While Apple is constrained to their iDevices, they themselves have to innovate.
    For Android, anyone can innovate :P

  13. Thank GOD for ABXY buttons…

  14. Is there a front mounted camera?

  15. Never before has an image been more appropriate.

  16. How long until the steam apk is on every phone?

  17. this is a concept I hope the final product will have 1080p screen, and look a little better.

    1. Exactly, I think they cheaped out with the 720 screen.

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