Samsung debuts 5-inch Galaxy Grand with dual-SIM support


Samsung today announced the Galaxy Grand, an Android 4.1.2 smartphone that looks right at home with the handset maker’s Galaxy Note lineup. The Galaxy Grand features a 5-inch TFT display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, and 8MP rear camera while staying true to the design language introduced with the Galaxy S3 and continued with the Galaxy Note 2.

The Galaxy Grand ships with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI and gets such enhanced features as Popup Play for picture-in-picture video viewing as well as S Voice and enhanced gesture support. The phone will first be available as the dual-SIM GT-I9082 followed by a standard single SIM GT-I9080.

Samsung did not detail availability, but the Galaxy Grand will likely hit inter nation markets before (or if) it ever reaches the US. Based on specs, the Grand appears to be targeted towards folks looking for a large display experience but not ready to go all out with the Galaxy Note 2 (the Grand’s spec list reads like that of an upgraded version of the original Note). Unfortunately, it appears no S Pen support is included.

[via Samsung]

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  1. This is most stupid move to converge two categories ..S series & Note series are separate & that strategy is working nicely for samsung ..so why the F** u try to dilute two major categories u stupid samsung!!

  2. this will most likely stay in the international market unless imported… unless it appears a pay.as.you.go plan

    like the comment to 5″

  3. If it didn’t have a 800 × 480 resolution it would be a good option for dual sim users.
    I wish they’d release some truly high end dual sim phones

    1. I thought there was a dual SIM note 2 available somewhere in the world?

      1. Their seems their may be one, I thought it was only for china but it seems to support AT&T HSPA+ bands. Interesting

  4. i would be LMFAO if it came with 480×800.

    1. Well I hope you are bc it IS 800×480

  5. Same old bloody buttons – again I’ve had Samsung Galaxy S for 2 years now so don’t wanna be staring at same Menu, Back & Home keys for another 2 years ! Come on Samsung design something different PLEASE [ I know ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ applies to the biggest selling OEM but things can become stale – remember the Motorola Razer flip ?]

  6. Hi everyone, IMHO, I don’t see the point of that kind of cellphone here in USA unless you are a frequent traveler (outside USA I meant). It is an excellent alternative for user in countries like mine (Peru), where they have not unlimited minutes, even mobile to mobile (unless you are with the same carrier) or unlimited data plan. There are 2 main carriers and everybody is almost pushed to have 2 cellphones with them all the time, to avoid extra charges, then, this kind of cellphones (with 2 SIM cards in one device), became a good option, especially coming from a decent manufacturer. Over there you could find a bunch of Chinese crap, devices with 2 SIM cards, but really no good specs nor quality.

    Happy Holidays You All!.

  7. curious as to what “dual-core” cpu is in this phone but i’m not hoping for a A15 as the 5″ screen is only WVGA WTF

    1. Certainly one or another generic dual Cortex A9, not even a Samsung Exynos. Probably the kind of SoC found in the S3 Mini. 2011 tech. Garbage.

  8. I hope this makes it to Straight Talk and they put the Tracfone logo on to the button. /s

  9. The next Android-smartphone from Samsung wich looks like a Galaxy S3 and nobody need

  10. WVGA was really pushing it on the HTC Sensation XL with it’s actually rather pretty 4.7″ screen last year… I don’t think this device will have the saving grace of a really good looking screen, going to be a rather strange experience…

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