Verizon to carry the Samsung Galaxy Camera according to the FCC


For a while it looked like AT&T might have been the only place to buy a Samsung Galaxy Camera. The Android-powered point-and-shoot isn’t even available in WiFi-only models via retail stores yet, but it looks like another carrier is about to join in on the fun. The FCC has seemingly approved a version of the camera with Verizon’s 4G LTE radios inside.

Even AT&T’s version is HSPA+ only so we’re sure Verizon will use that fact to its advantage when marketing the device here in the states. The company’s 3G network might not be enough to handle the many high resolution photos users are bound to upload and share over the course of their ownership with the device, so we’re glad no expenses have been spared in that regard.

Big Red’s model number looks to be EK-GC120 so there’s little doubt that this is just some slight variant on AT&T’s part, and the 700MHz spectrum LTE radios inside all but confirm its approach to Verizon’s store shelves. Unfortunately we’re still relatively early as this is the first word of Verizon even looking to carry the device.

There’s no telling when they might be looking to launch it, but even when keeping in mind minor production changes to add Verizon branding, Verizon-specific software and the company’s 4G LTE radios we’d say it won’t take long until we reach marketable status. We’d love to see it out before Christmas, but don’t hang your hat on that. For now, just sit back and keep a close ear to the street as we try and pinpoint the date of its arrival.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. you know, the galaxy camera isn’t the only android powered point and shoot

  2. Oh Verizon, please don’t ruin this camera too.
    The shutter button will probably have the Verizon logo and say “DRRROIIIIDDDD” whenever you snap a picture. -.-

  3. I’m game! it would be nice to swap my sim to the camera on certain occasions while using my legacy unlimited lte data

  4. Too late as usual with the new technology Verizon. AT&T got my business already. I love my Galaxy camera.

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