Photoshop Touch update brings smoother brush strokes, optimization for 7 inch devices and more


Listen up to all you artists out there (and those who think they’re artists but really aren’t): a nice, big upgrade for Photoshop Touch has landed in the Google Play Store! The digital image editing app has received a lot of new and important additions in this latest upgrade.

Perhaps the biggest news is for tablet owners — those who prefer 7 inch slates over the usual 10 inch behemoths will be happy to know that the app has been optimized for your screen size. Your tablet must have at least 1024×600 resolution, but most mainstream 7 inch tablets should be able to meet that requirement no problem.

There are equally important changes for everyone who decides to use this app, though. For starters, brush strokes are said to be a lot smoother compared to before. This should cut down on errors due to minor hiccups and will really help keep your sanity up and frustration down if this is something that was bothering you.

Other changes include the addition of two new effects (lens flare and stamp pattern), an improved grid layout for projects, tutorials and images, the ability to share through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, a new shortcut to access the last five colors you’ve used, and your usual round of unknown bug fixes and under-the-hood enhancements.

Photoshop Touch has blossomed into a great mobile rendition of the world’s most popular and extensive image editing suite. It costs $10, but those who have used it says it’s a blissful experience as of late.

You might expect it to be lacking compared to the desktop suite, and while that assessment is true to some degree (some things just can’t be done right now) you’ll be surprised to see how deep the mobile offering is. You can grab it in the Google Play Store if you’re really serious about digital imagery, and be sure to let us know how you’re liking if you do decide to download it in the comments section below.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Does it work well with the Note stylus?

    1. wondering the same.

    2. Works great on my Galaxy Note with s-pen and I got it free on Samsung Apps a few weeks ago, doesn’t look like it is available anymore on there though.

  2. Why is this not compatible with my note 2?

    1. It DOES work if you have the .apk… Installed the modded one (JUST to test it out before buying) and discovered it looks extreeeeemely tiny. It wouldn’t be hard for them to make it for the Note II though.

  3. Are you sure also 1024×600 7″ tablets are in the compatibility list?
    I read pretty much anywhere else that the minimum res was 1024×768, cutting out of the equation many cheap tablet, and, importantly for me, the Galaxy Tab 2.0 7″…

    1. That’s what it says in the What’s New section in the Play Store.

      1. If that is true (honestly didn’t check myself), I seriously compliment you: You are the first one writing an article about this update checking the source.
        Well done.

  4. This can only work well with Samsung’s S-pen. Why aren’t more manufacturers using Wacom pens and active digitizers? Heck, why didn’t Google do it for Nexus 10?

  5. Will i get the update on my note 10.1 seeing that it came preinstalled?

  6. Unlike the previous version 1.3.0, which worked nicely on the Note 2, the latest update version 1.4.1 will run on the Note 2 but the interface is all over the place and some parts cut-off. It will need some modding to make it work on the Note 2.

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