Jan 2nd, 2013

HTC’s licensing deal with Apple may or may not end up costing the Taiwanese manufacturer of Android smartphones a good chunk of change in the long run, but its benefits should reach consumers this year. That’s the word from HTC China president Ray Yam, who said the deal allows the company to “put more energy into innovation.”

That innovation will be evident this year, according to Yam, who says the deal has allowed HTC to move forward more quickly with current projects while challenging designers and engineers to create without the fear of lawsuits that have distracted HTC from its goals in the past.

On top of greater create freedom, Yam says HTC has rethought their strategy from bottom up, including putting a fresh spin on sales and marketing. The end game is a reversal of the shrinking profits HTC has suffered over the past several quarters.

We may never know the exact financial arrangement HTC and Apple agreed upon, but it’s safe to say HTC weighed their options and decided it was the best plan available. Now we’ll see if the move paid off.

[via BGR]

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