The 16GB Nexus 4 is now officially sold out on the Google Play Store


We were beginning to wonder if Google was ever going to list the device as sold out, or simply continue pushing back the shipping date. At one point listed as shipping in 8-9 weeks, the 16GB Nexus 4 is now officially listed as “sold out ” on the Google Play Store. We’re not sure how long before LG replenishes some of Google’s supply but hopefully it wont be long. We seen it drop to out of stock status on the first day of December, but that was the 8GB model (which is still listed as sold out). As it stands, it looks like the chances of snagging one of these before Christmas are slim.

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  1. i was JUST on that page and it wasn’t…damn lol

  2. GOOD! Now people can’t order the dang 16GB and get shipping withing 24 hours. That’s the thing thats been pissing me off the most. Now I just want mine.

    2.5 weeks and counting… every second I get more pissed at Google.

    1. I ordered my 16 GB Nexus 4 on November 27th, it shipped out on the 12th of this month and I got it the next day on the 13th, which is actually a day sooner than it was originally scheduled for, they obviously bumped it up from 2 Day to overnight (though the package still said 2 Day). I will keep my fingers crossed for you and the others waiting!

      1. I think you 16GB people are getting luckier than the 8GB people like myself. I have pretty much lost all hope in the 4-5 week time estimate, and like I said before, every day that passes makes me think less of Google.

        Christmas = almost ruined

        1. Sorry to hear, I hope they can make things right for you!

      2. Stop complaining you two… i order on 13 november and it is stipp not shipped, money have been reverved… returned and reserved again.. Called google 9 times but they just cant explain why. Phone is going to be old when i finally get it.

  3. wow this phone had a bigger commotion than the iPhone 5….every tmobile store that had it was sold out within a day

    1. If each T-mobile store only had 50, it would sell out quickly. Might be an exaggeration, but they still weren’t as prepared as when selling an iPhone.

      1. I believe they had 200 of each.

        1. 200 each*

  4. It really makes me want to buy iPhone I don’t want to wait a month and a half, and all this hype became more and more annoying.

    1. Not sure if trolling.

    2. Yeah cuz’ when the iPhone5 came out you totally didn’t have to wait at least a month to get it if you weren’t one one the geeks that camped in front of an Apple Store for launching day…

      1. you didnt have to.. i know plenty of iphone users who got their phones same week of launch without waiting online

      2. Ok, you right. It’s been more than a month since Nexus 4 launch, so I’ll just go and buy one, as I can do that with iPhone… oh wait, it’s freaking ‘sold out’ again, lol.

    3. I am doing the same.

  5. Seems like Google and LG really dropped the ball on this. I’d love to see numbers on just how many have been sold. I don’t think LG has the capacity to keep up with demand and Google messed up by going with them instead of a larger company.

    1. The Nexus 10 is also sold out. Is Samsung also not a large enough company?

      1. They’ll eventually run out. Can’t really blame them. I feel that Samsung is biggertthan LG tho

    2. I doubt you should put much of the blame on LG… its not like they are a small company by any means. Google probably estimated sales for Nexus 4 to be a little more than sales of Galaxy Nexus, so they probably only ordered a certain amount from LG.

    3. With capacity of over 150,000 workers I don’t think they’re a small company.

  6. I don’t think LG will be getting another chance to make a Nexus device after this fiasco…

    1. Google is more at fault than LG.

    2. So they will be getting it? (double negative)

      1. It was going to originally going to say, “LG will not…” Fixed my grammatically incorrect sentence.

  7. does anybody know how many can LG make lets say in a week? or month?

    1. Yeah, precisely not even close to enough.

      1. That funny. xD

  8. Mine comes Tuesday, i was lucky enough to be on of the first to order on the 2nd round of devices. Nexus 4 with AOKP Rom here i come!

  9. ordered on the 11/27 after 3 hours of online clicking, yes, I know I should have written a script but was too busy clicking :D. Google quoted me a wait time of 2-3 weeks, and I received mine in 2 weeks (12/07). I think the play store is working hard to meet the demand. Thank you google for a great phone :)

  10. I really wanna see some numbers of how many they have sold to date…

    1. Me too !!! May be Google just playing game with everyone mind….

      1. Or LG sucks

  11. Seems a lot of people are able to live with only 16GB, but I couldn’t. Here’s to hoping that the 2013 Nexus (and other phones) will at least bump up to a 32GB base standard that I could live with.

    Still 32 or 64GB internal + 64 or 128GB SDXC external is even more ideal for many use cases where the cloud is FAIL. I’ve got dozens of gigs tied up in 1080p kid videos & pics, game datafiles, and cached Google Music that couldn’t fit on anything less.

    1. They wanted to keep the price low, and if they put 32 or 64 it would have raised it a good amount. You do have all the cloud storage, but I agree, 16 probably isn’t enough on storage memory for everyone.

      1. The problem is, and I’m not hatin’ on you, is that additional storage really would not increase the price point by much at all. No, there is another reason for it.

  12. I think we will see one more in stock before the year is up.

  13. Hopes of getting Nexus 4 16GB by X’mas are getting dimmer by the day. Backordered.

  14. Has anyone heard of this happening? I ordered the 16G on Tuesday evening (12/11) this week, and it said my order would ship in 6-7 weeks. Early Wednesday morning (12/12) I got a UPS tracking number, and the phone arrived on Thursday afternoon (12/13). Obviously I’m not complaining, but I’m certainly baffled…

    1. Yes, and it’s peed a lot of people off!

  15. i ordered my nexus 4 on 12/11 and received it on 12/13….6-7 week? more like 3 days. (snapshot of my inbox as proof)

    1. That exact thing happened to me on those exact dates. Weird… I wonder if it was a glitch in their system?

    2. That’s funny, ordered on the 9th, still not here, lol. Where are you located, US?

    3. LOL probably because I cancelled my order on Dec 8th after placing order on the Nov 28th (Never received it…so options are open again… iPhone 5 for $126 at Frys… or wait for Nexus 4 again next Jan or Feb)

  16. In still waiting for my phone that I ordered on the 4th..

  17. Its been sold out in australia since the first like 10Minutes it came out lol.

  18. The nexus 10 is also sold out

  19. Isn’t always sold out?

  20. Am I dumb for expecting for the ship times to get less and less for the nexus 4? I was waiting to order when the supplies got up enough to be like 1 or 2 weeks before I ordered mine. I can’t have over the 350 bucks pending for 2 and a half months waiting for a phone… That’s stupid. Now I can’t even order one. They probably should have delayed the release in other countries until after the sales in the states died down. I’m only saying that because it was released in America first. If it had been Europe I would have said Europe. I guess LG isn’t used to having a popular phone. It would have been nice to see Google and LG ramp up production on the nexus 4…

    1. It was released around the world at the same time. So no LG and Google are world wide companies and so should cater to as many people as possible. You Americans are far to stuck up your asses.

      1. Based on the time zone differences… It was released in America first…

        1. Couldn’t find an Offical UK release time but I believe it was around 8:30, http://tinyurl.com/b7lwqsg article is time at 9:30 annocing release so safe to assume it was before 9:30. Nexus 4 was released at 12:00 EST which is 17:00 GMT. At least 8 hours AFTER it was released in the UK. Therefore it was released in the UK (and Europe) before the USA.

  21. Yeah, I’m a non nexus man this time around I think. Sorry, Googs, I love ya, but whatever your reason is for this fiasco, I’m not going to wait on you like a love sick school girl. Catchya next time.

  22. XDA has been pushing for Google to do something, maybe they arelistening

  23. It’s unfortunate that so many of you aren’t getting your phones. I ordered mine on December 3rd in Canada and should get it by Tuesday so about 2 weeks. I feel as if this crisis will permanently haunt google…

    1. Their reputation is diminishing, unfortunately…

  24. Don’t thank Google and LG for this mess, thank the assholes on Ebay that buy multiple Nexus’s and then sell them for a outrageous amount

    1. How so? These guys all sold the units they bought from Google, so it’s not as if they withheld them from the market, just made sure they went to people with more money to spend.

    2. That’s google’s fault totally, they should of had a policy of one or at most two for the first release instead I remember they allowed for like 8 of each model, it was nuts

  25. UK Sold out on Friday – meanwhile people still awaiting delivery from 4th. XDA UK thread has gone MENTAL – it has more views than any other. One member ‘Smadger’ has got on the case to Google UK head honcho wanting answers & received word back that he is looking into the fiasco of Nexus 4.

    However it seems that LG are blaming Google for low orders & Google are blaming LG for “infrequent & erratic supply”

    The farce, shambles, joke, disaster, pathetic shameful launch continues ! ! !

    1. All the people on that thread are nuts though. I was reading a guy complaining he ordered it a week ago and it hadn’t came. Google gave him a shipping time of 4/5 weeks. Wtf, most people on that thread are in a similar situation. I only feel for the people that ordered in the first batch but don’t have it.

  26. Basically everything is sold out except N7 32GB and N7 32GB HSPA+

    Merry Christmas everyone. now go stare at your phone for some potential OS updates!

  27. hopefully come back soon supply of Nexus 4 Android Devices!

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