ANDRU Giveaway: start the year with the best USB charger! (UPDATE: Winners)


It is officially 2013 and we are ready to start a fresh year! We can’t have a great year without a good charge on our Android devices, though. This is why we have teamed up with the guys from GEN to give away an ANDRU charger to 5 lucky Phandroid readers!

The ANDRU charger is honestly our favorite USB charger ever. As you have seen in our hands-on review, these are not only the cutest, but they are very well built. Sure, they go for $25, but we believe these to be worth every penny if you want to charge your device with style.

ANDRU chargers are available in 3 versions: ANDRU (green), ANDRU Dark (black) and ANDRU Chill (white). Their eyes light up in different colors (standby/charging) and the colors differ depending on the version you have. They have moveable arms, and a nice dock, so they also double as Andy figurines!

Let’s cover the rules first. You must have a Twitter account, be at least 18 years old and live in the US (and its territories). That’s it! If you fit the requirements go ahead and enter to win one of these little guys.

How do I enter?

It is easy to participate! Just follow these steps:

  • Follow @Phandroid and @AndruTheRobot on Twitter.
  • Leave a comment below. Include your twitter handle and let us know why you want an ANDRU charger.

That’s it! The contest will be open until tonight (Jan 1, 2013) at 11:59 PM. We will select the winners randomly and announce them tomorrow (January 2nd). Winners will be able to pick the color of their charger, so none of them will be left unsatisfied. Good luck! If you don’t win, you can always buy them at or Amazon.


And the winners are!

  • ididentdoit
  • danoissac
  • Adam Brown
  • Stephen Morrow

We have contacted them via e-mail and they will be getting an ANDRU robot of their choice soon! Congratulations, guys! You are starting the year like champs. And special thanks to the guys from GEN for hosting this giveaway!

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  1. Because I want to complete my Android army! Mwahahahahha! (Twitter: @awg_ilyas)

  2. Happy 2013! May the android platform continue to be awesome

  3. I have the original green version. Sometimes he gets lonely. He needs a homie. @ericwilborn

  4. Twitter name-Tekkeevee, These I love and would love one for my GalaxyS3. Happy New year. I enjoy seeing Phandroid on Twitter.

  5. I need a new charger for my new GS3.


  6. It would go well with the nexus 7 I got for Christmas. @scottcolbert

  7. I want one because he’s so damn adorable @star2508

  8. Twitter handle is @rudyandmarta and it would be the perfect compliment for my white DROID RAZR.

  9. Because the chargers look freakin awesome!

  10. I need a charger that’s as cool as the operating system powering my new nexus.


  11. Aww man, i need a stupid twitter :(

  12. @gridskipper007 just what my Note II needs!

  13. Twitter name — @erikhill2000

    I need another charger for work — something that might impress my iSomething coworkers. ;)

    Happy New Year everyone!

  14. @headcipher of course I want one!

  15. I’m in! Twitter handle @CarLunchBox. I’d like to use this Andru charger to use at my office and convert as many coworkers as possible by hypnotizing them with Andru’s illuminating eyes.

  16. i want one because im a loser

  17. Great complement to my Nexus 4! @jayrtrinch

  18. Cause I am a sucker for a good plug of a great plug @bkratzer83

  19. Happy New Year!!!

    I just love the little guy and you just can never have enough charger around to charge all of your gadgets.


  20. I’ve been wanting this charger since the first green one came out. Brilliant design!!


  21. Cus they are quite adorable. @erikiksaz

  22. I want one now!!! Why? Android is the shhh ur mouth

  23. I have one from AndroidPolice giveaway. o.o It’s amazing, I want one to gift to a friend.

    My Twitter handle: @serotheo

  24. I want one cause it will be a perfect fit to my galaxy note 2. @yankeesusa

  25. I’d love me one because they look awesome @oscarcampos

  26. I want one because I just lost my only charger in New York for New years Eve:(


  27. I want one because I’m surrounded by iSheep that tell me Android doesn’t have a”cool sense of aesthetics” and I want to prove them wrong. @llappall :-)

  28. I want it because it’s the cutest thing!

  29. Andru.. well since that is my middle name…….. yeah i’ve already won!

  30. Would love to get my hands on those chargers!

  31. I would so love to win one of these as these look absolutely amazing!!!! :D
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!
    My twitter – @mohit12341

  32. I want one because they look awesome and a couple of my ugly black power bricks that came with phones have died lately. My Twitter handle is @gardobus

  33. I want it just Because I want it))) @Jesus_c31

  34. I want a dark Andru charger please & thank you! @rebuke78

  35. While I already have a ANDRU Dark (black), I’d love another of these to gift to a friend. Any major Android fan would highly appreciate one.


  36. Winning one would start The Year of Winning for me….and of course make my teammates uber jealous when they see it proudly displayed on my desk….@pookiesauntie

  37. I want one because I love android! @spham008

  38. I’m @frankkemp3 on twitter and I want this awesome charger because I am android 100 percent. Never owned an iPhone or iOS device. Ever.

  39. I’m @frankkemp3 on twitter and I want one because I am android 100 percent. Never owned an iPhone or iOS device because android is the way to go. Sorry if this is a repost it didn’t look like my first comment went threw

  40. @javierationmex I would love to show this off to all the iphone sheep at work

  41. Would be cool to have one, they look great and bring out the geek in me.

  42. I manage an AT&T store and would love an Andru charger to help customers understand the cult PHONEnamena that is Android! @STEELREVOLUTION Thanks Phandroid……

  43. This is awesome! Id love this cute little guy. I’d love to show my iOS friends and ask if they think setting an apple on their phone would be cooler. ;)

  44. I want to win one because they’re cute :)

  45. I am GREEN with envy! I want a GREEN Andru! But who says things are never BLACK or WHITE? That flavor of Andru would be most welcome as well!

  46. I want the green one because it’s friggen adorable and would be amazing to have. @dawirriamchen

  47. Winning this would be a great start to the new year!


  48. I would love to win one because android rules and I can show it off to my lowly iPhone friends!

  49. I am GREEN with envy! I want a GREEN Andru! But who says things are never BLACK or WHITE? That flavor of Andru would be most welcome as well! @JRB42420

  50. because I come here everyday @gentime

  51. Definitely want one of these! Android cuteness ftw!

  52. Green Andru so sexy ..

  53. I’d love to win one because it’ll be a great addition to my collection! @KenzCM

  54. Hi, my name is Minja and I think I might be an Android Phanboy.

    twitter: @mminja

  55. I would love a green andru charger because I use my phone as an alarm clock and think the HTC charger I am using now looks ridiculous on my night stand. @sianaka

  56. @douglasc_hill. I want one so that it can accompany my Android mug on my desk at work and escalate the annoyance on my Apple loving co-workers.

  57. Thanks for this…I’d love that black one! :)


  58. Must have classic green ANDRU! Why? He’s beautiful!

  59. @kapilsukhyani. This is going to be a great start if I win this.

  60. I would love the GREEN Andru, my girlfriend would love the BLACK Andru. We both love our Droids! @danoissac

  61. @bhcheng I want one so that I can continue to pimp out my desk with Android goodness.

  62. @sewellcol I woukd love one of these andru chargers im abit of an android freak and this would be a great addition to my galaxy note 2 :) x

  63. @thickn31
    I want a ANDRU because he’s soooo adorable and he’ll look so FLY with my collection of Android items I have in my room. ♡♥♡

  64. dang it, I dont use twitter lol (never haved)

  65. who doesn’t enjoy free android paraphernalia @exmobR

  66. @MrHTailor i would like an Andru so both my phone and charger will stand out proud at work as elite Android devices amongst my ignorantly jealous Apple-loving colleagues who annoyingly refer to my GNexus as an iPhone :-/

  67. @DeForestKTorres I travel a lot so I’d love a dependable yet stylish charger. Semper Fi LCpl Torres USMC

  68. @joboyo1 I want andru charger because it’s cool

  69. Bought green and black one. Work great. Guys here at work with I phones even think it’s cool.

  70. Simple, because I LOVE Android and I am Android. @Miko1976. Thanks.

  71. @baroquemantic

    Thanks for the giveaway! I want one because it’s so goddang awesome looking. Plus, I only have one charger at the moment, and it would be great to take this with me when I travel.

  72. would love to win one, cause it looks very cool @vicxdel:disqus

  73. I just think they look cool. Something different from a normal charger

  74. I want one so I have even more Android fanboism on my desk.

  75. Because my 4 year old is always talking about my friend “Andy the android”on my phone. This would blow her mind. @mpciii

  76. @imneveral0ne I want this cause I need anything android!

  77. So cute
    can’t enter this one.

  78. This would make a perfect addition to my android collection. Might get me a few less brownie points with my apple loving friends that think i am already going overboard. Would be the perfect late christmas present to go along with my other android christmas presents. @bbqsfire

  79. @bsinc1962 wants to start 2013 all charged up with one of those sweet Andru chargers.

  80. @garykimery wants so that his daughter @swimkimery can swipe it from him. I will now communicate in the first person. I’ll pretend that I’m pissed off and she will say she’s sorry but she still won’t give it back.

  81. @asalerno1964 and I want one because I want one, who wouldn’t?

  82. @newellj79 this would be a great new years gift for me!

  83. I absolutely need this in my life!!! Im tired of my work friends “borrowing” my charger and claiming it is theirs. There’s no mix up if I have an Andru, and no need to murder any of My twitter handle is @Argon_13. Save a life, give me an Andru.

  84. I don’t own any android figures (yet) besides my phone. Would be a great way to start the new year!

  85. I would love a black one, it would look really nice on my desk at work.

    @stroz here.

  86. @kaeruil and simply put it’s because they are so darn cool, plus it would be nice to have one for work/travel

  87. @ayecrispy it would look great on my desk at work to show off my love for android!

  88. The kids would love it and stop stealing mine.

  89. The charger looks great and will give the iSheep something to think about when they come into my office…

  90. The kids would love it and stop stealing mine. @infusopharm

  91. Boo Twitter only

  92. @bryan_d_staggs I would like to win this so I don’t have to buy one

  93. Bummer I won’t touch twitter with a 10-foot pole, but the chargers are awesome.
    PURCHASED!! (In black)

  94. Best looking charger yet, it will charge up all my Android Tech!

  95. @northend999 Since I use my phone so much, it is usually on the charger a couple of times a day…would be nice to have a good looking charger for it.

  96. @scatlett. I would love the charger to show my android love on my desk at work.

  97. Following both. As a middle school teacher, my students would be in such awe that they would do anything i tell them. Help me, help America :)

  98. @akwellman. I love this charger, if I don’t win I’m going to have to pony up for one, but of course I’m going to win so I won’t have to worry about buying one

  99. @iGalione

    Hey just because Andru isn’t strong enough to charge my note 2, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t the coolest thing ever!!

    I should

  100. Love android! @tabormath

  101. @majdalwaa done! Would be a great thing to have!

  102. I would like to win because Everything in my house is an android/apple battle. This would put ANDROID over the top. Plus I’m an apple hater. ;-)

  103. @fully_relaxed They look awesome and I could definitely use a new charger!

  104. I want to win because these are the cutest Androidified chargers. @DSaifAndroid

  105. @cjmiller4848, i would like to win for the same reason everyone else wants to win. These chargers are absolutely awesome, phandroid is absolutely awesome and to tell you the truth with today’s economy and being a single father of two this is my only shot to get one of these. So oooo pick me pick me.

  106. I would like to have this charger, as it would be the perfect companion to my Samsung Galaxy Note II, my Twitter username is ecsjjgg

  107. @msussmania cause theyre so adorable

  108. @aerokev Cos he’ll look awesome on my desk and bump my Android cred at work.

  109. This would look great on my desk at work and keep iPhone users away!

  110. @DisneyDeeva would use Andru at work to proudly display her kinship to the Android Nation while surrounded by iBots.

  111. @Fishgeek712
    The andru chargers would be the perfect first android figurine. Especially since it will also charge my phone.

  112. @WiredAnim I’m a huge android fan, I have been using Android since the G1. Last week my phone bricked and I had to start using an older android phone and this charger would give it an extra layer of coolness!

  113. @aaroncashclay Andru would be a perfect addition to my desk at work, plus it would match my desktop background.

  114. Twitter @PEMattausch … every time my 10 year old grandson visits, I “lose” a charger. If I had Andru on my desk, he would also “disappear” but would be much easier to identify when he sbows up “relocated” in grandson’s bedroom (with the rest of my chargers). :-D
    [email protected]

  115. @HRomig13 and I want an Andru charger because they look awesome, and who would complain about an extra micro usb cable that looks this awesome.

  116. Andru would look really cool on my desk

  117. @umangkedia A great thing to make my Android friends jealous. :D

  118. I’d like to win to it to give to a friend who didn’t get much for Christmas.


  119. White or Black, AndruTheRobot looks great. I really want one.


  120. @PhillipDunlevy . I love my android devices, just picked up an awesome Nexus 7. This would be a wonderful accessory to have for any droid fan!

  121. I’d love this charger as shining beacon of Android on my desk at work where i have established myself as the Ambassador of Android in a building full of iSheep, informing all of the evils of Apple and iOS…. @brownhandstech

  122. @CreativeSpawn. There is an iphone in the house and I need someone to watch over my gnex while I sheep… I mean sleep.

  123. I would use the charger to keep my devices charged while traveling for work.

  124. I could use one because my regular charger just isn’t cool enough to be charging my Nexus 7.


  125. I would use the usb charger to keep my devices charged when I am at work or on the road traveling for work.

  126. @nick99exb send a charger my way. I need it for the office where I don’t have signal.

  127. @paintballc00kie

    I need a new friend :(

  128. @Realhamfoshea It’s a mini android that charges your android phone! It’s how things should be.

  129. @iamSanjayG I want this because I am the biggest fan of android and I can use this for my Samsung galaxy s3

  130. @sonnythemoney I want the Andru, so I can start off the New Year right. #Winning!

  131. @tom_a_gill yeah I need one to go fly with and to help in the battle to defeat the evil iOS empire!

  132. @Gogoplata1980
    I want one for my wife. She loves Android and adores bugdroid products. I know she would love to have this at work so she could charge her Gnex in style AND show her friends how much cooler the world of Android is. This is the perfect gift for that!

  133. I would love to have a great charger that can charge my awesome Android device and look great while doing it! And it would be a great way to start my year! I would appreciate if I got picked, and much thanks to all who are doing this for the Android community! Happy new year!! :)

  134. Would love to win this and start the new year off on a positive note.

  135. I need one of these little guys I only have one charger right now and two devices

  136. Andru is adorable! I’ve gotta have him! StormyDesigns on Twitter

  137. @mehayjrpain no better way to keep my GNote 2 charged!

  138. I deserve it cuz i have a g1 and I need something to compensate for its crappiness

  139. @cshaff34 Simply because it is the coolest thing ever!

  140. The best things in life are free! Send some best my way :-)

  141. I need this for my desk at work because I am a lone android user in a land of iphone users. So I like to rub it in where I can. @swdrafter

  142. These are just the coolest little things. Gotta have one. @MattB5

  143. @luisrafagalvez I’m new to android. Winning a charger will make me a phandroid.

  144. @r_stubbs
    Asked for one for Christmas but didn’t receive it. Want to show it off at work proudly.

  145. @dsuarezjr102 This little guy looks cool! I’ve never went out of my way to buy a USB charger, only used ones that come in phone boxes. This would be a great first accessory/charger.

  146. Boo on requiring Twitter.

    1. You’d think they would promote G+ since this is an Android fan site.

  147. @tileckie I want it, to show all my friends the ANDRU charger. That is the most awesome charger I have ever seen and a great way to show Android Love!

  148. @Abulaon I charge my phone at my desk & would love to have one!

  149. I would love one so I can show everyone my love for Android even more! Also, who wouldn’t want one of these? (@Josh515_)

  150. @bonk1221 I have been an avid supporter and fan of Android since I got the first Motorola Droidphon. Not only is this a super cool charger for my new DNA but now I can let my Android flag fly high.

  151. @Ruprecht10; I have been a huge Android fan since the beginning, I even had the original HTC G1. I don’t really have any little geeky, trinkets or anything to show my love for the OS. It would look great on my desk!

  152. @jus10dub i want one! Im also active duty military and travel a lot! I use androids for everything. I follow all phandroid posts on pulse! -doc wilson USN

  153. Well my chargers keep breaking, would be nice to have a fancy one that doesn’t break. @shadow_slash

  154. @_theScuttlebutt; It is super cute and I love the Android OS. Good luck to everyone!

  155. Definitely need an extra charger, and the andru ones are so cool! Gotta have one!

  156. My wife need one to give the apple people in her office something else to look at. @ljhughes8

  157. @kwurk Would love an Andru charger so I can add it to my cute robot collection on my desk.

  158. These look pretty cool


  159. @bawboh86: I want a charger because I have too many phones and tablets that all need to charge, and look cool while doing it.

  160. @tnksboy I BLEED GREEN!

  161. @ologist2 fabulous addition to my new Motorola matrix hd

  162. A green Andru would make me the envy of my office mates. Get it? Green? Envy? I truly crack me up! I’m @drewperry

  163. @joelileikisjr It would be awesome to have this cool looking charger to bring around and show off to all the iPhone users at work. :-)

  164. My new nexus 7 could use a little green friend

  165. Who wouldn’t want Andru? I’m constantly short of USB chargers, and always need cute Androids! @Podmonkeys

  166. I would love the ANDRU charger to charge my new Note 2 that is replacing my iPhone. Thank you! @samsilverstein

  167. another contest i can’t enter do to no Twitter account. couldn’t even tell you what a “Twitter handle” is.

  168. @crownedkoopa I want an Andru because number one that’s just an awesome looking charger. Number two so I can show off to all my Phandroids, and because of my phones not so awesome battery life it would be great to have a travel charger that turns heads.

  169. @marcdurling would love to win the chargers because it would prove to all my friends how kool and generous phandroid and android really are. Shouldn’t have gone apple toyz! Thx phandroid!!!

  170. @MehdiJaffery I’m always at different places and it would help having a charger with me at all times on the road. Also I want it for the android logo because who doesn’t.

  171. I need something stylish for my office to show off to my co-workers.

  172. @joeshark always good to have a backup charger.

  173. @Jdoginzion, these would be the bombdiggity for a fella who dog just ate his charger.
    # icantsitinmycaralldayandchargemyphone

  174. My comment. @Techpriest_

  175. I just want one because they’re cool!!

  176. I want one because well its free. Give me the green one please.

  177. He would look great with the rest of the gadgets on the desk and would make it easier to find the charger instead of looking for a chord. @richardsk2

  178. Why wouldn’t you want an ANDRU, it’s awesome? Even my gf who is an apple/iphone user thinks he is cute and wanted me to get one! @GUI_Center

  179. @Vanillalite love a 2nd charger for my desk and this robot would help show my android fanboyism and love for all things open source!

  180. @lewprev
    I want to show my other non-android smartphone users what a real smartphone charger can do. Membership has it advantages

  181. DenniGoodman1 (twitter). This seems like a good conversation piece.

  182. @deanefrancisco I travel for my job and need to keep my phone and tablet charged and this charger will allow me to charge in style.

  183. @w4l70n I need a new charger for traveling, this one would be perfect!!

  184. @billsinkhorn I would love one of these because my daughter’s new cat has already chewed up 5 usb chargers in the last 2 weeks. I am now left using my car charger until I pick up a new cable :(

  185. No love for the users who don’t use twitter :(

  186. @saltorio on Twitter

    I want one because they’re freaking awesome and will go well with my other Android figurines.

  187. @dapperdanielg I would love to use this at work.

  188. I just got a Samsung Galaxy S III on Metro PCS. I have been unemployed for 12 months. I was able to get the phone from pooling together monetary gifts for my birthday and Christmas. It would be so cool if I could win this Andru charger. I love Android. The lock screen pic on my phone is the Android Ice Cream Sandwich Mascot. I would be proud to put this charger on display. It would make for wonderful conversation piece. Plus my son Kenny would be green with envey. LOL My handle on Twitter is @TainaMariaG.

  189. @baldypal
    Its the ultimate collectors item for any Android collector…like myself!

  190. @TreatnHerRight, I Want An Andru Charger Because My Girlfriend Wants One And Thinks They Are So Cute.

  191. @socalmvp I want one because Andy would look super cool charging on my desk at work and watching the Apple fans salivate over it

  192. I need Andru so I can charge my Samsung Nexus at work. @BainterJr

  193. Andru!!!! Gimme gimme gimme!!!!

  194. they’re awesome, why wouldn’t @nonentity018 want one!?

  195. @JoeyBrewer4, I have an upcoming business trip and can’t think of a more stylish way to charge my phone and tablets than with an Andru. Thanks guys!

  196. would be a great start to the year – plus one of our cats recently chewed through the line on another charger so we’re short one at home now…

  197. A ANDRU Chill would be awesome at work to show off to all the Iphone users : @wkim02

  198. @Aeok18109 I need a new charger. What better one to have then a neat android one? $25 isn’t bad at all seeing as that’s what carriers wanna charge you for a new one.

  199. PINK ME, PICK ME! @tamrawaywood These are so stinking cute! I need one cuz I love everything ANDROID! Plus it would go with ask my figurines, lol!

  200. Because it is so cool looking. And hopefully I won’t misplace it because it is so great. @d92116

  201. @ryanparedez
    I’ve been an Android phan and enthusiast since the G1. It’s. Been awesome to see the growth of the community and creative business’s that make awesome products like this. It would be rad to start off the new year with a rad new charger. I hope I win



  202. @nightangel79 i want one cause they are the coolest looking thing ever! Would go perfect on my desk

  203. I don’t use twitter, and I never will. That is very unfortunate that you require that. :(

  204. @enacra_ I want the charger for my lil bro he just broke his lol

  205. @AmerChevy360 These are just the neatest little chargers..Love ’em…

  206. eno kcalb a ekat ll’i

  207. @mrraider602 andru 4 life!!!

  208. @Spanky_1987 I got to have one of these!

  209. @killerbees91548 Travel a lot, can always use a simple charging device

  210. @Bthomx2. I think this is the cutest little charger I would love to have one for my phone it would be the first thing to start my android collection

  211. My boys have a nexus 7, an andy plushie and a dead zebra nexus android mini. Charger would +1 @bigknowzz daddy status, boys are all about android.

  212. My Vibrant needs a friend at night to him company.

  213. I want the ANDRU charger so I can charge my phone in style! My twitter is @dangazone.

  214. One of these would look great on my desk! (@ShawnZackary)

  215. @shanemckeever would like one because he has a new desk at work with a perfect spot to put it.

  216. @bucstradewinds I own countless android related items, 4 tablets, 3 phones and one iPad that was gifted to us. I want to mess with people by charging the iPad with Andru. That is the only way I will touch that iThing.

  217. My boys would love to add another Andy to collection, have a plushie and dead zebra mini. Getting to plug Nexus 7 into Andru would be +1.

  218. @alexferrel Charge me up some android phones, I would.

  219. @toddersv It’s Fun and Functional!

  220. I would love an Andru charger so I can charge my awesome Nexus 7 with an awesome charger from an awesome android news source!:-) Twitter – @jessekopel

  221. @kevinhannigan. I want it because it’s awesome.

  222. I always wanted one,they seem awesome I love android and my charger isn’t working right I need a new one @johnnyscrotes

  223. @AlexanderHarri3 and this would be quite the nice companion for a GNex.

  224. @idevice12345
    I would really like a black one to place on my desk at home.

  225. @uhmeans they gotta b the cutest!

  226. @PokeMasterEfren I want one because I love Android and this would accompany my Nexus 4 and 7 and charge with style

  227. I don’t Twitter or tweet—-but I’d love to win one of these nifty chargers.

  228. @acmilan77051 i want it bcz it just looks cool :)

  229. @lectrik1 I like the look of this charger and it would look great sitting next to my children’s iPhone!

  230. @the_taker wants one because they look cool and I love the bug droid

  231. @breckinshire Pick me! Pick me!

  232. @JawesK I need a trusty lil ANDRU charger while I’m on the go. Cheers!

  233. @slayerpsp Free is why i want it and my wife breaks micro usb cables all the time so id give to her comes with cord right?

  234. @seamark I would love to use this in my office! :) So cute! My wife would probably steal it!

  235. Happy New Year! Would love to win this charger. Somehow my four kids always seem to be “losing” theirs and swiping mine. This unique version would let me know for sure which one is mine! You can find me on Twitter–@afranci703.

  236. @briantehan thatd look great on my desk at work

  237. This will grow love in the world.

  238. This thing is neat and I will definitely have this in the office. @codejinchu1

  239. @KidQwik on Twitter. This would be be perfect in showing my Android at work to the iwhateverPhone people I have in the office. :-)

  240. I’ve had the green Andy since he came out.
    I would like to have the black one.
    He’s not evil. He’s just cast that way…

  241. I’ve had the green Andy since he came out.
    I would like to have the black one.
    He’s not evil. He’s just cast that way……

  242. @shahravi94 i want a slick charger to use in my dorm.

  243. @derweisshase I think I should win the charger because I would to show up to work and make all of my Android and iphone co-workers very jealous, oh and not to mention all of my Android and iphone friends. Come on I really want to make these folks jealous.

  244. @dodgethis66 This looks like a neat little collectible charger!

  245. Happy New Year!!! Andru charger + My Nexus =Drool Gadgets. @SpicyHim

  246. @mwjii:disqus I would like this to put in my office space and maybe change some ios user’s over to android

  247. @shipeepihs it would go great with my new razr maxx hd

  248. Those chargers are phenomenal pieces of Android architecture! I need one to complete my Android ensemble! @nursereese

  249. @ShishirG1
    Because, Edgar, do you even lift?

  250. @drjenkstah It would be nice to finally have a charger that I can keep to myself while my sister uses my other charger.

  251. I’d love an android chess piece lol long live droid @followgreged

  252. @scottlovestacos Why? Let’s see…. Bugdroid + phone charging = awesome!

  253. @adit_para : I want andru because I’m an Android fan… :-}

  254. @caseyatbt It would look great sitting on my desk.

  255. I need one of these bad boys to get my Android collection started. @JoeyP_89

  256. As fate would have it- my phone charger just crapped out on me last week! I would love this little guy as a fun/awesome/badass replacement! Thanks for the opportunity!

  257. @grrrrrroar I’d live to have ANDRU Chill hanging around my phone!! It’s so adorable and stylish.

  258. @Luvleahla I will love him and hug him and treat him as my very own. I like the white one.

  259. @ballroomdru I REALLY wantr one of these because my name is Andrew…and also because it would make my charger different from my wifes.

  260. @jomarjmelanie I would like the white one . I want one because it is simply stylish and its the best looking charger in the world. Duhhhh.

  261. im @abezzilla99 and I want Andru to swag out my desk!

  262. @feartuna would like an Andru because they are not shipping to Canada

  263. Great have to be in the US. @feartuna sad :(

  264. @moser_norbert, too cute…..I want green

  265. @johnfknoesel Sweet little charger, would love to have one in the traditional Green Andru.

  266. I’d LOVE an Andru charger to show my new love for Android. I was a diehard BlackBerry fan for years.I finally gave Android a shot this year and I’m in love!

  267. My twitter handle is @hi_tech_lowlife and I’d love an ANDRU charger to show off to the apple fan boys at my job :-D

  268. (@dyzek___) that andru usb charger is amazing! i want one so bad so i can show all the iphone fanboys how bad a** my charger is

  269. I love one of those

  270. @ssssschwartz I want one of these Andru chargers because they look awesome and my current charger is on the way out!

  271. @rikomenzies Definitely want one of these. Very unique and cool looking, and I go crazy over Android mini figures.

  272. Twitter @voraciousink: My Dead Zebra Androids would love a functional little brother >(:|| |= Also, I’ve never won on Phandroid so winning would be awesome! Happy New Year!

  273. @HatshepsutN I would love to have Andru sitting on my desk at work to put the iFollowers in their place. Android ftw!

  274. Love to win one of those little gadgets would be cool to have an extra charger for work thanks socalbro4life83

  275. I need a cool looking charger

  276. @DarkTattoo because what androiddict like myself wouldn’t want this. The best possible way to charge your smartphone or Handbeast(for the rooted and overclocked) then with the coolest charger they make. .

  277. @djpopo76 Best looking charger out there!

  278. @solaris_1100 I want the classic green…reason: its an android plain and simple.

  279. @swiftinmotion andru charger Is the best looking “Trophy” android must have! What a way to bring in the new year with one of the awesome devices!

  280. @olindasilvia
    I want one because I hope to build an army of robot minions to help me take over the world. Also, I need one to keep at work just in case :)

  281. Twitter: @tyguy829
    I want this because a charger in the shape of a half eaten apple would just be plain stupid. Would love one for my gnex!

  282. This will make my Galaxy S2 charge even cooler in every way possible. Duh.

  283. @vitamin_j_75mg
    Who wouldn’t want a cool way to both charge their devices and show some Android/Google love? Not this guy.

  284. I need it! :O I want it! Freakin awesome charger!

  285. I’d rather pay the $25 than make a twitter account.

  286. As the ex-iPhone expert, I could use some android toys for the office. @Jason_Cyr

  287. @Dalek200 would like to start the New Year with an andru charger

  288. I would love to have it because I love android! :) but I don’t have a twitter:( yep, thats right!

  289. Twitter: TheSuj192

    I love android products and what beats a portable charger that looks cool.

  290. If it means making a twitter, then its worth it . I defiantly need won to replace my broken charger. Especially the Andru chill.

  291. @My__Flight

    I would love to have one because I just got my desk setup complete and it would be a great addition to my desk.

  292. I want one to show to all the Apple fanboys I know! @klepto_chris

  293. I want to start the new year in style! @edabreu

  294. If it means making a twitter then its worth it. This is a great timing since my regularr charger broke. And what better charger to get than andru chill.

  295. i want one so my green andru has a buddy to play with! @emanmonster

  296. @a2Squard I want him because he’s awesome!

  297. I got Twitter! @Brian_Enders
    I would like to get a Green or Black one :D

  298. @Rajanakagirl From the moment I saw this on Phandroid I loved it!!! It is the cutest charger I have ever seen! I would love this as a wonderful New Year’s present!! Thanks for having this give away!

  299. @emedved loves Android and would love to show it off to his apple loving friends!

  300. Dangit… Thought I already posted on this
    @a2Squard I want this because he’s awesome

  301. @ptrcksilva I want an ANDRU charger! So I don’t need tp use my phone on the floor and it looks nice!

  302. I’d like an Andru because of those charging lights! @NasaGeek

  303. I would love to win this! @realjoedelvalle

  304. I love this charger. i want it because not only is it stylish,but useful! @StarlettaSocal

  305. @dbng

    Perfect timing – just destroyed my charger (don’t ask) and looking for a good new one.

  306. i want one because im poor and cant actually pay for one when i am disablity , hope i get it :)

  307. @timvr29. I need this becuse i am constantly losing or breaking chargers. No one would be able to steal this from me.

  308. I just made the huge switch from IOS to android OS. It’s been hard, but phandroid and other like sites have really helped me out. I joined on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and am loving it. I even bought nexus 7s for 3 family members. I would love to add this to my desk as a conversation starter. Hit me up @mcelroys4.

  309. This is possibly the coolest android charger on the market! @benyang88

  310. Because my droid 4 she is always desperate for a charge, and andru he can give her what she needs while im at work, like no oem charger can, @madmax988

  311. @AndrewJMYoung , As you can probably tell from my handle my name is Andrew. I rep AndroidOS so hard that my friends started calling me Android. After a mass email and facebook post of the phandroid article about Andru, they have started spelling my name “Andru”. Whether I win one or buy one, I can’t wait to charge my Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch with a new Andru charger.

  312. @masterofmayhem1 wants one of those awesome andru chargers!

  313. Because there’s absolutely nothing else on my desk. @freejersey2007

  314. @neiltantay1 I want an Andru charger so I can rep android wherever I go.. plus it’ll match my android speaker that I have!

  315. @sankofaluv I need the lil black buddy for my phone. I have a kink in my charged and haven’t replaced it yet. Pick me!!

  316. @mspector22 Im always travelling for work and would love this little guy to be with me to charge my Galaxy Nexus!

  317. @RealJoshRamos so I can charge my Galaxy S3 with style and have another reason to show off my phone to my friends and another reason why Androids are better than any iPhone.

  318. @_chief_pete_ send me one

  319. @To_Oaxaca , cause I have the LG Connect with a crappy 1500 mAH which only lasts like 4hrs (-_____-)/

  320. @bush72 I want this so there is no mistaking what OS I roll with.

  321. Because I’m an android fanboy and I don’t care who knows it. And it’s the cutest charger ever!


  322. I have a million chargers, but this one would replace them all! @AtheistReverend

  323. @pkosanam Andru will accompany me to my workplace… I badly need one there to stay by my side to motivate me to work.

  324. @dkolls I have no USB charger for my desk at work. This would be great to have.

  325. @dpizzle06 I have a use for this as my work desk is bare and I need something to look at for enjoyment and to charge would be great

  326. i just lost my charger =(, would be nice not to have to buy one and get the coolest charger out now

  327. Why wouldn’t I want one? It’s just so freakin’ cool! (@ilovepemmican)

  328. Because other chargers don’t look like robots so I don’t take care of them and they break. Love, @M1tchs

  329. @ccclaw13 I want one in any color for my girlfriend. She wants a new charger for work so she doesn’t have to carry her charger to and from work everyday. I got her into android and she has now owned a galaxy s2 and s3 and is smarter on the android os than some of my friends even. I’d love to give her this charger as a gift! You rock phandroid and gen!

  330. @cliffsiv I’m tired of my boring black charger, this would look great on my nightstand keeping guard over my phone.

  331. @twitter-466068006:disqus : I love the black one … it looks so evil mwuhahahaha

  332. I need some Android swag at my desk at work and this would be perfect. @joshhud

  333. Because I’m in love with android and my old charger is getting broken. Whoops I’m In colombia. :(

  334. i broke my Mom’s original usb charger to her white Galaxy s3, would be nice if i can giver her a better one in return. I’ll just call it adding interest. @cali4niaguy

  335. I think I should get one just to stick it in the face of iPhone lovers at the Twitter office. :)

  336. I would love to use this to charge my new GS3…Thanks! @BigBlackAv

  337. I already ordered ANDRU for my GS2 but a freebie would be great…I want him because he’s the coolest looking charger ever! If I win, I’ll give him to my wife for her GS2, obviously letting her pick which colour she wants.
    My twitter handle is @eagerbilt.

  338. Would love a black one to use while at work.

  339. to go with my “Twitter phone” :-(

  340. I want the white one

  341. @LunchLadyU:disqus I charge my phone while I’m sleeping. ANDRU will keep the zombies away.

  342. @np6s4x these look rather interesting

  343. I don’t always put my razr maxx on the charger, but when I do it should be ANDRU! @adrodi

  344. Begin building my robot army! Ah hahaha! @zacharoid will rule all!

  345. I’d love to show this off at work @A___CB____

  346. Oh hell yes! Chill for me @Grahamscholton

  347. @gotbeer I need one for my office. Too many Apple fan boys.

  348. @siggy1028. I need a cool charger for work.

  349. My phone would love this little friend! @GayleB123

  350. @chrisjohnbone so yeah. awesome

  351. @ewilliams12 I want a charger that I can talk to and tell it my problems ;-)

  352. Sorry, but not joining twitter for this, i’ll spend $25 for a non opened one.

  353. Because I have a Droid3… ‘Nuf said? LOL

  354. I need to add andru to my Droid collection! @DJArt81

  355. i want to make my coworkers jealous and besides, they have iphones…so it’s also territorial with the enemy…l lol

  356. @sirenko2
    I want this charger, so that it would complete my desk.

  357. @Photin The red eyes of the Andru Dark will keep my Fat Cat at Bay!

  358. @tksjewelry It would simply be adorable on my desk.

  359. I will never be without power if I win this cure Android charger. My handle is @follmad9

  360. I would love one because it’s cute. @epeevic

  361. @curtst, I need one because I would like to take it to work where all my iPhone loving Android hating co-workers have to look at it. Seriously, I am the only one at my job that uses android!

  362. I would be able to listen to my music all day with this cute charger. My handle is @follmad9

  363. I want an Andru to show my Android pride and because there’s no such thing as too many micro-usb cables.

    @ObasiS is my handle.

  364. I want one Twitter name is @LilLucky83

  365. @nwd1911. I could use an Android charger for my office 1. for convenience 2. to sit atop my work iPhone 3. Because Android!

  366. It will come in handy at work. @LilLucky83

  367. because my 2yr old says DROOOOID whenever he sees my SGS3 and says EWE when he sees wifes iphone @mando2real

  368. @dayveetoe , I can always use an extra charger. One for home and one for work so I don’t have to remember every time I leave to bring it.

  369. @MarketMan3 I would give it to my son so he never has an excuse as to why I can’t get a hold of him.

  370. @bggato23 I need this charger so I dont have to fight with my gf over the “communal” charger since she lost hers.

  371. Too many people in my office are iPhone users, need to fight the trend. @maxsdadroger

  372. @robertlwalters because it’s the coolest looking charger.

  373. I really want a green Andru charger! Why? Because it’s cool as hell. And also, I always need to charge my phone while at work or on the go, and my old HTC Incredible charger that I use on my Nexus when on the go is frayed and about to bite the bullet. @ProduceKIL

  374. I’m new to Android and want to have something (other than my phone) to prove my support! Lol…a new USB charger is also pretty cool, especially when its as cute as this! @ramzeek

  375. My mom just got a Droid and she would love this little fellar. @MovieMan270

  376. I want this so I can use it to power my awesome android based phones! My twitter handle is @warrencbennett. Woot!

  377. Reason being having one = because its ANDRIOD!

  378. ElBudhita on Twitter…
    Really cool device this Andru…. Really need one…

  379. @frappim I would love to have this! I’d pet him, feed him, brush him all day long! lmao

  380. @larkhillv I would like an Andru charger so I can have a neat Android on my desk while I charge my Galaxy Nexus :) It’d be a super sweet accessory to have in my Android arsenal.

  381. I wanna win so my phone will look cool while charging. Twitter handle @napalm_ra1n

  382. My wife and I are huge Android fans and users. Andru would make a very nice addition to our Nexus, S3 and Xoom family. I have also ordered a Nexus 7 that should be arriving within the next week. Would LOVE to have Andru there to handle all our charging needs! My twitter handle is @nbdynprtcular

  383. Would love a chance to display the Dark one on my desk at work! I use an old blackberry charger now. @feeddunk

  384. @LTGTony: Trying to clean up my charging cables and stuff. Andru will give it that tech “sexiness” my office needs. =)

  385. Because you can never have too many chargers, and if one of them straddles the line between cute and badass, then it’s just that much more worth winning. Or even buying, if it comes to that.


  386. because andru is my cousin yo.


  387. its a great way to promote awareness of our cute mascot and he charges too @AnthonyCarriedo

  388. @mtulman1 I would love one to crush my now extinct apple stress ball!!

  389. I need this charger cause my friends are always taking my charger. My twitter is @Ryanmccall.

  390. ok not too late =]

  391. Would love to own one! It would be a great start to 2013!


  392. @Illmatic_AC I want an ANDRU Charger to show all of my friends with iPhones how much of a ANDROID fan that I am.

  393. I work with quite a few Fruity Fanbois that just can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to bashing anything android. @rstizzie is looking for an ANDRU charger to fire off a few shots. You jelly? Cause ANDRU isn’t jelly.

  394. I want one just to impress my friends who have the ungly looking “fruit” charger!

  395. @owlique. I have to win it because it’s my destiny.

  396. @nivekkev is me and I will be using this bad little fellow at work on my desk

  397. My “lovely wife” take a charger to work with her everyday and everyday someone claims it’s theirs. Please help me save some money. @itsChuckDawg

  398. My desk would look even cooler with an Andru charger


  399. @joshuatuason

    I’d love one of these because i think they’re awesome and handy little guys to have to charge my phone! I’m not a fan of my stock charger as the cord is so short and ALWAYS pulls the prongs out of the wall, sometimes i don’t even notice and my phone isn’t charged :S

  400. CrackaCatz and i want it because its the cutest damn charger ever and it would brighten my year to see that guy every day…plus my friends would want one lol

  401. My dog chewed up my S3 charger and the one I bought on Ebay for a buck takes forever and a day to charge it. Plus, it looks freakin’ awesome! @beanboi16

  402. @madaohasmadcow
    I’d use an ANDRU charger to complete my Android accessories collection.

  403. @N0l333 I just got a Nexus 4, and this would be a good addition.

  404. Finally a great charger that no one can claim is theirs by mistake. All my friends will want one. @sctwinslow

  405. You didn’t say which timezone for the 11:59 PM cut-off.

    I need a ANDRU because I have no Bugdroid figurines. I would put this on my desk at work. :)


  406. In it to win it! Need a new charger :)

  407. Would love one to keep the juice flowing at work for my new Nexus 7.

  408. Because now that I know it is here I want it!

  409. I really would like one of these devices.

  410. green for me please!!!! :)

  411. I love Andru and if I had this charger, I could start charging my phone style! @Kaderious

  412. I could plug up my Android in style and let everyone know I am Android :-D

  413. @JRfuckingC and because it looks so much cooler than an apple shaped charger. would use it at work and at home.

  414. Want one so I can leave it on my desk at work and make everyone else jealous. @AaronAjlen

  415. @twitter-59283870:disqus would like to win!

  416. Too cute! Best way to start 2013? WINNING! @kmurphy914

  417. @doomDomo is my Twitter.

  418. Ever feel like charging is a drag, with Andru, I could be the office stud. I would flex with Andru and all the girls would faint. Then I wouldn’t have to be the guy that nobody knows, I’d be Andru’s Friend. Help me have friends.

    This message has been brought to you by your friendly neighborhood @wutdaheck

  419. I want one just to be cool at work, although before I post this comment there is 420 comments, hate to ruin it but I guess I have to. twitter me winning @[email protected]

  420. @tquintana – Happy New Years! Great offer guys! Thanks for the opportunity!

    These are cool!

  421. @AdamMcIntosh I left my wall charger in Bermuda by accident and now have to always use a computer to charge my phone.

  422. @timmyjoe42 OK. I’m in. Those look pretty cool.

  423. w00t! Yes please! @this_isbollocks reporting for winning of the charger please.

  424. twiz0r – I want one just to show how much better Android accessories are compared to iphone :)

  425. Forgot about this thing, about to order on Amazon, I don’t use twitter anyway.

  426. I love it! @klhouran

  427. These little dudes are just awesome, would love to show my android flare more at the work place. Hit me up on twitter @rdfaulkner

    1. Well crap, just realized this was closed at midnight.

  428. I need a good charger for work. Currently I’m using one from my previous phone & it just doesn’t seem to perform that great. Andru to the rescue!!!

  429. Following on the twitters now.

    1. Twitter handle is @EDTIVA:disqus

  430. Coolest novelty charger ever invented! #Phandroid #Androidforums @drexappeal

  431. @K_to_the_E Longtime Lurker, First time poster

  432. Edit: too late haha

  433. I need Andru because my cat has chewed through all of my charging cables!! White plz!! to go with my sexy white GSIII. #realmenhavewhitephones

    Twitter name: @Protweetlo

  434. Would love to have this on my desk at work… more thing for the fruit users to envy! @jrivera850

  435. Yo dawg, I want an Andru charger so I can plug my Android into an Android to power my Android while I charge my Android. @zacharyzblewski

  436. @Atst4 I would LOVE to use the little ANDRU Charger as a slave to my Nokia Lumia 822!

  437. @NoneRequired Both wifey and I got new phones and I could use one of these cool chargers on my desk at work.

  438. I want one just because they look awesome! twitter handle: @dbettner4

  439. I would like on simply because, I need a charger as mine literally broke and I have to charge my phone in my car Twitter- xzombie69x_

  440. @thegurlzman i want it to charge my Note 2

  441. I want one because it’s Andru!

  442. i want it because i think its useful yet a cool knick-knack. I broke my Motorola charger that comes with my phone so i could really use this :D @jodanlalala

  443. @FC1032 I’m not really sure what a “handle” is, but I’m assuming it’s the user name from what others are doing. I’m not a very good twitter user ._.

  444. I want, hell -I soooo need one of these little robot dudes! The tip of my tablet charger broke, inside the tablet (ouch!), so now I can´t even charge it with anything else….I must have this little man with its cool USB thingy to insert and give most needed juice to my Android!

    I´m watching you….errr, I mean I am following you Andru!


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