Apple licensing agreement will pay off for HTC in 2013


HTC’s licensing deal with Apple may or may not end up costing the Taiwanese manufacturer of Android smartphones a good chunk of change in the long run, but its benefits should reach consumers this year. That’s the word from HTC China president Ray Yam, who said the deal allows the company to “put more energy into innovation.”

That innovation will be evident this year, according to Yam, who says the deal has allowed HTC to move forward more quickly with current projects while challenging designers and engineers to create without the fear of lawsuits that have distracted HTC from its goals in the past.

On top of greater create freedom, Yam says HTC has rethought their strategy from bottom up, including putting a fresh spin on sales and marketing. The end game is a reversal of the shrinking profits HTC has suffered over the past several quarters.

We may never know the exact financial arrangement HTC and Apple agreed upon, but it’s safe to say HTC weighed their options and decided it was the best plan available. Now we’ll see if the move paid off.

[via BGR]

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  1. YAY! Hopefully this renewed “ENERGY INTO INNOVATION” doesn’t translate to more skinny-jeans compatible phones w/sub-3000 mAh batteries.

    1. If that was true Chris wouldn’t be able to get any HTC phones anymore ;-)

      1. CC’s New Year’s resolution:Cargo pants only,adieu skinnies………… :D

        JJ Chris! Happy New Year to all the staff & members here @ PHANDROID/ANDROID FORUMS!

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  2. Apple will probably sue them over other patents that they think they invented. I Hate them, they are scum.

  3. Bigger Bigger battery’s is what we all want, its just HTC that does not like, HTC please listen.

  4. htc needs to make a comeback already. the one series from almost a year ago was suppose to do just that but the launch was poorly done imo for usa at least.

  5. How HTC got its groove back (in an alternate universe):

    1) Made 3000mAh+ batteries STANDARD, and some even removable (*gasp*), by making thin phones instead of the THINNEST phones

    2) Added cheap external sd storage option back by popular demand

    3) Dropped BeatsForPosers audio

    4) Got out of bed with Apple

    5) Kept on making the best-looking devices with similar or greater specs than the competition
    6) Optimized Sense and/or allowed stock Android as an option

    7) Paid me a $250,000 “consulting fee” for this post… :)

  6. Want to distinguish yourself? Trash your overlay and put AOSP on all your devices… they’ll sell like hot cakes… HOT CAKES!

    1. I actually like sense but they lost me with non removable battery. You can always flash CM10 if you domt like sense but you cant go the other way around.

      1. I sort of liked sense too until I realized my phone does everything noticeably quicker on cm10… downside is that I lose burst mode camera on my evo 4g lte because apparently that is baked pretty deeply into the Sense framework… but considering the speed boost I’ve learned to live without the burst camera. Camera app in the latest stable from cm10 crashes the entire phone about 50% of the time too. Every once in awhile I bounce back to a sense rom for a little bit to get my burst camera back, then quickly switch back to cm10 after I realize I just loaded up my trunk with 5 bags of cement.

        The thing is, most of the desirable Sense functionality could be achieved through individual apks rather than baking them tightly into the system… this approach would make them a lot more optional and one could “pick and choose” which elements of sense they wanted.

  7. They say they were distracted while designing their phones but all of Samsung’s phones are still on the market and they kick ass!

  8. Apple’s “best” patents are dropping like flies in re-examination. And nobody cares about silly flourishes like the rubber-band effect, anyway. There are plenty of other options.

    I fear that HTC got fleeced.

  9. Will it let them put bigger batteries in their phones? Cause that’s the main reason I haven’t considered buying one.

  10. Bigger battery + no carrier exclusives = BAM! Problems solved.

  11. HTC is making killer phones. It should be awhile before I buy an HTC smartphone though since I have a year left on my Contract with Sprint, GS2, plus I’m using my new Nexus 4 right now(with At&T, I should have tried Net10 first. But who knows maybe I’ll win one of these on Phandroid.

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